Becoming a Member (Information coming soon)
New Member Information

Red Badge Program for New Members

As a Bakersfield Breakfast Rotary Club (BBRC) new member, you are given a temporary red Rotary Badge. This badge will enable fellow members to get acquainted with you quickly and easily making you feel at home and at ease. The temporary badge will be ceremoniously detached and replaced with your permanent blue badge after you have attended at least three home club meetings and have given to the President your completed club roster signature list. By having every member sign your club roster is a great way to meet everyone and immediately feel at home. Avoid simply passing the list around the tables. . . that defeats the purpose. The President will ask for this list after several meetings.

The requirement of obtaining signatures is fairly simple to accomplish, yet in order to gain a better overall understanding of Rotary and to encourage full participation in BBRC's activities, you are strongly encouraged to pursue the following goals as well:

  • Act as one of the official Greeters at several meetings. This is absolutely the best way to meet Rotarians from our club as well as those visiting from other clubs. You should be aware that existing club members are encouraged to seek out our new members, introduce (or reintroduce themselves), sit with them during meetings, and extend themselves in any way to make those new members feel like they're a welcome addition to BBRC;
  • Attend a meeting of the Board of Directors and/or the Foundation Board;
  • Attend any committee meeting for any of the avenues of service most appealing to you. Meetings are announced at our Wednesday morning club meetings;
  • Attend a Fireside Chat as soon as one is scheduled.  Spouses are encouraged to attend.
  • Be proactive and participate/volunteer in any of our many events and activities;
  • Visit another Rotary Club within our District;
  • Until you are given official assignments on the duty schedule, and in addition to the Greeter duties already described, volunteer to lead the pledge of allegiance, invocation or introduce visiting Rotarians;
  • Strive for perfect attendance (which includes make-ups from other meetings and events). Good overall attendance levels help our club attain district-wide recognition and awards. Perfect attendees are recognized annually at our Demotion party;
  • Keep your financial account with the club current and paid in full;
  • Host a guest at a club meeting and be prepared to formally introduce him or her;
  • Be ready to pass on your own Rotary pin to a new Rotarian that YOU sponsor into Bakersfield Breakfast Rotary Club.
Welcome to Bakersfield Breakfast Rotary Club where we "Make Dreams Real" to the many who need help -- and we have fun at the same time.