July 31, 2019
President's Message
Cheryl Scott
member photo
Hello BBRC Friends!
It was wonderful to see so many new faces at this week’s meeting.  Everyone is doing a great job of “sharing Rotary with a friend” by bringing friends to meetings.  Keep it up!
On August 7, District Governor Savi Bhim will be on-hand as our guest speaker.  Let’s give Savi a robust BBRC welcome!  We’ll also debut the next in our “Why BBRC is the Place to Be” video series.  This video features several BBRC rock stars (these people are naturals in front of the camera!).  After the meeting, let’s all share the video on our own social media!  (PS--There are more videos to come.  Stay tuned!)
Never fear, we’ll still have plenty of time next week for some of our regular shenanigans.  Whose pics will be featured on the big screen next??? 
See you next week!  In the meantime…remember to share Rotary with a friend!
BBRC Awards 2018-2019.  Well done Past Pres. Ron and Club!
DG Savi Bhim - Featured Meeting Speaker on Aug 7
Join DG Savi at Wool Growers for dinner on August 8
Where has July gone Breakfast Rotarians?
Where has July gone Breakfast Rotarians? Are you kidding me! Over half the year is gone, we have a new President in Cheryl Scott (you know, the shy one), Summer vacations have been taken, back-to-school sales will soon begin, and I have been told that the Christmas decoration displays are in the aisles at Walmart! Well, hold on to your bootstraps because we are going to have a Rip-Roaring year in Breakfast Rotary and I am excited to see how we can help make Bakersfield be a great place to live, finishing strong in 2019.
Denise Haynes performed double duty with a beautiful prayer to help us focus on what is important. Her message is certainly important in these days and times. Then on the flip side, Denise led us in a rendition of America the Beautiful. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by veteran Breakfast Rotarian Marianna Bouni.
It is no secret to Rotarians that Rotary International has designated the month of August to MEMBERSHIP AND NEW CLUB DEVELOPMENT. Yes, this is our area of focus and we will talk more about that in coming days. So how does Breakfast Rotary respond? Yes, with 6 guests. Someone mentioned that they have not seen so many guests at one meeting. Hey, did someone say it is fun to be a member of our club?  
Rotarians invited Allison Hickman, Chelsea Ashley, Brenda O’Doherty (Bulldog Mike’s wife), Gladys Gonzales, Peter DeVargas, and Deidre Brown. We welcome all of our guests and perhaps we can keep the fire under them by having one to ones with them during the week to meet with them and answer any questions they have about joining. You Breakfast Rotarians sure put on a nice meeting this morning; you made such a big impression on one of the guests, she was ready to join before the end of our meeting. AWESOME!
We wish Happy Anniversaries to loyal members Karen Bonanno, Dennis Scott and Mindy Wilmot. Ahhhh, marriage bliss. Hey guess, who is celebrating 45 years of marriage of this named group???
Presentation CBCC
With pages of accolades, we welcomed as our guest speaker Ms. Yinka Oshodi of CBCC, Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center (CBCC). Yinka serves as Senior Clinical Research Manager. Now before some of you get this vision of Dr. Frankenstein, Yinka is anything but that. Yes, her role is to oversee the good progress of the medical researchers that are trying new concoctions to starve off cancer cells, her department’s work presents viable options to patients to overcome the grips of the disease. 
Honestly, I had no idea that in Bakersfield, CBCC is performing research upon living participants to cure disease. Yinka gave us the particulars of what the process of validating potential cures for disease look like. For instance, before the FDA can approve medical procedures upon people, there is a process which involves small group tests. If early signs are promising of patient improvement, a larger group is invited to partake in the voluntary research. Comparisons of treatment plans are made with similar processes (drugs) and even comparison to processes in other countries. At the end of such research studies, data is sent to the FDA for approval. Yinka said that it takes between 5 to 15 years from the time research begins until final approval is made to publically administer a treatment of a drug.
Interestingly, I noticed an article in today’s news that President Trump is leaning to signing a bill allowing the entry into the USA of medical treatments from Canada. I hope this and other miraculous work from CBCC, Yinka and research teams like them help the sick very soon. Great work CBCC and Yinka!
Did you know that at our CBCC there are 19 active clinical trials of various medical treatments! 
Back to the News
I am always fascinated with the little adjustment spins each new Rotary president has as they take over as president. Since I did not attend the first two meetings of the new president’s tenure, I was not aware of the purpose for the screen for PowerPoint presentations at the front of the room, nor was I aware of the hand-held “QUIET” sign.
I quickly found that I was in violation of being too noisy when I was explaining the purpose of our protocol to my two guests, and that would then lead to me appearing on the PowerPoint screen for premeditated, unjustified, and inexcusable absences which then swiftly led to my first fine of the year.  It was all worth it as it is said, “No good deed should go unpunished”.
If you were not at Rotary we saw a beautiful picture of Penny Fulton who is celebrating 30 years as a member of our Rotary family. We are blessed to have her and we look for many more years to come. Penny is a hoot and has a wonderful spirit! I am personally glad she is with us.
Jerald Wyatt has been doing Big Boy stuff as a Reserve with the United States Coast Guard. Serving in the complicated and politically driven debacle on the southern US border, Jerald spent just over a month aiding the cause/confusion by providing logistical support on site. I’ll bet you can have a “real” conversation what’s really going on down there with him. Welcome Home!
Those club socials have become a hit. If you’re not attending you are missing the fun. It’s kind of like Breakfast Rotary after curfew hours. Please join us! If you missed Sorella’s (I love Italian food), next outing is Saturday August 24th to the Nethercutt Museum. See Michelle McClure for details. $25pp to include drinks and snacks. 10am to 2pm. Oh yes, East Rotary will be joining us, so mind your manners…
Kathy Andersen is making a name for herself as an inspiring Rotarian. She did a great job having us open our wallets to fund what I would call the End of Summer Hot Dog Dinners. Our contributions will support dinners for over 40 families. This program will be run through the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Bakersfield on August 16th. For details how to sign up to help with Kathy, and Boy’s and Girl’s Club kids contact Kathy. They will definitely need a hand. Are the dogs Kosher?
Yes, Wine, Place, and Show is around the corner and Karen Bonnano is heading up a group of strong leaders to make this year’s fundraiser great. I can tell you, this WPS team is serious. I am going to make a prediction right here and now, this year’s fundraiser will be the most fabulous and biggest successes in recent memory. Mark your calendars for September 28 as you will not want to miss. 
A special congrats to our dear Sandra Quigley and her guy Jon Parnell. When over at the coast recently with a number of unnamed Rotary female conspirators, Sandra was the recipient of a marriage proposal from Jon. Good stuff. 
The membership would like to recognize Tom Burke for rockin’ with Paul McCartney, Gramps Dave Spalinger and his new granddaughter Davie Mae, Jeff Haynes who has a cup, and Bobbie Hake, Bobbie Hake, hmmm what did she do? Oh yeah, gosh darn it she won the $64 drawing. Well done Bobbie!
Good to be back at the Editor throne, be blessed in Rotary.
Frank Woodridge
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