Posted by Mindy Wilmot
Happy October, BBRcers! Mindy Wilmot here pinch-hitting for the effervescent and hilarious Frank Wooldridge. So fair warning that this will be neither as bubbly nor punny.
We started our morning with the introduction of FOUR guests. Will we surpass our goal of 10 new members for the year six months early?? Keep these new faces coming, Folks!
President Cheryl quizzed us with a history lesson. (I had no idea there would be so much learnin’ in Rotary). Which two US Presidents shared a birthday? James Polk and Warren Harding on November 2. Coincidently, two BBRC Presidents share a birthday: Denise Haynes and Kay Pitts on October 5.
We also got an update on three-week old Big Luke Simmons from proud papa Big Nick. (Should we change his name to Bigger Nick?) If you remember, we kicked off Luke’s scholarship fund to the tune of $410. We also learned that Nick is happy to attend meetings, or anything really, that gets him out of the house for a bit.