Posted by Jeff Haynes on Nov 29, 2017
Invocation: Brenda Nakanishi
Greeters: Bobbi Hake / Ed O’Donnell
Visiting Rotarians: None, unless we count Wyatt
Foundation Moment by Ron Nelms with a question and answers.
1. What is the Rotary Foundation?
Answered by Gerry Starr
Non-profit to sponsor activities to improve the lives of the under privileged.
2. How did the Foundation get its start?
Answered by Michael O’Doherty
When Rotary began, they had $26.50 at the ending of the year and decided to start the Foundation with this left-over money.
3. What does Foundation use their money for?
Answered by Gerry Starr in question one.
Humanitarian Projects
4. What is “Every Rotarian Every Year”?
Answered by Jackie Maxwell
That every Rotarian pledge a donation to the Foundation every year.
Our annual Christmas party is this Saturday at the home of Pat and Karen Thompson. Party begins at 6:30pm until the well runs dry. His address is 13115 Monarch Palm Ave; Bakersfield, CA 93314 and his number is (661) 331-6770.  Bring your favorite Christmas sweater and be ready to spread some Christmas cheer.
We also have Christmas shopping this Saturday morning for the kids of Pauley School at East Hills Mall Target. Please call David Spalinger at 979-2040 if you did not sign up and want to help. They want Rotarians to be there at 6:45am. There is nothing better to warm the heart than to help these kids pick out presents.
The Plank Foundation has chosen Susan Eaton for the Humanitarian of the year award. They will be celebrating this award on Friday 12/8 at noon and will be held at the Museum of Art.  Our club has been given 20 tickets and if anyone would like to go, pleased contact President Denise.
President Denise had our Fit for Rotary moment and it sounded like multiple squeaking doors as everyone stretched this morning. I’m sure it was most of the kids this morning as all us Rotarians are in the finest physical shape so we can make our president proud.
Happy Five Spots aka Tell Me Something Good
No fines were levied to any Rotarians as President Denise said the Interact club would get $5.00 for any person who stood up with good news. Gerry Starr brought a Sweet Grass Basket for President Denise from South Carolina while visiting family during Thanksgiving. Bill Black was playing at the beach in Ventura and brought back a mug and socks for our President. Heather Ward took her mother to see “The Voice” and her mom got a Blake Moment. Mary Jo Pasek was proud to announce that the BC Choir was going to be singing for our Rotary club. Marilee Reagor was happy to be at Golden Valley for our meeting this morning. David Spalinger announced that his daughter got engaged and will be married on June 2nd.  We also had 7 Interacters stand up to share their good news of the day.
Happy Birthday to Sandy Magley and one of our Interacters, Karen.
Abraham Del Rio, the Golden Valley Interact club president, introduced his officers for this year. His VP is Daniel Veca, Treasurer is Stephanie Guzman, and representative is Cindy P. Their group has been very active this year and talked about multiple projects that were had done. The projects they performed were goodie bags, highway cleanup, San Miguel cleanup, Simi YES leadership, club rush, Good Neighbor Festival, Step Up event, and CASA cards.
We had good exchange with the Interact kids discussing things we did a few years ago compared to what they do today. We asked them if any of them had a land line and all the kids at our table did not. I would bet that most of our Rotarians still have theirs.  Another question that was asked was if they had ever used a typewriter and once again we had a resounding No. In regard to social media, Instagram and Snapchat were the top two for the kids and NO, it was not Facebook. I guess Facebook is for all us aging folks.  It was a fun meeting and everyone seemed to enjoy interacting with these kids.