Posted by Frank Wooldridge on Apr 06, 2022
Wednesday’s Breakfast Rotary meeting was in its second off-site meeting in as many weeks, having met at City Serve last week. This week after a very long absence because of COVID, we returned to the Golden Valley High School campus. Golden Valley High is the home of our Interact high school club, the students that make up the club’s members and their advisor Jennifer Yamauchi. Jennifer is also an Honorary member of our Breakfast Rotary Club.
As we got the show on the road, Past President Mike O’Doherty expressed words of praise to the almost 50 Golden Valley High Interactors who showed up to join us for some marvelous biscuits and gravy from Mossman’s. As you know Mike now commits much of his energy to Kern Bridges, and according to Mike, the Interactors have been invaluable to Kern Bridges with their help during a Christ5mas project in December Mike laid out for them.
President Jeff Haynes garnered a substitute red bell in place of the absence of our customary Rotary BBRC bell to alert us all to come to attention for America’s Flag Salute. Past President Denise Haynes invocation contained a reading from Dale Carnegie entitled “Words of Wisdom” which included some very rational principles to live by. Certainly, suggested reading folks!
Bill Black teased us that he was going to sing some Jonny Cash, then yielded to his patriotic nerve by leading us in “God Bless America”.
One could only assume our morning’s program would include an activity with the students and it certainly did. Now on a side note, I really like these off-site meetings. It gets us out of our comfort zone. Now don’t get me wrong, I really like coming out to see the kids at Golden Valley, but it seems that the activities either are designed to demonstrate how smart the students are, or how academically compromised many of us in BBRC are. Oh well, it was still fun! In this episode of our visit to the campus, Advisor Jennifer took the podium from The Prez to set everyone into groups for a little icebreaker. It was after that when the true competitive fun began.
When the activity was announced by Advisor Jennifer, I could see the competitive hair rise on the neck of BBRC Superstars like Ken Quarnberg, Sean Kelly, Karen Bonanno and of course Past President Ron Nelms as the activity’s ground rules were announced.
Each table’s team was tasked with creating a list of song names, singers, and the decade it was produced after just listening to a few bars of each song. Being cocky, since I think I know a thing or two about music, I honorably took myself out of the competition to mentor those who I expected to struggle in this activity.
As Advisor Jennifer played a snippet of a song, table teams became ensued in deep discussion as to the correct answers. From my perspective this was going to get ugly between our more competitive members as one song was played after another. The well-prepared Advisor Jennifer had all the songs lined up. She offered up nearly 15 songs featuring various artists and time periods.
What I did witness was something that I had should have known better, which I referenced earlier. And that was that even though “know it all” Rotarians were to be mentoring students, the students were mentoring the Rotarians. I saw on Javier Reyes table that there was one student that basically had the whole list in front of him and as each song was played, he instantly wrote down the correct answers. Yes, and that included Led Zeppelin “Whole Lotta Love” He even dissed me on the date of the songs release. I said 1970 and he said 1969. He was right!!!
Fun was had by all and proved that cooperation through partnerships between Rotarians and Interactors can have wonderful outcomes. Thank You Advisor Jennifer!
Celebrating Breakfast Rotary birthdays are Greg Desme, Dale Bender and Pat Thompson. Happy Birthday to you! And recognizing Rotary anniversaries were The Prez 28 years, Dave Perkins and Temo Lopez 3 years each. Thank you all for your dedicated commitment. We are better because of YOU!
Happy Spots for this week include Dr. Tom Burke who finally received delivery of his hybrid Toyota Highlander just as the gas prices increased to their current $6 per gallon.
After our dark week for spring break, we will gather Wednesday at our regular digs at Lino’s Venue on H Street.
In case you missed the fun match the name of the artist or song to the year! Good Luck and see you in two weeks.
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By: Frank Wooldridge
Beacon Writer
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???The Twist1960's
???Heartbreak Hotel1980's
???The Boys are Back in Town???