Posted by Karen Bonanno on Jan 24, 2018
1. BELL at 7a.m.
2. INVOCATION: Marianna Buoni
3. FLAG: Susan Searey
4. SONG: “ABC” Song
a. Thanks to Greeter: Becky Brooks 
b. Thank you for being Scribe: Karen Bonanno
c. Introduce Visiting Rotarians: Athena Collup (Barry Rosenfeld, Mike Turnipseed as a joke)
d. Introduce Guests of Members (Kathy Anderson, Carrie Sturgeon with Michael O’Doherty) 
6. CELEBRATIONS-  Last week and this week (Jan. 14-Jan. 27)
a. Club Anniversaries: 
i. Sandy Magley, 2 yrs., Jan 20
ii. Teresa Waller, 4yrs., Jan23
iii. Mary Breckenridge, 6yrs., Jan 25
b. Birthdays: 
i. Ron Nelms, Jan 21
ii. Dennis Scott, Jan 24 – not here
c. Wedding Anniversaries – None
7. Barry Rosenfeld: T-shirt presentation – presented Denise, her husband, and Michael O’Doherty with Rose Parade Tees.  Float won Princess Award for under 35 ft.
8. Check Presentation to Special Olympics in the amount of $3,420:   Kelly Porter, Sports Manager 
a. Introduce Athletes: Tracy and Eric and Pauly
b. Introduce Coach Janet
Director of Membership presented results of survey: - Getting better responses, November was 54% Dec was 63%. 
 Detractors    Promoters
Oct.   4  19
Nov.  3  16
Dec.  2  17
9. Vocational Moment – Cheryl Scott – VP of Kern EDC and Executive Director of EDC Foundation. 
EDC is to promote our region to businesses around the world and to expand and keep current businesses here. 
Foundation has narrowed focus on STEM jobs, working with young people to grow talent as well as focus on women.  Started pilot program for women, monthly STEM Circle and Dinner & Dialog.
Upcoming – Kern County STEMposium 4-13-18. If interested, see Cheryl. 
10. Program: Gem Munroe, Director of Amarok Society.  Focus is on educating the poorest of poor in destitute communities including Bangladesh and Pakistan. Method is to educate women who are required to teach at least 5 children what they have learned. Locations are dangerous due to slum lords and husbands of women not wanting them educated. Teachings include English and English literacy, social studies, health, hygiene, social skills, conflict resolution and birth control. Began a relationship with Rotary when a Rotarian read his book and contacted him.  Began Rotary in Bangladesh, which now has 52 Rotary clubs. 
11. Happy Spots & Recognitions – Due to time, save to next week. 
12. Announcements – will be emailed due to time
a. Midterms: Jan -no report
b. January Social: Jeff Haynes – Frugatti’s Wine Room, Jan. 25, 20018
c. January Service Project: Dave Spalinger
d. KernYES: Tom Burke – Feb. 10
e. February Charter Night – Feb. 24, Kay/Jackie
f. Leadership & Ethics Conference: Mike Turnipseed announced the Ethics & Leadership event.  Need volunteers, contact Mike. 
g. International Service: Michael O’Doherty
h. Next 2 weeks, Denise will be gone. Past Presidents Craig Holland and Neil Walker will run the meetings on Jan. 31 and Feb. 7, repectively.
13. Thank you to Guests and Visiting Rotarian
14. Next week –Jenny Zorn, CSUB Provost speaking on International recruitment. Thank you to Kay for arranging. 
15. 50/50 & PHP:  $54 to rocker Dan Johnson; PHP 150 to Brenda Nakanishi