Posted by Frank Wooldridge on Mar 13, 2019
President Ron Explains Nuances of Surveying to Dianne Hoover
Wednesday morning’s weather was great so the question Rotarians is, is it (A) Rotary Time, (B) Spring Time, or (C) Time for Dodger (Giant) Baseball. Well if you choose any of these (D) All of the Above, your right, but according to our song maestro Dan Johnson it is “Tulsa Time”. Yes, we got our boots off the ground to that catchy tune and also learned that Dan’s band, Blonde Faith will be playing at a couple cool venues this Saturday at Café Med for acoustic night at 6pm and St. Paddy’s Day Sunday at Chuy’s on Rosedale at 6pm. Come join the fun!
We welcome back our fearless leader President Ron Nelms. The place was just not the same without him. You’re our “Rock Ron”.
It is great to have guests and this morning we were honored to have Lisette Patterson from Rand Corporation where she specializes in employment placement, and Jared Wyatt Investigator with the Kern County District Attorney’s Office join us. It is Jared’s second time visiting us, and we LOVE IT!
Bestowed upon our own Bill Black was his second Paul Harris Fellowship Award. Even though Bill is working out of town he is close to us in Rotary and we patiently await for his return so he will continue to inspire us and all those he has touched in our community by being an exemplary Rotarian. Congrats brother! 
Our guest speaker was Dianne Hoover of the City of Bakersfield Parks and Recreation District. Dianne just so happens to be a friend of mine as well as others (including Queen Jackie) in our club. Pete Leveroni said Dianne has been involved in the recreation industry for over 40 years, personally I think she must have started her career playing on a swing as a child, but no matter, we are glad to have her in our city as the director of the Parks Department.
I honestly did not know that Dianne’s role was being responsible for many of the soccer parks, softball complexes and even grassy well-manicured parcels of land along many of our roadways, not to mention all of our city parks. That’s a lot to manage with just 150 employees!
Dianne stated with encouragement that passage of Measure N will play a critical role in maintaining and restoring our parks. Parks are a pretty big deal as far as I am concerned. I can think of a lot of pretty cool stuff I did and learned growing up in and around our parks. How ‘bout you! Dianne put a shout out to our Rotary Club and Jackie for our support in maintenance of park San Miguel Grove and for what we do on Thousand Flags at Riverwalk Park. I have actually gone out to San Miguel with some of you and I can tell you participating in the work that has been done is a great way to start a Saturday. Hope to see you join us for the next park restoration and Thousand Flags which is just around the corner. Oh yes, sponsorships are needed and greatly appreciated for Flags so please reach out.
An All-Points Bulletin, APB in cop talk, is being put out for three events that seek your attention and attendance. See you there active Rotarian!
  1. March 16th  District Assembly 8am at Santa Barbara Business College located at California and Lennox
  2. March 23rd Pancake Breakfast 8am East California and Baker Street
  3. May 4th All Club Project Jim Burke Ford food packaging
For our Happy Spots I have for you socks and balls! Yes, socks from Alaska from Queen Jackie and a golf ball from Kathy Anderson she harnessed from the recent Arnold Palmer Golf Tourney all for President Ron. Yes, President Ron they love you.
The BIG winner of our opportunity drawing was Dave Spalinger. The man is $47 happier.
Until next week, go out and spread some Rotary.