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Hello, Rotary Friends!
Thanks again for another great meeting turnout!  It’s fabulous to see everyone’s bright and happy faces from the front of the room…it just wouldn’t be the same without you!
Speaking of fun with friends, be sure to get your tickets to Wine Place & Show!  We BBRCers have the grit and willingness to work hard, but it still takes CA$H to fund our many projects.  We are about $5,000 from our “first” sponsorship goal.  Can you or a friend help get us over that line???  Check out the WPS link on our website for ticket and sponsorship details:
Darren and I are looking forward to this Saturday morning’s Pancake Breakfast at the Dignity Learning Center, East California Avenue & Baker Street.  Please arrive at 7:30 a.m. and be ready to flip some flapjacks (or is it “flap some flipjacks”?), pack some to-go boxes, and offer “service with a smile”!  After all…Rotary is all about Service Above Self!
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The Beacon
The official weekly publication of The Rotary Club of Bakersfield Breakfast
Good morning to all Breakfast Rotarians. I am so glad that by the time you read this edition of The Beacon, you will have hopefully come away from an outstanding fundraiser Saturday night we call Wine, Place and Show. Wine, Place and Show has over the last few years become not only a fundraiser for our club, but a signature event bringing some of the finest foods and wines this community has to enjoy. So, I dedicate this edition of The Beacon to all those hard working Wine, Place and Show Board Members that have made unselfish efforts towards helping our club reach their goals while providing the community a great evening. I salute YOU!
Past President Queen Jackie Maxwell along with David Lari are celebrating birthdays so let’s pull out all the stops and remind them over and over again that it is their birthday. They will appreciate that!
President Cheryl Scott is ready for a “real sport.” Yes, hockey season is upon us and no sniveling here, Pres. has her Bakersfield Condors jersey on, and yes it was very intimidating. Since Pres. dressed the part, that means that we were going to have something hockey related, and we did. General Manager of the Condors Matt Riley was our guest speaker.
-Our Program-
Pete Leveroni introduced Matt and geez, how time flies! Pete said Matt has been the driving force behind the Condors, formerly Fog for 21 years! Yes, he is a transplant too from the Midwest, who is now a solid figure in Bakersfield. Not only as a professional sports manager, but as a husband and father, mentor to players and coaches, fund raiser for local non-profits, and he runs a demolition team. Yes, Matt is equally known for creating the conversation of Bakersfield College getting a new football field after the field was “reconfigured” a bit during its preparation for its temporary conversion to a hockey field a couple years ago. Remember that! Do ya see that, Matt has vision and Bakersfield College has a brand new artificial turf football field.
Seriously, Matt and the Condors fundraising has raised over $5 million for local non-profits over the last 18 years and that is nothing to slap around. Get it, slap as in slap shot in hockey! Matt told us the Condors organization has received numerous awards for their philanthropy with a most recent Beautiful Bakersfield Award.
But Matt was not here just to talk about Condor’s generosity, the Condors are some pretty bad hombres on the ice! Personally speaking, if you have not caught a game recently, I suggest you do. And for higher intensity, try to buy seats close, somewhere near the ends, or behind the goals. Let me tell ya, it’s a whole different audience participation level and you’ll appreciate my suggestion.
Matt tells us the Condors had a fantastic year, and anyone who follows sports would know that OUR Condors broke records by accomplishing a 17 game winning streak! Not bad in a 68 game season.
The Edmonton Oilers are the parent franchise of the Condors, so that means that when our Bakersfield Condors players are needed, they are called up to the “Big Show” where they will get to show off their skills on the National level. That’s how talented our Condor players are, and according to Matt there are frequent changes during the season in his roster of players as they are being called up, then sometimes they return to Bakersfield.
Matt calls for one and all to come out and join the fun as they anticipate another fantastic year, as the season starts October 4th. An upcoming golf tournament fundraiser will be held Monday, October 7th at Rio Bravo Country Club. I’ll be there and would like a partner or two!
Thanks Matt for visiting us with all the good news! Did you know the game of hockey has three quarters (periods)?
Mike O’Dougherty reminds us of the need for volunteers to set up for the Veteran’s Stand Down at Stramler Park on Chester Avenue October 10th. See Mike for details. Mike also is requesting a call for slightly used sleeping bags for the homeless youth on yet another project he is involved. The bags will be distributed January 2020. Mike does a lot for our community and club, but I did not see him behind the grill last weekend at our Pancake Breakfast. He has an art to making pancakes just FYI.
But, regardless, we would like to THANK ALL including the Interact High Schoolers that came out to make such a perfect morning a little more special for about 300 people and families. Thank you especially Kathy Anderson. An awesome Rotarian! 
Our dreams really do come true. Can you remember when as a child you had a special place where you would dream your special dream about what you would be, and the joy and peace it gave you. Yes, think hard Rotarians. Well our Pres. shared her story that even got a Big Lug like me to reminisce. Our Pres. shared a happy story about her dream of becoming a writer, which came and went. But then…it came back again! Yes, Pres. wanted to become a writer and by golly she sure as heck did! In 2015 Pres. submitted a manuscript to yet another publisher, and not getting a response she just forgot about the submission. Then, all of the sudden four years later she was notified by publishers of “Chicken Soup For the Soul” that her submission had been accepted and was included in a collection of short stories in a book of the same name.
The Pres. story was aptly entitled, “Coffee with Dad”. It is a personal story about her special relationship with her father and served as a tribute and promise to her mother. I would go into detail, but I would rather suggest reading the Pres. story in the book. With a twinkle in Pres. eye, she said her story is featured on page 167! 
-Coffer Management System-
This week’s CMS came as a slap shot to me. I always wear my Rotary pin to the meetings. Always. Can’t think of a time I did not. So Pres. now decides to hold a tutorial about wearing our pins on a regular basis. Oh man, I’m am gonna get nailed, I forgot my pin today. I did, but there is solace in that I was not the only one. Plus, those of us that got FINED received a nifty new Rotary Pin. Not a bad deal.
Other CMS victims include Michelle McClure, who I will have to say came home from the Bay Area with some very beautiful “butterfly” decorated gifts for the Pres. and Mary Jo Pasek touting Bakersfield College’s newly re-turfed football field, samples of which adorned our tables. Thanks Matt “Let’s do outdoor hockey at BC” Riley!
Remember Nick Simmons? New Rotarian and new Daddy? We passed the basket for him and wound up with $263 dollars cash! Another Big Lug Neal Walker devoted his drawing winnings by gifting an additional $52 to Nick. That’s why we love Neal!
Peace in Rotary, and See y’all soon. Mindy Wilmont will be taking over next week’s duties.
By: Frank Wooldridge, Beacon Press Secretary
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