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Hello Friends!
My “ol’ arthritic thumb is acting up today,” (as my granny used to say).  That’s because I bowled like crazy last night at The BLVD, along with a few dozen of my closest Rotary friends from BBRC and other clubs around Bakersfield. Our club was represented by some fine bowlers (and some spectators, too): Jackie, Mike O’D, Dave, Jeff, and Will were there, along with a few family members, too.
Speaking of new Rotary connections, BBRC has FOUR NEW MEMBERS, as of the Sept. 11 meeting.  Welcome to the club, Chelsea, Alison, and Deidre…and welcome back David!  Everyone, be sure to introduce yourself to our new members, and sign their roster while you’re at it (and don’t forget newbie Sally Selby, too!).  This brings our total number of new members to SIX since July 1.  Way to go, everyone!  And thank you, Pat Thompson, for being such a thorough and diligent membership chair!  (Getting four people ready for induction on one day took some careful orchestration!)
If you haven’t bought your ticket yet for Wine Place & Show, be sure to do that.  This is a great time to introduce your friends to Rotary.  In fact, Mindy Wilmot came to WPS last October…and a few months later, she became a full-fledged member!  Go to for the registration link. 
Share Rotary with a Friend,
What you missed
Our edition of The Beacon recognizes September 11th as a date that will be etched in every Rotarian’s heart and soul. A date 18 years ago that changed the way we think, believe, and move forward - questioning how we respond to the events that occurred on that morning affecting each American. As Rotarians we have a moral duty to maintain the standards set before us by framers of our constitution while keeping at the forefront the motto of Rotary…Service Above Self.
With words of prayer, Past President Neil Walker asked us to set a time for Remembrance of September 11th and what it means to be an American. Neil’s solemn presentation was followed by Past President Denise Haynes leading us as song leader in our National Anthem. Given the theme of the day’s call for peace, we as Breakfast Rotarians were again brought to reality, by learning this morning from President Cheryl Scott that new member Jerald Wyatt, Reservist with the U.S. Coast Guard has again been called for active duty. This time it is for one year. Let’s talk sacrifice Rotarians. We are with you in peace Jared.
No visiting Rotarians, but tons and tons of guests, why? Well by “golly geez we got new members!” Yes, they demanded an audience and we welcome them all. Let’s welcome guests, Tommy Holiwell, Concepcion “Cepi”   Willingham, Heidi Forsyth, and Ryan Hickman.
Celebrations and birthday recognitions go out to Pres. Cheryl and her Huzzy, Darin, yep, 30 years…whoa! And Happy Birthday to Heath “Roadrunner” Niemeyer.  
Program – Lorelei Oviatt
Being a visionary is something which should not be a quality left for those who are scientists, biologists, geologists (Kay Pitts) and the like, but something for all of us to consider. Seriously, our speaker for the morning, Lorelei Oviatt, explained that from where she sits, it pays to have a long-term community vision…based upon Kern County’s needs. According to Lorelei, this is easier said than done. Whether you realize it or not, others outside of the Golden Empire have a completely different perspective of what Kern County’s future should look like and it is in complete contrast to ours.
Okay, let me clear this up. Lorelei states that our two main industries, yes you got it, Oil and Ag are under attack. Alternative industries such as aerospace, and occupations associated with renewable industry are more attractive to the Sacramento legislature. She adds, some Sacramento visionaries have envisioned all industries and employees converting to green energy-type occupations. She claims this to be an unrealistic idea in the next couple of generations.  The legislature, Lorelei reports, are active proponents of downsizing and in some cases curtailment of the two main industries that sustain the economy of Kern County. Lorelei tells us the irony of all of this that not only are oil and ag Kern County’s bedrock industries, they also are a financial boon to the State coffers as well. She said State legislature’s plan is summed up in two simple words, NO PLAN.
Regardless, of how one slices the pie, Lorelei says we are all stakeholders in Kern County’s future over the next 10 to 40 years. She suggests sending our vision and voice to legislators about how misbalancing our delicate industrial infrastructure would have catastrophic outcomes to Kern County residents. Jobs, property values, transportation, health care, availability of natural resources i.e. WATER, education, and of course tax revenues are all a part of this discussion and should be considered in long-range planning.  
For those of you that like numbers, Lorelei shared these figures, Sacramento (the government) takes in $152 billion of revenue from Kern County oil production and a measly $20 billion from ag production. Without the benefits that Kern County enjoys from these industries, Lorelei said our Kern County budget would suffer a $90 million deficit. Yikes!
This conversation is not to say Lorelei and Kern County administrators are opposed to new ideas and industries, it is that the impact of drastic measures and elimination of major Kern County industries will affect all of us. Interesting how this sounds similar to the message we received a couple weeks ago from KC District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer. 
Lorelei said there is still hope.  She is hopeful that county administrators focus on making sure that changes from Sacramento are relevant to Kern County residents and create sustainable opportunities for all. She asks us to join Kern County leadership in promoting realistic and sensible planning for our future.
Lorelei encourages us to support our current Kern County industries and sensible economic development by promoting sound innovation. We must consider active involvement and responsibility
Inductions, Inductions, Inductins
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the moment you have been waiting for. We have more new members. I know the discussion is whether this is the most new members inducted in one day, but I wish to emphasize that even though that may be the case, more importantly we inducted fabulous people. I would personally like each and every Breakfast Rotarian to mentor them into becoming the very best members they can be. Let’s celebrate Deidre Brown (Transportation), Alison Hickman (Interior Decoration), Chelsea Ashcraft (Property Management) and returning member David Lari (Commercial Real Estate) into the finest Rotary club this side of the Mississippi, as Past President Jim Bell used to say.
The perfect time for these new members to join our club is now, prior to Wine, Place and Show. We continue to challenge each Rotarian to invite guests to our breakfast meetings. The major beneficiary of a growing Rotary is our community. Invite a friend next week. We wish to thank and recognize the sponsors of our new Rotarians, Cheryl Scott, Kay Pitts, Marilee Reagor and yours truly.
Speaking of Wine, Place and Show, we are nearing our big fundraiser September 28th at Luigi’s Warehouse. Our faithful and diligent Fundraising Director Karen Bonnano is urging, begging, and pleading for prompt response for sponsors. She even said pledges are welcome, so see her today and help support your Breakfast Rotary. WE ARE 2 WEEKS OUT FROM THIS EVENT! Karen’s committee member Past President Denise Haynes reports that we have received great response from members for Raffle items to be offered at WPS, but we can still use more. Denise is also requesting members to support the event by contributing bottles of wine to be inserted into the Stable Doors fundraiser the night of the event. Get your tickets and we look forward to having sooo much fun with you!
Past President Queen Jackie says, “Volunteers needed at WPS, see me!” Pitch in, that is where you have the most fun members!
September 21st we will be holding a Pancake Breakfast. These are so darn fun on Saturday morning, so mark your calendars and plan on flippin’ pancakes on Saturday morning with your favorite Rotarians!
Recognitions, Happy Spots and CMP (Coffer Management Program)
If I were to pick a favorite part of writing this weekly newsletter this might just be my favorite. I get kick watching people step all over themselves in pursuit of a moment of fame. OKAY so who are our All-Stars this week? Let’s see, Kay Pitts, um this must be an error, Kay is being acknowledged for her involvement with Exchange Students and requests for “anyone” with tickets to any NFL game (calling all season ticket holders) to provide the tickets to the Tehachapi exchange student from Slovakia by the name of Jakub. Well let’s see what we can do folks! See Kay for details.
Bobbie Hake secured a sharp looking red cowgirl scarf for Pres. Cheryl that I have to admit was very well coordinated with the Pres. red cowgirl hat. Nice job Bobbie.
We have Marilee Reagor that apparently went to the Bruno Mars Show because she must have thought it was a male revue because “How many times did she say Bruno Mars was good for the eyes?” He is a singer Marilee and this is a family show, so you are FINED! 
Neil Walker is always up to Dirty Deeds and he does ‘em Dirt Cheap. Speaking of cheap, did ya get a look at that Viking helmet with horns that Neil presented to Pres Cheryl? Yes, it was a bit shocking but by golly it seemed to fit on her head pretty well. After vacationing in Amsterdam and Budapest bringing back a horny helmet, a refrigerator magnet, and a box of chocolates to the Pres. will end up getting you…FINED! 
And Da da da, the winner of the opportunity drawing which will likely cover future fines the way things are going around here is…Ken Quarnberg.
Enjoy the week and see you next Wednesday.
By Frank Wooldridge, Beacon Editor   
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