President's Message
Hello, BBRC Friends!
Finally, it’s beginning to feel a bit like fall, and it seems like a perfect time for an off-site meeting!  Field Trip!!!
We’ll meet at the Kern County Museum on Wednesday, October 30…in the Trolley Building (near the neon sign collection).  This off-site meeting was scheduled after Museum Executive Director Mike McCoy spoke to our club and we were so intrigued…we said, “Let’s go visit!”   So…here we go!  (Hey!  This might be a great time to bring a friend to join in the fun!)
Many thanks to everyone who “painted their pinkies purple,” then pitched in for Polio Plus in honor of World Polio Day!  We collected $357 at the meeting (which translates to 1,071 immunized children, thanks to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s matching funds)!  Way to go, gang!
That’s it for now.  You know the drill…go out and Share Rotary with a Friend!
What You Missed
Wednesday mornings are so much brighter with a cup of coffee and our friends at The Petroleum Club for Breakfast Rotary meetings. I mean we have people to greet us that are willing to give us chances to win a lot of money, to join Past President Denise Haynes in singing to our hearts’ content, to see what President Cheryl Scott is wearing this meeting, to enjoy a moment in gratitude for the blessings we have been given, and to be a part of making our community better through Rotary…well that’s a great start to any day. So welcome guests and visitors alike to what we value greatly, and that is our Service Above Self as Rotarians.
We love to celebrate our members’ accomplishments and one way we do that is recognizing anniversaries. So congrats to Teresa Waller on her wedding anniversary (6 years) and Martha Samora on her club anniversary (13 years)!  We missed Martha today, but Teresa was in the house and it was great to be able to celebrate the special occasion with her.
The Program - BAKSAR
We had uniforms in the house, yes everyone, uniforms. These uniforms were none other than those worn by our courageous Kern County Search and Rescue team members. We had the pleasure of meeting Captain Lynam and Sergeant Yerania Molina who are both experienced in doing what most people would not consider doing. They are part of a team of community service experts who, get this, do what they do best--as volunteers. Yes, volunteers!
With natural disasters nearby and in adjacent counties to us, Kern Search and Rescue team members are those that brave the worst conditions to preserve life. Aside from natural disasters, we have the Kern River with all of its reputation of danger that lurks in those shallow rapid waters. It is because of these hazards that the rescue team is often deployed.
Capt. Lynam states that our rescue team is a non-profit organization which conducts evacuations, flood rescue, search and rescue (SAR), and various K-9 operations. They have even found themselves risking their lives in the field of public relations speaking to various community groups about the good works of the team. I was surprised to learn the rescue team is not generally funded by the County of Kern. The rescue team is supported financially by donations, fund-raisers, and out-of-pocket by team members.
The only down side to the rescue team’s presentation was that they did not bring any of their highly skilled search dogs to the meeting this morning. Yes, names like Sadie, and Lucy, and Scarlett, just to name a few. But I am sure, just like their trusty handlers, these dogs need their rest too, so a Breakfast Rotary meeting may be a little early for these four-legged heroes.
We are truly indebted to Capt. Lynam and the members of the rescue team. Were it not for their passion for community safety and continued training (that give the rest of us hope when all seems lost) we would all be in very sorrowful places. Thank you team for spending your morning with us. Come back and visit, but understand you are one phone call that not one of us ever hopes to have to make. 
Vocational Moment 
What a treat we had today from Deidre Brown COO of Golden Empire Transit District. Deidre is the latest of a long line of GET Rotarians that have contributed greatly. Today Deidre was selected by President Cheryl Scott to provide the Vocational Moment. And I can certainly see why. Deidre is sitting on a $31.5 million operating budget and 350 plus employees. Geez, that’s a lot to sit on Deidre. New to Bakersfield, she is sitting pretty as GET is unfolding some pretty innovative ideas to “GET” competitive in a very competitive transportation market.
Deidre revealed to us that GET is implementing their pilot RYDE Program. She said this program focuses on passenger door-to-door pick-up and delivery. Intended as a rival to UBER and LYFT, Deidre states RYDE can be accessed with the use of an app called Trans Loc. Deidre told us the service is primarily available within southwest Bakersfield at this time. As time progresses, we will see RYDE in other areas, too! Let’s support GET’s new service!
Announcements! Announcements!
Pres. Cheryl displays a purple t-shirt, shows us a video and then wants us to color our fingernail purple, what does this all mean? She announces to us that Thursday October 24th is World Polio Eradication Day and as Rotarians, polio eradication is chief among our service projects. Pres. Cheryl reminds us that when we submit our annual Rotary Foundation Pledge, we can designate where we would like our contribution to go to. She states that you can dedicate your funds to Polio Plus to demonstrate your stand against polio. With proper calculated preparation, Pres. Cheryl surreptitiously placed envelopes at each table before this morning’s meeting. With the loving kindness of our membership, we inserted a total of $357 dollars to be used towards World Cure of Polio.
Here’s something else very cool. A Fireside Chat is forthcoming to us soon. Wednesday night at 6:30p Nov. 13th at Pat “Down by the River” Thompson’s house. Fireside Chats give new members the chance to ask all their Rotary-related questions, and to simply learn a little about BBRC’s history.  Like anything else in this club, we can make anything into a social party and we are doing that with the Fireside Chat. So we hope to see you there-- new AND older (no matter the age) members. We are asking more long-term members (not the newbies) to contribute $15 pp to cover costs for dinner and beverages. Yes, that is cool. See ya there!
Speaking of new members, Nick Simmons met all of the criteria  and was awarded his blue badge.  Membership Director took the opportunity to remind the members with the red badge that they are being watched.  Congrats Nick!
We have been told to keep wearing those Rotary Pins out and about and post them on Facebook because November 6th there is going to be a drawing by the Pres. and you can be the lucky winner of a special prize! I have a suggestion, after this contest, let’s have one where you are not wearing your Rotary Pins on Facebook, and you can be the lucky winner of a …FINE!
Dan Johnson is head over heels about his band, Blonde Faith, being selected as the opening act December 28th at The Canyon Dinner and Concert Club in Santa Clarita for the LA-based band of “La Bamba” notoriety, Los Lobos. Dan has tickets to attend this special event and Dan says, “They are going fast!” There are several Breakfast Rotarians going to this super fun event, so if you’re interested, see Dan by the end of this week for tickets. You will not regret. Bring ear plugs for comfort if necessary.
We have an upcoming San Miguel Grove clean-up project November 2nd. Details coming soon…very soon from Past Pres Jackie Maxwell.
Coffer Management System
I have to be easy on Connie Bensusen because she is new, and she is opening her home to this year’s Rotary Super Bowl Party so I will be kind. Our dear Connie traveled to New Orleans and she returned with a book of mysteries of New Orleans, which is officially spelled “Norlans”. She also brought for Pres. Cheryl a Norlans Saints NFL football T-shirt. This will be nice if they make the Super Bowl. Don’t count on it Connie…there is a team by the Bay called the 49ers. Fine!
Tom Burke traveled to Iceland and Scotland and brought back some cool stuff, for a “Queen” which he actually declared, in all due respects, to Pres Cheryl. Then he pulled out some big beaked stuffed bird he called a Puffin to give to Pres. This goofy bird looked like a cross between the Fruit Loop cereal character and a parrot. Well Tom here’s talkin’ at ya…FINE!
I have never known Jeff Bell to be a troublemaker. Kind of a decent guy. Yeah, these are the ones to watch. Jeff shrewdly rose to announce that his son, Tyler Bell, a guest, had been overlooked as being present at the meeting.  Then,  there was the improper title of “Queen” being given to Pres. Cheryl with Queen Jackie in the house.
As current Pres., this oversight and title infringement (caused by Tom Burke) caused a firestorm between Past Pres. all over the room. As I watched in amazement, I thought Pres. Cheryl was gonna be a goner. But when the rumbling had reached its peak, not beak, Jeff Bell in a very classic pardon offered to assume the cost of the FINE. Classy.
John Guerard will be eating pretty good the rest of the week as he takes the raffle prize of $55 this week. Congrats John!
Have Faith, Hope and Love…and most of all Love Rotarians
By: Frank Wooldridge
Beacon Press Secretary                
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