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Cheryl Scott
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Hello BBRC Friends!
After being dark last week, we have an extra special meeting on tap for Wednesday, September 11.  We all know the significance of 9/11, and I’m sure each of us remembers that tragic day for our nation, 18 years ago.  I know I’ll be wearing red in honor of those who lost their life that day.  Will you join me in wearing red, white, or blue?
The Young Marines will help us start off the morning, then we’ll have a guest speaker that knows as much (or more) about the development of our community than anyone.  Lorelei Oviatt, director of the County’s Planning & Natural Resources Department will be on-hand.  Bring your questions!
Finally, I have my mind on a grand slam!  No, I’m not talking about the Dodgers (this time).  This “grand slam” is happening Wednesday.  It’s all about BBRC, and it’s a sign of the health and robustness of our club. (Ooooh, I can’t wait!)
Wine Place & Show…Get Your Tix Now!
NOW is the time to get your tickets for the September 28th Wine Place & Show, and to help us secure a sponsor or two.  Karen Bonanno and her team are planning a spectacular evening for September 28 at the Luigi’s Warehouse.  While it might sound like it’s all fun and games (and it sure IS fun), WPS is BBRC’s main source of funds for our service projects.  A successful event means we’ll have the funds to support next year’s work in the community.  See Teresa for sponsor info, Marilee for ticket info, or Karen for…any info…about WPS! 
Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday.  Remember, share Rotary with a friend!
Lorelei Oviatt
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 Meeting Duty Roster
Sept. 11, 2019
Wyatt, Jerald
Waller, Teresa
Walker, Neil
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Williamson, Jason
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Wilmot, Mindy
September 18, 2019
Andersen, Kathleen
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Bensusen, Connie
September 25, 2019
Blunt, Darin
Buoni, Marianna
Burke, Thomas
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Bryant, Harry
October 2, 2019
Haynes, Denise
Guerard, John
Desme, Greg
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Cook, Leigh
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Collup, Athena
October 16, 2019
Maxwell, Jackie
Kelly, Shaun
Goodmon, Bree
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Holland, Craig
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