Reputation Management
Jan 11, 2023 6:45 AM
Larry Pickett
Reputation Management

A Public Outreach, Crisis & Media Relations Thought Leader who understands the challenges and opportunities of internal & external management and communications.


  • With a strong background in Behavioral Science, Pickett provides group and individual senior management training in critical thinking, crisis control, presentation skills, and strategic management.
  • An accomplished facilitator, he designs and executes planning, decision-making and problem solving sessions.
  • Pickett gives dynamic presentations that target strategies and tools for crisis management, media relations, and critical thinking. 
  • He has been a public relations management advisor for the Kern Economic Development Corporation, Hall Ambulance, Inc., Kern Schools Federal Credit Union, Kern Council of Governments, California High Speed Rail, Aera Energy, Quincy Engineering, and the Golden Empire Transit District. He has also served as an executive for several corporations and public relations agencies.
  • Pickett has a Master of Arts Degree in Behavioral Science and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Broadcast Journalism. He teaches at California State University, the University of LaVerne and the University of Phoenix. He holds professional accreditation from the Public Relations Society of America.