August 21, 2019
President's Message
Cheryl Scott
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This week’s meeting was sure a great time as we celebrated and honored our own Golden Valley High School Interact Advisor, Jennifer Yamauchi.  Jen was awarded the highest honor Rotary International bestows on any non-Rotarian:  the Award for Excellence in Service to Humanity.  Congratulations, Jennifer…well-deserved!  And thank you, Past DG Sandi, for recognizing and nominating the gem we have in Jennifer!
We have a TON of activities coming up, providing the chance to explore (the Nethercutt Museum), to serve (SEAL shoe shopping on August 29), to play (bowling at The BLVD on Sept 12), all while we build stronger friendships among our own club members, family members, and with other clubs, too!  Don’t miss out!
Finally, be sure to check out our NEW & IMPROVED website!  Thanks to Past Pres Kay, you can find out which events are coming up, you can purchase tickets online, and - most importantly - you can find out if you’re on Greeter Duty for the next meeting!  Thanks Kay!  (Note from Kay - continually improving website, the Image Committee is not done yet!)
Remember to Share Rotary with a Friend,
The Informed Rotarian: Show me the money!
If you were at this week’s Club Assembly, you got a peek at many of the ins and outs of keeping BBRC running.  But there’s even more, so I thought I would explain some of it in this occasional piece I’ll call, “The Informed Rotarian.”   This time, it’s all about the money!
“BBRC” is different from the “BBR Foundation.”  The two have separate boards of directors and separate budgets.  The BBRC budget is devoted to the “business” of the club, whereas the Foundation budget is devoted to the “service” side of the house. 
I reviewed this at our second meeting, but thought it might help to have it in writing, too.  Your BBRC dues of $80/month PLUS any “fines & recognitions” cover the following primary BBRC costs:
Fines & Recognitions are used to help us meet these costs without raising our dues.  Fines and Happy Spots do not go toward the Foundation. 
Now, the Foundation $$$
Everyone knows that we want…we really want…each member to contribute at least $250 to the Foundations each year as a donation--separate from any tickets you purchase to an event, and separate from any sponsorship of a Foundation event.  $150 of this donation stays with our local Foundation; the remaining $100 goes to The Rotary Foundation “to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty” (which includes local projects like  Veterans Village. We apply for “matching money” to help us do these type of projects).  [Side note:  You will receive a Foundation Pledge sheet in a couple of months, where YOU choose how much you want to donate.  If times are tough right now, donate less.  If times are good…well, you know!] smiley
Breakfast Rotary Foundation dollars are precious because they power our service projects.  That money purchases supplies for pancakes, shoes for children, wreaths for graves, food for families, and flags for the community.  The Foundation Board carefully scrutinizes their budget (this year’s is soon to be reviewed officially by Dave and his board).  The portion of the check you may write that goes to the BBR Foundation, goes into this bucket of money and helps our community - and our world!
There you go, your first edition of “The Informed Rotarian.”  Please contact me or Dave (aka Sheriff Woody) if you have any questions about the budgeting process! 
The official publication of the Rotary Club of Bakersfield Breakfast
Wednesday, the 21st of August was special for one particular reason. It was the first Club Assembly for all Breakfast Rotarians under the leadership of President Cheryl Scott. Unlike some past club assemblies, all that showed certainly enjoyed the fanfare that we always have during our regular meetings. As a matter of fact, when I left Wednesday morning I had so much “pumped up” enthusiasm it did not even feel I had attended a typical club assembly. So for those that attended, and those that missed here you go with The Beacon!
Past President Denise Haynes must be practicing the morning songs as she is leading us in some outstanding American patriotic songs. (and she knows all the words) We sang, Grand Ole Flag, thank you Denise! Thank you Andrew Ozanich for the morning prayer. It was certainly heartfelt, and we sure ditto your gratitude for all our blessings.
We were honored to have one of the friendliest guys in town, Visiting Rotarian Steve Gibbs of Rotary East and his wife Li of Twilight. If you don’t know Steve, get to know him. He is awesome when it comes to Rock Music trivia! Yes, last but not certainly least, Sandi Schwartz, past District 5240
Governor (East Rotary). Sandi was with us for a Secret Squirrel mission. You’ll find out later.
Jennifer Yamauchi, honorary member of BBRC and Golden Valley High Interact Advisor also graced us with her presence. She even got the kids up early to be here. That’s right, 8 Interact Kids! They all came for the food…No they came to celebrate what I am going to tell you about in a minute, wait for it…
Big Greg Desme is celebrating 36 years of marriage on August 27th and that his son Grant just became a married man! Also, a new granddaughter! What a story, what a future. Congrats Greg!
Club Anniversaries go to Mike “we miss you” Turnipseed and Athena “yeah I see a future club president here” Collup. We are so glad you are both with us.
Holy Cow! In the house was Honorary Member Adoree Roberson, Ken too. Now talk about a lovely lady. Here you go. Hi Adoree!
Award Presentation
Youth Services Commander Bree Goodman took the podium to let the cat out of the bag, yes the cat, as this was the reason why so many came to attend our club assembly. You did not think it was for the assembly part do ya?
Bree described this next award recipient as Inspiring, Above and Beyond, Energetic, Wonderful, and a True Leader. Who could she be talking about? Nope, not who you may be thinking is Jennifer Yamauchi. Jennifer is involved not only just as the Interact advisor at GVHS, she is the BBRC  Above and Beyond recipient. Why? Let Bree tell you, Jennifer organizes the student club members in Highway Clean up, helps with Thousand Flags, helps with our Fundraiser Wine, Place and Show, RYLA, Kern YES, Wounded Heroes, CASA, Wind Wolves and on and on. This lady is living! And this lady is GIVING. Service Above Self.  Yes, Jennifer also has a full time commitment to her family at home and her career as a science teacher at GVHS.
Last year, Past DG Sandi Swartz nominated Jennifer for the prestigious Award for Excellence in Service to Humanity.  She awarded the honor to Jennifer as she described the special honor bestowed upon very few worldwide. A great day for Rotary, a great step for our future!  Jennifer, we thank you with all of our hearts! Wanna get involved and have more fun in Rotary? Seeing Bree and Jennifer is a good start
We Got a Big Shoe, a Really Big Shoe, No, Ed Sullivan’s Ghost was not with us, but we need a lot of shoes, a large number of shoes and helpers at WSS August 29th from 9am to 11am to help SEAL students shop for new footwear. This is an ongoing project and sounds cool, so see Denise Haynes and get involved!
Wine, Place and Show…Wine, Place and Show…Wine, Place and Show…Wine, Place and Show...Wine, Place and Show…Wine…
Saturday, Sept. 28th
Club Assembly
Foundation Director – Dave “Woody” Spalinger would like us to know that the fiscal budget is complete and he encourages us to be “proactive” upon our contribution to the Foundation. Let’s be a 100% percent Foundation Contributor and become an honored award recipient too. Paying forward helps others and our club finances too.
Fundraising – Karen Bonanno said Wine, Place and Show…Wine, Place and Show…Wine, Place and Show…Wine Place and Show...Wine, Place and Show…Wine,…
Secretary- Jeff “Buzz Lightyear” Haynes reports that Rotary International has made definitive changes that have led our club to make bylaw changes that establish Active Member and Full Member categories. He described the “Rule of 85” which is when a member’s combined tenure plus age add up to at least 85. I’ll sum it all up by stating we have 15 members in Breakfast that qualify. Stick around, time flies folks. See Jeff for details.
Membership- Pat Thompson has been a very busy boy lately with all of the new red badges and applications he is having to process, membership UP 26% considering the new members in our “pipeline”! Hey, I tip my hat to you brothers and sisters, keep the new members comin’ and let’s watch Pat work his _____off. Seven new members during Past President Ron “Buford” Nelm’s term, and we have more potential Rotarians to follow. We are going to be back to 70 members shortly…75 even. Bring a friend next week! 
Community Service- Kathy Anderson is having so much fun and we appreciate that she likes pancakes for some reason. Yes, Kathy spoke of the upcoming Pancake Breakfast September 21st.
Club Service- Michelle “we gotta come up with a nickname” McClure reminded us of the All Club evening social coming up at BLVD on September 12th , an upcoming Halloween Show at the Melodrama for us to get together, and a Breakfast Rotary Christmas Party at The Spalingers’ house. Thanks for volunteering Woody!
Vocational- Sandra Parnell, who apparently forgot when she became married last week that her last name changed. O-K. Well, she mentioned the Above and Beyond Award and nominations for that project will be approaching soon. Now let’s get back to this last name thing Sandra.
Youth Services- Bree Goodmon is reporting that 100 students are involved in Interact at Foothill High, “What you are kidding me!” And the involvement of GVHS too! This is so cool. Can you imagine the energy of these Interactors and what’s to come. Let’s support them all, Breakfast Rotarians, and become involved in an Interact project soon.
International Service- Michael O’Doherty provided an overview of past and current projects that collectively Bakersfield clubs are performing worldwide, such as orphanage work in Tijuana and dental pursuits in Guatemala.
Communications/Image- Kay Pitts, she’s my boss. Our Website is If you have not visited lately go check it out. Kay discussed the website with a visual so that we can become comfortable with accessing the site. Impressive boss! I think it was one of the best of the morning, really.   (Note from Kay – well done Frank, you'll find extra pay in your envelope this week)
Coffer Management System
I always looked at this part of the meeting as kind of a way for those “guilty” for not taking the President on vacation with them, or as a means that they think the Pres is going easy on them, by buying something for the Pres. Well, let’s see what they came up with this w-e-a-k.
Greg Desme brought gifts from Minnesota, ah BBQ Sauce, I would think he could have scored if he brought Applesauce, I’m just sayin’. Fine!
Sandra Parnell, she gets married at the Coast and buys a Porsche?, think ya better start that fast engine and get sumpin’ quick for the Pres.
Dave Spalinger travels to “The Big Apple” livin’ high on the hog, and he presents the Pres with a pink “I Love NY” hat, and a toy President Donald Trump doll? Dave how about a lock of his hair, nah you get arrested for that kind of stuff. Take the club fine.
Martha Samora travels all the way to Nashville where her son is in Med School and she brings “rocks”. Do they have rocks there? Are they indigenous or imported? That will be another fine Ms. Samora!  
Kay Pitts had a gift too. I was distracted so I can’t remember what it was. It must have been good though. Probably NO FINE. (Note from Kay to Frank– yep, there was a fine, and it is an honor to support our great club. I did take notice that you didn’t offer to cover my fine for me.  Just sayin’)
Pat Thompson shoots and he S-C-O-R-E-S. He won the pot. I mean the cash. Congrats Pot, or I mean Pat.
Next week we will be graced with the presence of Kern County District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer.
Blessings and Peace in Rotary,
Editor, Frank Wooldridge 
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