Posted by Sandy Magley on Dec 06, 2017
The holidays are in full bloom as evidenced by our greeters in red this morning – Martha Samora and Cheryl Scott.  Since Dennis Scott was absent, Ed O’Donnell gave our invocation and Susan Searey led us in the flag salute.  Gerry Starr had us take out our keys to accompany our song, “Jingle Bells.” 
Marilee Reagor introduced our visiting Rotarian, Steve Gibbs from East, who is our guest speaker for the day.  Denise then thanked Mary Jo for subbing as secretary, Marilee for subbing for announcing visiting Rotarians, and Sandy for being scribe for the day.
We then had a very special guest who was introduced – Adoree’s new husband, Kenny Shandlee.  The newlyweds were then honored with a champagne/mimosa toast and got to cut a wedding cake – which Kenny informed us that they did NOT have at their wedding!  And they fed each other nicely without smooshing cake in each other’s face.  What a wonderful way to start our meeting and holiday season.  (BTW, Dan Johnson’s question, “Planning on kids?” didn’t go unnoticed.) 
Since we didn’t recognize Club Anniversaries, Wedding Anniversaries, or Birthday’s at Golden Valley last week, people were recognized today.  Odd coincidence:  Pete Leveroni and Neil Walker both joined BBRC on the same day, Dec. 1, 22 years ago, and Ron Nelms had 6 years on Nov. 30.  The Duerksons had their 24th anniversary on Nov. 26 and the Abiaouis had their 13th today.  Sandy Magley and Craig Holland had birthdays just one day apart in November and Michele McClure had hers 3 days ago.  A rousing version of “Happy Birthday” was enjoyed by the celebrants.
Denise asked the members who came to Petroleum Club last week instead of Golden Valley to stand – and they were assessed a $10 fine each.  Michele, Shaun, Pat, Bree, and Andrew all were honest about their boo-boo, even though Andrew isn’t an official member yet.  Denise said his fine will be post-dated.  (But does he get the Club Runner mailings yet?)
Denise re-introduced Steve Gibbs, co-chair of KernYES!  He’s been a member of Bakersfield East for 27 years and is a former president.  He explained to our members that KernYES! Is similar to a one-day RYLA experience for our Interact members.  Six clubs in Bakersfield – Breakfast, Downtown, East, North, Twilight, and West – as well as chapters from Delano, Taft, and Tehachapi will be participating, along with the Bakersfield Rotaract Club.  The event will be on Saturday, February 10, 2018, at Taft Fort.  Simi Rotary Clubs have successfully put on this event and will be assisting and training our members.  The day will have 120 students divided into 4 groups.  They will attend workshops and hear inspirational guest speakers.  The event needs a total of 50-60 Rotarians and sign-up sheets were on each table.  Our representative is Tom Burke, who explained that the 4 categories of volunteers will be counselors, presenters (in-training for this year), food services, and logistics/security.  BBRC’s donation to this project is $500 and its total budget it $15,000.
Denise had her Directors give their reports. 
  1.  Membership began with the induction of Andrew Ozanick by Pat Thompson.  Andrew is sponsored by Mike O’Doherty.  Pat then reported that so far this Rotary year, we have 3 new members (4th to be very soon), even though we have lost a few members.  Denise also thanked Pat and his lovely wife, Linda, for hosting our Christmas party.  Steve Shayer is now an Honorary member.
  2. International:  Mike O’D.  updated us on the water cistern project we’re doing with Simi.  We cannot send any supplies to Puerto Rico, but the San Juan Rotary will keep in touch with us.
  3. Club Service:  Jeff Haynes said our next social will be at Frugatti’s.
  4. Awards:  Stephanie Bakers said our club is on track for receiving our awards.
  5. Secretary:  no report
  6. Treasurer:  Marilee Reagor told members to ask for copies from Will Duerksen.
  7. Community Service:  Dave Spalinger reported that the Target shopping was a big success and was under budget.  Thanksgiving baskets were successful, too.  The next 6 months, there will be evaluation on number of events to avoid “burn out.”  He still has 4 spots for bell ringing this weekend, Dec. 16 is wreaths at National Cemetery in Arvin, and the dictionaries are in and will be needing distribution at Fremont Elementary School.
  8. Fund raising:  no report since Heather Ward has some family members who have lost their homes in the Ventura County fires.  However, Denise reported that as a result of Wine, Place and Show, Special Olympics will receive $3,400 and Wounded Heroes will receive $7,820 for the dog training program.
  9. Youth Service:  Ed O’Donnell repeated the importance of KernYES and also reported that we again have 9 RYLA participants as well as 9 alternates.
Volunteer scribes are needed for the next 3 meetings, so Kay Pitts took Dec. 13, Mary Breckenridge took Dec. 20, and Sandra Quigley will do our first meeting in 2018, Jan. 10.  Dennis Scott can no longer be the Vocational Services Director, so please feel free to take on this position.  Also, we need a new song master.
Kay Pitts gave a Happy Spot after her trip to Cuba and Florida.  She brought back a Rotary Flag from Ormond Beach Downtown, a new club that is NOT all male!  She gave Denise 2 frogs, one from Cuba and one from Florida, as well as a bracelet.  Craig Holland was $20 for the Christmas party and shared that he recently moved to Southern Oaks.  Since he’s having shoulder surgery, he requested a ride from any available member for the next couple meetings.  (Someone suggested Uber.)  Michele McClure was $10 happy that Gregory Porter will be performing at the Dore Theater as a benefit for Habitat for Humanity.
Stephanie Baker needs to buy a Power Ball ticket – she won both the 50/50 AND the Paul Harris points!  Next week’s speaker is Jeff Lemucchi.