Heath Neimeyer, new Blue Badger!
Another Award! Well done Ron and Club.
Award Presentation from our favorite Immediate Past DG.
President's Message
Cheryl Scott
member photo
Such a great meeting this week!  We had a great speaker in DA Cindy Zimmer, received a Rotary Citation for last year’s BBRC achievements, and we added a new member to the Rotary Family.  Welcome, Sally Ann Selby!
Sally Ann is the second new member for our club this new year, and guess what…we have three others coming in very soon (plus David Lari is interested in coming back--YAY!).  Many thanks to Marilee Reagor, Mike O’D, and Frank Wooldridge and everyone else that has brought visitors to our meetings recently.  You might recall that our goal for the Rotary Year was to bring in 10 new members.  Welp, goals can always be revised UP!
Don’t forget to wear your Rotary pin (or your sharp new polo shirt!) on Wednesdays, and other days, too! [Rotary pins--they’re not just for Wednesdays anymore!]  Buzz Lightyear (Jeff Haynes) is pressing me to have a “pin check” sometime soon.  Be prepared, otherwise it’s gonna cost you! 
Finally, remember we’re DARK on the 4th but be sure to come on Sept. 11 when Kern County Community Development Director Lorelei Oviatt will be our speaker. 
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What you missed...
Serving as a member of Breakfast Rotary has always been a distinct pleasure for me. I enjoy being a part of this club. Did you know that the roots of our club members run deep? Dennis Scott was my algebra teacher in high school! Yes, that made me even more proud as Dennis shared the morning invocation with us. And yes, he passed me…he had sympathy on his students.
Mike Turnipseed, believe it or not, was in the flesh this morning with his ever-present smile and personality to lead us in our salute to America’s Flag. Great to see you Mike!
Our only visiting Rotarian was Immediate Past District Governor Sandi Schwartz. Past member David Lari is BAAAAAACK, well we certainly hope so, as he came to visit us. Rumor has it that he has been transferred back to the Bakersfield area. You know what that means…more new members. Geez, I’m so excited! Welcome home David!
Also visiting with us was Alondra Santiago of KEDC. Yes she gets to work with President Cheryl Scott all day as an intern. That wasn’t enough, so Cheryl brought her to Rotary to hear our featured speaker. Nice, breakfast on the boss.
Celebrations Abound
Dave “Woody” Spalinger is celebrating 32 years of holy moley matrimony and Tom Burke is racking up 36 years betrothed to his wonderful wife. Congratulations fellas!
And yes, Bree Goodmon has been in “good standing” for two years as a member of Breakfast Rotary. I think she passed her probationary period with flying colors. No question about her devotion to Breakfast Rotary.
Birthday Salutations go out to our dears Mary Jo Pasek and Teresa Ramos. Happy Birthday ladies!
Featured Presentation
Cynthia Zimmer
Kern County District Attorney
Now I know how many of you like "war stories", so I’ll tell one. I was a young street police officer working night shift on the Eastside interdicting street sales of narcotics when I first saw this very young woman ride up in a patrol vehicle. She was doing a ride-a-long with a BPD officer that night. Of course, it was bright-eyed rookie Deputy District Attorney “Cindy” Zimmer. She was cutting her teeth as to what we did on the streets. That’s when I first met her; since that time in the Roaring 80s, “Cindy” developed into an outstanding Deputy District Attorney, and is now the Chief Administrator of the that organization. It was an honor to have her as our speaker.
Cynthia Zimmer spoke with confidence and authority about her vision was for the district attorney’s office and where she is deploying her deputies to impact the growing concern for violent crime in Kern County. Often times, Zimmer states, we do not adequately consider the communities outside of Bakersfield which her office is also responsible for protecting. For that reason Zimmer has shifted experienced deputy district attorneys to these areas as part of her Rural Crime Division. For example, there are eight homicides per 100,000 residents in Bakersfield and 11 homicides per 100,000 residents in our county's rural communities, such as Delano, and eastern Kern. With 70% of all violent crime being carried out by organized criminal street gangs, it is certainly a “fire alarm” of concern that has her full attention. Her response to the horrendous violent crime numbers is to prosecute quickly and frequently.
Cold case crime, as dramatized on television, is not just for reality TV shows. Zimmer is seeing some positive results first-hand. She has a team of Deputy District Attorneys (DA’s) positioned to prosecute cold cases.  Did you know that 50% of all homicide cases go unsolved? Yikes! Consider the pain for those caught in the crossfire…families. For that reason, Zimmer is relying on technology as one of the responses to securing apprehension of violators. One of those technologies is called “Shot Spotter”. Secretly located in neighborhoods of high violence, the Shot Spotter is activated when gun shots are detected. It’s similar to an alarm system in that it sends a signal for immediate dispatch of police to the location of the gun discharge. Personally, I have experience dealing with homicides.  The unsolved ones are very sad for all involved. 
Zimmer is attacking domestic violence from her office as this form of crime may manifest itself into a more aggravated assault. She is attempting to create a positive atmosphere for crime victims to encourage them to come forward and report these crimes. The reasons that they do not are many. 
In conclusion, Zimmer is not only up against criminals, she is also trying to get the word out about the political process associated with legislation around crimes. Yes, the political process in which as she states, we have a role. Zimmer said if we want to impact crime, homelessness, and repeat drug offenders, we as a voting public must exercise our voting rights when the California Legislature proposes new laws that are counter-productive to a safe community.  Zimmer said when any crime or punishment State propositions appear on the ballot, “Read it!”
Zimmer said, “She has the best job in the world”. I say, I am glad you are doing it Cindy! We thank you for all you are doing. You have a very difficult job.
All Point Bulletins
I'm happy to say we have a good find in new member Sally Selby. Yes, another new member induction. Pat Thompson, as our astute Membership Director once again had to take to the podium to share all the “goods” on Sally. Proposed by President Cheryl, Sally comes with quite a “RAP Sheet” of experience. We look forward to meeting Sally and sharing the joy that Rotary membership brings to others. Congratulations! Service Above Self.
While on the topic of “Newbies” Heath Niemeyer received his Blue Badge. Atta Boy Heath!
Let’s get back to the real reason the Past DG came to visit us. We won another award!!! Yeah! Immediate Past District Governor Sandi Schwartz presented to Past President Ron Nelms a Rotary International Citation for Public Image. Of the 72 clubs in our district 35 were awarded. Great job Ronnie and membership!
Karen Bonanno reports that we are at the $9000 pledge mark for Wine, Place and Show with a whole lot more to go to reach our monetary goal. We are getting close to show time, so get out there and get those sponsorships. Past President Denise Haynes and Karen are soliciting - no not what you think crime fighters - they are soliciting prizes for Wine, Place and Show (WPS). They requested members to donate wine for the “Stable Doors” contest. This is a big financial supplement during WPS. Let’s grab a bottle, or two of $20 or more value wines and contribute. See Karen, Denise or Teresa Ramos.
All cars be on the lookout for Queen Jackie’s Past President’s Badge. Oh my! We found it and she got it…finally!
Recognitions, Happy Spots and CMP (Coffer Management Program)
Our innocent (yeah right) little Denise Haynes was caught by Pres Cheryl embedded in the pages of a jet boat ski magazine. What in the world…as she was posing as none other than a “Trophy Girl.” My opinion is that she is well-suited, and as Denise pointed out not attired in a bikini, but suited without a Rotary pin just the same while posing with boat race winners. She claims to be an admirer of the sport. Hmmmm, haven’t heard that before. FINE!
Athena Collup wrote a Community Voice column for the Bakersfield Californian applauding the District Attorney’s attention to claims against a local Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program. Even Zimmer isn’t bailing you out on this recognition Athena…FINE!
A very confident Sandra Parnell was so fine that she was not going to get fined that she let us all know about it…Sandra the meeting was not over! FINE!
Did you know CSUB is one of the top six affordable universities in the US according to a Washington Monthly? Heath Niemeyer, Director of Development for CSUB University Advancement knew.  And yes,  FINE!
I am so glad Craig Holland won the house prize of $72. Hey Craig, where are we eating lunch?
We are DARK next Wednesday, see you in two weeks.
Peace through Rotary!
By Beacon Editor Frank Wooldridge
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