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Hello BBRC Friends!
Let’s talk a bit about membership and what it takes to be a member of Rotary and BBRC.  Over the decades, requirements for membership have changed quite a bit, so here’s an update for those of you who have been around a while (like me)!
As you know, Rotarians each have an official “sponsor,” and each potential new member must be considered individually through a nomination and voting process.  That hasn’t changed.  That’s why we should never tell a guest they are the “next new member of BBRC,” because it really isn’t official until they come to a meeting or two, then they are nominated, then the vote occurs. The voting process (first the board, then full membership) takes a couple of weeks.
Next up:  Who can be nominated for membership? Lots of changes over the years in this arena, folks!
BBRC’s bylaws (updated in May, following the framework of Rotary International’s guidelines) describe our club member qualifications like this: “Members are adults who have demonstrated good character, integrity and leadership; have a good reputation in their business, profession and community; and are willing to make a positive difference in their community and around the world.”
Back in 1905, when Rotary was begun, membership was limited to top executives of a business.  Over the years, “key decision makers” were allowed.  Today, Rotary’s membership includes members that work in a much broader range of positions, including education, non-profits, and various roles in the private business arena (oh yes, and women were allowed into the fold beginning in 1989!). 
Why all the changes?  I think it’s obvious.  In order to stay vibrant, relevant, and impactful in our changing world, Rotary (like every other business or organization) has had to adapt.  From where I stand--at the podium each week--I see ethical and active members, smiling faces, and people who care about our neighbors, our community, and our world.  I agree with Rotary and the BBRC bylaws…that’s exactly who I want to serve alongside!
Now…who might you bring as a guest to the next meeting, on October 16?  J
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What you missed
Happy October, BBRcers! Mindy Wilmot here pinch-hitting for the effervescent and hilarious Frank Wooldridge. So fair warning that this will be neither as bubbly nor punny.
We started our morning with the introduction of FOUR guests. Will we surpass our goal of 10 new members for the year six months early?? Keep these new faces coming, Folks!
President Cheryl quizzed us with a history lesson. (I had no idea there would be so much learnin’ in Rotary). Which two US Presidents shared a birthday? James Polk and Warren Harding on November 2. Coincidently, two BBRC Presidents share a birthday: Denise Haynes and Kay Pitts on October 5.
We also got an update on three-week old Big Luke Simmons from proud papa Big Nick. (Should we change his name to Bigger Nick?) If you remember, we kicked off Luke’s scholarship fund to the tune of $410. We also learned that Nick is happy to attend meetings, or anything really, that gets him out of the house for a bit.
Program - Chief Brian Smith
We had a late program cancellation, but it was truly our gain. Former CHP chief and current Bakersfield Californian “Cop Tales” column writer, Brian Smith, was able to join us. As President Cheryl rightly commented, he packed a lot of life lessons into 20 minutes. This captivating storyteller regaled us with stories of both the gruesomeness of police work and the reward of being a civil servant. 
Brian recently finished writing his 40th column, so check it out in the Californian. He also left us with some leadership lessons: When you are there for someone during the hard times, they will be loyal to you forever. Write a note to follow up with people when they are going through hard times; everyone is doing that now, but who dies it later? You can’t fake being genuine. Treat people like family!
Coffer Management System
Kay Pitts who brought President Cheryl some beer soap and a hummingbird dish towel (but was she Happy??? (from Kay – yes $10 happy); Denise Haynes confessed to being tardy for her greeter gig and was $10 sorry; Michele McClure was $5 happy that she won a fall wreath at WPS that doubles as an adorable hat; and Ron Nelms was caught mid-stretch and was $5 happy just because.
We had two drawings this week! Newbie Sally Selby won a WPS table centerpiece, and Neil Walker – yes, the same Neil Walker who says he never wins anything – won the 50/50 for the SECOND WEEK IN A ROW!!
Registration for District closes October 7. There will be no registration at the event on October 12.
Remember that we are dark next week. Sleep in!
Wine Place and Show was a HUGE success and a TON of fun! Thanks to everyone who volunteered, brought wine, and/or financially contributed in some way. Numbers are still being crunched and final totals will be available soon. We can share that this year’s Fund-A-Need, the S.E.A.L. program, received $7,950!!
Set up for the Kern County Veterans Stand Down is Wednesday, October 9 at 5pm at Stramler Park, with the event the following day. You must register online with the Red Cross at If you have questions, please contact Mike O'Doherty.
The next social will be at Crest Bar & Grill Tuesday, October 8 at 6pm. Contact Michele McClure.
Wearing your pin and other Rotary gear is a great way to show the public how proud we are to be Rotarians. Wear your Rotary pin, post a picture on social media, tag BBRC, and you could win some goodies. Alison Hickman was the winner of an assortment of fall decorations.
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Oct 23, 2019 6:45 AM
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Oct 30, 2019
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BBRC Social at Crest Bar & Grill
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Oct 08, 2019
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Set Up the Kern County Veterans Stand Down
Stramler Park
Oct 09, 2019
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Pinot for Polio Fundraiser
Santa Ynez Museum and Carriage House
Oct 11, 2019
5:30 PM – 8:30 PM
District 5240 Conference
Chumash Casino Resort
Oct 12, 2019
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District 5240 Dinner Social
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Oct 12, 2019
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