Bakersfield Search and Rescue
Oct 23, 2019 6:45 AM
Capt. Aaron Lyman & Sgt Yerania Esparza
Bakersfield Search and Rescue

Captain Aaron Lynam, Bakersfield Search and Rescue

Captain 11 years, been w/BAKSAR 16 years; K-9 Handler w/ K-9 Scarlett 11 month old Bloodhound that is in training for mantrailing;
 Capt Lynam has been a K-9 Handler for 7 years, and is on his second  K-9.  He also ov
ersees Bakersfield SAR Swiftwater and K9 teams. He specializes in direction and control of searches, instructor ropes and anchors, maps and compass, gps, swiftwater rescue, flood water rescue, and tracking among other skills.

Sgt. Yerania Esparza

Sgt. Esparza has been with Bakersfield Search and Rescue (BAKSAR) for 3.5 years. She is currently BAKSAR Public Relations Sgt and oversees our relations with the public, sets up meet and greets and special occasions. She also keeps up our social media pages ,takes pictures of events and trainings.

Yerania assists with the K-9 team with trainings and missions.

She is a swiftwater rescue technician, tracker in training, and is learning command post duties.