Posted by Sandy Magley on Feb 07, 2018
Another meeting conducted by another Past President, this time Neil Walker.  Our greeters were Joe Nunez and “new” grandpa Mike O’Doherty.  They were really pushing the 50-50 tickets, but this scribe only had $1.  However, Mike gifted me another ticket since I had 4 guests this morning.
Invocation was shared by Andrew Ozanich, pledge was led by Jason Williamson, and new song master Bill Black taught us a new song, “4-Way Test Song.”  Mary Jo said there were no visiting Rotarians, but there were several visitors.  Sandy Magley (me!) had three Independence High School Interact members, Gurshan Dill, Brett Julius, and Hailee Julius, and their advisor, Dorothy Stout.  Andrew Ozanich introduced his mom, Joanne, and Ed O’Donnell introduced our speaker, Floyd Bolton.  The only birthday this week was Samy Abiaoui, who was absent, so we didn’t sing. 
Heather Ward put short surveys on our tables so the members could vote on projects that we want to participate in next year under Ron’s term, including 1,000 Flags.
Tom Burke reminded us that this Saturday is Kern YES in Taft.  BBRC composes 1/3 of the volunteers so far.  The students are being picked up at Bakersfield Sports Complex and bused to the event.
Kay Pitts reminded us of Charter Night on Feb. 24.  Let her know if you’re planning on attending and if you’re bringing a guest.  Mike O’D. told us we need to raise $400 extra to add to the Past President’s fund.  He also said we can make donations even if we’re not attending, so Mary Jo became the first cash donor.  Jackie Maxwell teased Neil about his moustache, which was non-existent this morning but was obviously visible at last night’s past president’s meeting about Charter Night.
Greg Desme was $20 happy that he’s ten years healthy from his heart attack.
Adoree was $20 happy about the annual Mendiburu Magic Foundation fundraiser today at Dewar’s downtown.
Ron Nelms was inducted as president of California Land Association and was $100 happy.
Liz Rozell was happy for her 5th grandchild (granddaughter) and also said her son Rylan is expecting a baby in June.
Tom Burke shared that he is the Chancellor for Kern Community College District.  This is the largest such District in the U.S. and consists of community colleges in several counties besides just Kern.  (Sorry, but I didn’t catch the names of all the counties nor the colleges themselves.)
Floyd Bolton, Jr. is the Deputy Resident Engineer with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the Lake Isabella Dam Safety Modification Project (DSMP).  He has held several engineering positions and worked for several heavy construction contractors, coming to Sacramento in 1998.  He’s worked on other “water” projects before Lake Isabella, such as Folsom Bridge Project and Flood Control Project in Napa. 
Plans for Isabella DSMP include raising the height by 16 feet and building a retaining wall adjacent to Hwy. 155.  Its main source of water is Mt. Whitney.  In 2007, the acre feet capacity was reduced from 568,100 to 361,000.  The Corps had to rebuild the US Forest Service’s fire station since the original one was in the way of the dam changes.  Federal funding has been approved for this project since the dam is a Class 1 safety risk - #1 in the country!  Needless to say, some club members were worried about needing to purchase flood insurance.  The Borel Canal will be filled with filter and drainage material, which will be composed of all the blasted rock from the project.  There will also be a temporary boat ramp built in French Gulch Recreation Area, to be done in early May.  This whole project could create about 200 jobs and is scheduled for completion in 2022.

Past President Neil wrapped up the meeting with a reminder to members to let Jeff Haynes know if you’re planning on bringing a guest to next week’s Valentine meeting.  Stockdale High School will be singing.  Will Duerksen won $45 in the 50/50 and Kay Pitts wont the Paul Harris points.  Past President Mike O. had the last word, though:  he already raised $1,610 for the Past President’s fund!!