Kay Pitts who brought President Cheryl some beer soap and a hummingbird dish towel (but was she Happy??? (from Kay – yes $10 happy); Denise Haynes confessed to being tardy for her greeter gig and was $10 sorry; Michele McClure was $5 happy that she won a fall wreath at WPS that doubles as an adorable hat; and Ron Nelms was caught mid-stretch and was $5 happy just because.
We had two drawings this week! Newbie Sally Selby won a WPS table centerpiece, and Neil Walker – yes, the same Neil Walker who says he never wins anything – won the 50/50 for the SECOND WEEK IN A ROW!!
Registration for District closes October 7. There will be no registration at the event on October 12.
Remember that we are dark next week. Sleep in!