Posted by Michael O'Doherty on May 04, 2022
President Jeff, always crisply dressed in neatly pressed button-down cotton shirt, short sleeve big guns straining the seams, opened the meeting on exactly on time at 07:00
07:01 Kay Pitts wearing a soft blue Summer Midi Sun dress highlighted with white lace shoulder pattern used all of 07:01 to deliver a touching, sincere prayer that echoed Rotary Logic 
In the first part of 07:02 the always pleasant Ken Quarnberg came to the front in a lightweight hunting shirt – short sleeve – vented in back, gunmetal blue shade of color, tucked nicely into sturdy, but comfy drifter trousers. He delivered a short, but smooth salute to the U.S. Flag and left us all with a joyful smile.
During the second part of 07:02 the charming Denise Haynes came forward in a short sleeve light grey women summer midi dress, with lace trim, gold bracelet, white earrings, light new pinkish fingernails. The song was “This land is your land, this land is our land” which was about all the words people knew, but some good humming got us all to the enthusiastic chorus
07:03 President Jeff asked Mary Jo Pasek who, as usual was perfectly dressed and had her hair in style reminiscent of Cybill Shepherd when she was on magazine covers, if we had any visiting Rotarians? Not missing a beat, MJ responded, “No Mr. President, BUT I would like to introduce my guest Todd Reeves, who is running for Assessor.”
No Sooner than President Jeff said “Welcome” Mary Jo went all Cheryl Scott (J) on him, hung on to the microphone, and went straight into a call for rounds of applause in recognition of a really skinny Dan Johnson who, accompanied by his adorable wife Char, was visiting for the first time in a long, long time. They have battled bravely against cancer, and MJ, with a cute American flag knot on the scarf around her neck, got multiple rounds of applause for the deserving couple. After that PP Queen Jackie Maxwell got to introduce her guest Holly Kuntz.
07:06 the always stylish Pete Leveroni introduced our Guest Speaker Jim Wheeler, executive director of Flood Ministries. Jim introduced his associate Charlie Van De Voorde, who is the Program Manager – Arvin.
After the introduction Jim provided a lot of information about the struggle that is “Helping the Homeless”. He provided enough information to clearly define it as not a simple single fix kind of thing. Even though he has had victories and stories of success, he also knows of many frustrations and losses.
Early in his talk he was asked about the facilities around the city and specifically how full are the shelters. His response was “They are full every day.” What keeps people out? The Big Three P’s
  1. Pets
  2. Possessions
  3. Partners
Through it all our server, the ever present, but very quiet Jose cleared and cleaned the tables with a pleasant smile, and quiet words of “excuse me”.
During the wrap up Jim let his pal Charlie Van De Voorde introduce the clay shooting fundraiser they are planning at 5 Dogs Gun Range on Saturday, 11 Jun 2022. Go to for details of how to sign up.
07:37 President Jeff went over some announcements. The first was to reintroduce us all to the wonderful time Kay Pitts led us through in her year as President 2016-2017. She was I believe the first Past President to actually stay inside the requested 30-second video time frame.
Next, President Jeff shared a few pictures of our Golden Valley Interactors at RYLA and the thank you letter they sent us.
Next we discovered Greg Desme, one of our Clubs happiest of Grandpa’s, wearing a table cloth pattern cotton, short-sleeve shirt, dark blue, light blue, and pinkish lines crisscrossing all the way to the button down collars, and he DID actually know the secret question Who was featured in the Best of Awards? The Beacon question is What socks does Pete wear?
Willie Gordon Best Real Estate Agent in Bakersfield for the Fourth Year in a Row. A really nice photo but the missing Rotary Pin did get noticed.
After bravely spinning the wheel not once, but twice he finally accepted the President’s suggestion of $80.00 but then Willie increased it all the way to $100.
It was mentioned that Dave Perkins may have known, but withheld the information about the Pin, but he slipped quietly into the crowd and went un-fined. Dave did point out that the photographer of the amazing front page picture of Willie and family, Gracie Valdovinos of Valdophye Photography was not acknowledged. 
Past President Dave Spalinger was mentioned as a fine candidate, but he was not here today, so he is carried over to next week
The Saddest News was to hear the announcement that Athena Collup is leaving the Club. If you see her, ask her when she is returning! It was also announced that Leslie VoVilla and her husband, Matt are moving to Wisconsin.  
Past President Denise Haynes was the lucky duck that won $50.00 in the drawing.
08:03 President Jeff rang the Bell and set us loose and the always super well-dressed Michele McClure was at the door getting signatures for a card to wish Leslie and her husband good luck on their new adventure