Kuntz Family Farms
Jan 25, 2023 6:45 AM
Dane Kuntz
Kuntz Family Farms

Dane has a passion for education and agriculture, specializing in beekeeping.  He holds both an AA and a BA in English, with a minor in teaching. Dane believes that everyone can learn from each other as long as they are willing and open to learning. He also believes that more can be taught outside the classroom than inside the classroom, because students are more engaged when they are experiencing hands-on, interactive educational opportunities. 

Dane currently works at a local homeschool charter as their farmer and assists in teaching the farm classes to all ages from TK-12. He also ran Kuntz Family Farms as the beekeeper, where he did the removals for the County of Kern. Over the past 4 years he has educated thousands of people in the community about the importance of bees and the necessity of beekeeping. 

Dane believes that agricultural education is important because he grew up eating fresh food that he picked himself on most days. When he met his wife Holly, he realized she and her friends and family had no idea about where food came from. It shocked him that so many people didn’t know where their food came from.

He took Holly to various fields, vineyards and orchards to show her what foods were used for juices, sauces, and table food. He loved being able to teach her something that he felt was so natural and seeing the excitement as she understood where her food came from. This instilled a passion in him to teach others about where their food comes from. 

Dane is excited to bring Bee Day Events to the community to inspire an fresh, renewed love of agriculture and food production.