As the 2020-2021 term comes to an end, what a way to finalize the Bakersfield Breakfast Rotary Club’s outstanding President - David Spalinger with the playing of Rocky Theme “Final Countdown.”  President Dave came all decked out in his black tuxedo…ready for presentation of awards and recognitions.
Past President Mike O’Doherty provided the invocation and David Perkins lead the club in the Flag Salute! Club “songstress” Chelsea Ashcraft, led us in a rousing rendition of the perfect song for President Dave… “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”!
Past President Kay Pitts introduced Visiting Rotarian Past BBRC President Gina Hayden from Colorado, joining by Zoom.  Visitors and guests were plentiful! David Lari brought his beautiful wife/aka BBRC Treasurer, Marti.  Mary Jo Pasek introduced her hubby Tom. Chelsea Ashcraft brought her lovely daughter Nicole Pat Thompson brought his guest Jim Bailey, owner of Broken Yolk and Homewood Suites. Darren Scott escorted Past President Cheryl Scott, aka “Podium Queen.”  Finally and most importantly, President Dave introduced the “most important person in his life – his wife Melody”.  A “big welcome” to all of our visitors!!
There were no Birthdays or Rotary Anniversaries to report.  Past President Jerry Starr and wife Robin will be celebrating 17 years of marriage on June 27th.  They are planning a road trip to Glacier National Park along with a couple of other Rotarians!  Leslie VoVilla and Matt are also celebrating 14 years of “bliss” and leaving for Alabama to visit family.
President Dave summarized the “Year of COVID”
Despite the COVID challenges, Dave's first meeting was held way back in July 2020 at the Broken Yolk and continued with that outdoor seating until winter weather set in.  Winter meetings  were held at the Yard House.  During the second State shutdown, President Dave opened up his cabinet shop which was a perfect location for in-person meetings and Zoom.  During his entire term, meetings were held regularly except for two meetings.  Despite the “ricochets” throughout the term, we became “Stronger as a Club”! Kudos to Temo Lopez for his phenomenal technology setup and Dan Johnson for amazing audio that allowed BBRC to have exceptional Zoom capabilities.  Compared to other clubs in Kern County (and in our District), we had an extraordinarily effective hybrid meetings process.
Jacqueline Alexander developed a PowerPoint presentation summarizing 2020-2021 lookback which will be or is available on the website. The presentation included:
  • Events
  • Ongoing Activities
  • Social Activities and Meetings
Saturday, June 26th is (was) the last Pancake Breakfast of Dave's Term.  Community Service Director Denise Haynes managed to squeak one more service project in during Dave's presidency.
David Lari announced that starting in July dues would return to $80 per month
Friday, June 25th is (was) the Demolition/Demotion Party for President Dave. See the story by Cheryl Scott which follows in your Beacon
Nicole, Chelsea Ashcraft’s daughter, picked the 50/50 drawing ticket worth $90…and guess what?  Chelsea won! I smell a rat! I better shut up or I will have to write the Beacon again!!
Non-Mask contest winner was Connie Bensusen…who walked away with a very nice bottle of wine!!
Marilee Reagor was $20 happy – this is her last meeting as she is leaving for Washington State. Marilee is very proud that five of the many members she brought into the club are still active in the club. We will miss you Marilee!! Remember…you can always drop in by Zoom for at least the next year!
Jacqueline Alexander was $10 happy and beaming as she shared that her daughter was attending her first meeting as a Rotarian in her adopted city of Boston.
Carol Smith was $60 happy acknowledging $10 for each of her three children and for three of her grandchildren she has given a Paul Harris Fellow.
Past President Denise Haynes was $35 happy after a wonderful trip with her husband to Crazy Horse.  Denise presented President Dave with a “Rock” from the blast that is currently occurring at Crazy Horse.
Meeting concluded with Marilee Reagor saying her “good byes” and conveying that it was a privilege and honor to be in this fantastic club. We are certainly going to miss you Marilee!!
President Dave rang the Bell a final time at 8:10 a.m.
Scribe – Teresa Ramos-Alvarez