Posted by Jeffrey Bell on Apr 27, 2022
For those fortunate enough to arrive before the ringing of the bell by President Jeff, they were greeted by the friendly faces of Mike O’Doherty, Myrna Arias & Duncan Harris. As the junior assistant Beacon editor, I barely made the cutoff! This was a perfect opportunity to meet Myrna & Duncan and sign their new member sheet- be sure to do so soon if you haven’t already! At just a few minutes past 7, our fearless leader brought us to our feet and MJ Pasek lead us in prayer and Cheryl Scott helped with the flag salute. Then our ever-talented songstress, Carol Smith, fresh from her recent retreat to Hawaii, directed us through a tentative rendition of Tiny Bubbles (we sounded nothing like Don Ho!).
David Perkins indicated no visiting Rotarians came to break bread with us this week, but Jackie Maxwell brought he good friend Holly Kuns as her guest for the second week in a row. Welcome Holly!  Then Denise Haynes oriented us on the duty roster signup sheets for Thousand Flags. Finally, our membership chair, Pat Thompson, presented the official blue badge to new member Cameron Cerda. Special guests for Cameron’s blue badge ceremony included Heath Niemeyer, Donna Schwartz, Neil Walker, and Mike Turnipseed. These special guests had yet to meet Cameron or sign his new member form and as such received the opportunity to augment the Bakersfield Breakfast Rotary Club coffers.
Mike Turnipseed presented our morning’s program. A member needing no introduction, Mike opined about the various strengths and opportunities for improvement within the government of the City of Bakersfield. As the executive director of the Kern Taxpayer’s Association, Mike has actively engaged our City and County leadership, advocating for more accountable, effective, efficient, and reliable government. Stories were shared and perspectives provided from years of experience interacting with our local political leaders and advocating for all residence (including and especially those from more marginalized socioeconomic neighborhoods). Thank you for your tireless work!
President Jeff shared that Teresa Waller and her husband Nick are celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary. President Elect Karen Bonanno is celebrating her 5th club anniversary, and Past President Jackie videoed a summary of her year at the reigns. As for the Beacon Clue, both Michelle McClure or Heath were imprisoned by their Beacon Clue ignorance (and also donated to the club coffers), but MJ came to the rescue of likely many others by recognizing Johnny Cash’s famous song originated from Folsom Prison. As for the May 4 clue- what do Neil, Donna, Heath, and Mike T all have in common?
Although the time was far spent, President Jeff allowed a few additional announcements including Dave Spalinger reminding us of the upcoming demotion on June 24th and Stephanie Baker requesting all award sheets be turned in to her by May 5th. Greg Desme, Carol, and Stephanie all shared gifts with President Jeff from their recent travels to Kansas and Hawaii- but then Jeff insisted we close things up for another week.