It may have been a year of limited “togetherness,” but BBRC members made up for it at President Dave’s demotion (aka Demo Day)!  More than 80 people came together to say Aloha to President Dave Spalinger and to thank him for his strong leadership that resulted in our club emerging from the pandemic as strong as ever!
Putting COVID behind us, Demo Day guests were “all dressed up with no A PLACE TO GO” and they dove right into the Polynesian Paradise theme.  Elaborate decorations added to the ambiance, and a sprinkling of explosives and a wrecking ball reminded us of the reason we were there…it was Demo Day!
Dave and his posse met up at the Padre before the event, and his giggles indicated he had had an adult beverage or two before walking to Lino’s Venue.  Good thing he got loosened up early, because he was greeted with a tropical-tattoo’d shirt and Hawaiian skirt outfit, then was topped off with a Guy Fieri-type hat/wig. (Wonder if Dave always enjoyed playing dress-up???  Sorry Dave, you can’t keep the costume!) 
But it was Dave’s Polynesian dance moves on stage that blew everyone away!  After just a moment of pretending to be shy, Dave (along with good sport Tom Pasek, who wasn’t bad himself!) started swinging his hips and making up his own moves. Aloooooha!
Sadly, when it was time for Dave to say a few words, he was silenced by a power tool or two, reminiscent of our glory days at Skyline Cabinet!  Then…he was further interrupted by two Oildale Rotarians named Buford (the bare-cheeked hillbilly that stops by occasionally to wreak havoc) and someone that looked a bit like PE Jeff Haynes (but those short shorts!!!).  And finally, a cameo appearance from Dave’s “wister” (Connie Bensusen).  Poor Connie was all dressed up with NO PLACE TO GO because Dave was apparently embarrassed to bring his sister-baby-mama to his big going-out party.  He didn’t even invite her!  (Rude.)
And of course, what would a Polynesian event be without the roasting of a pig?  Welp, we didn’t exactly do that, but we did have ham for dinner and Ken Quarnberg cleverly roasted Dave as he summed up his year as president.
In the end, Dave was hailed as the most respected Big Kahuna in town for his strong leadership during this crazy year.  He opened two bundles of fabulous gifts from the club, and was pinned with his past-president pin. 
All in all, it was night of celebration, fellowship, and anticipation as we look ahead with excitement for what the 40th year of BBRC will hold!