July 10, 2019
President's Message
Cheryl Scott
member photo
Here we go, friends!  We’re off and running into the 2019-2020 Rotary Year!  I will do my very best for you, for our community, and for Rotary world-wide…and with our club’s solid Leadership Team, I’m confident we will have a great year!
This year’s Rotary International Theme is “Rotary Connects the World.”  What’s at the heart of “connections”?  Friendship! My sincere hope for the coming year is that, through friendships and connections locally and beyond, BBRC will impact our world (and we’ll have fun doing it)!
If you were at our first meeting, you know that we’ve put together a Strategic Plan for the year and it’s built around the following mission:
“To grow stronger from the inside-out through the creation of meaningful connections and commitment among current members, attraction of enthusiastic and active new members, and by creating a renewed culture of “service above self.”
Areas of focus include:
1.  Member Retention--Retain 90% of current members
2.  Pride in Rotary--Inspire pride in being a Rotarian/Member of BBRC (we do important work!)
3.  New Members--Attract at least 10 members
4.  Service Project Participation--At least 50 members participating in at least one project
5.  Next Generations--Grow a new generation of Rotarians by fostering a service culture among local youth through
These goals will guide our efforts for the coming year.  If you have suggestions for additions to the plan, please let me or another board member know!
Let’s extend a warm BBRC welcome to Heath Niemeyer, our new member inducted at this week’s meeting.  What a great way to start the year!  On the other hand, Sister Judy is transferring to Twilight Rotary.  Sister Judy has been a much-loved member of BBRC for 16 years, but many of us know and understand that our morning meetings have been difficult for her to make.  We’ll miss her, but she’s still part of the Rotary Family!
I hope to see you all next week!
Hail to the New Chief
The Scott Family
Happy New Rotary Year, BBRCers!
What a wonderful show of support for new president, Cheryl Scott, as she took to the podium with songs of friendship playing in the background. Special visitors filled the room including the Scott family (Cheryl’s father, husband, and two sons), and the presidents from the five other Bakersfield Rotaries and our Assistant District Governor, our own Queen Jackie Maxwell (attending each other’s first meetings – that’s adorable!). Jerry Starr continued this theme during his invocation when he asked for blessings for the coming year with our new leadership. Denise Haynes lead us in singing what is probably the most appropriate song ever: “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.”
With those vocal cords warmed up, we sang “Happy Birthday” to Kathy Anderson (July 3), Leigh Ann Cook (July 3), and Tom Burke (July 9). Also, BIG congratulations to Craig and Carole Holland on 49 years of marriage (July 4).
Leigh Ann Cook, who is Chief of Staff for Kern County Supervisor Mick Gleason, reported on the damage caused by the recent earthquakes in Ridgecrest and Trona. Please keep the people in these communities in your prayers. A special service project may be forthcoming so stay tuned.
This year’s Rotary International theme is Rotary Connects the World. During each meeting, there will be a moment dedicated to member’s connection stories, big and small. Please consider sharing how connections through Rotary have enriched your life. Send a few lines to Cheryl when you can. To get the ball rolling, two such stories were presented. The first, Jerry Starr, talked about the MANY incredible people he has encountered as a charter member of BBRC. The second was newbie Mindy Wilmot who attended a meeting at Rotary Club of Dublin Central while on a recent trip to Ireland. Rotary does indeed Connect the World.
First meeting; first new inductee! Welcome to Heath Niemeyer, Director of Development at Cal State University, Bakersfield. During his remarks, Heath mentioned that one reason he chose BBRC is because “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” The Image Committee may borrow this slogan!
President Cheryl introduced her leadership team and laid out her plan for the coming year. Of course, it all began with her thanking our immediate past president, Ron Nelms. Bravo, Ron; what a great leader!!
This year, the club will concentrate on ‘Five Areas of Focus.” (1) Member Retention – retain 90% of current members; (2) New Members – 10 new members; (3) Proud to be Rotarians – instill pride; communication; image; (4) Service Above Self Culture – participation; what matters to you; (5) Next Generation – show appreciation; share the impact.
With the themes of connection and friendship that will be prevalent throughout the year (and certainly was in this first meeting), it seemed appropriate that we were introduced to the greatest buddies of all time, Woody and Buzz. And we can’t forget Jessie!  
Cheryl also gave us a teaser of the video testimonials recorded of members that will heighten awareness and instill pride in our organization. Bree Goodmon beautifully articulated how her participation in Rotary has allowed her to follow her passion with working with youth. “Plug in your passion,” advises Bree. More testimonials to come.
Other items of note:
  • If you have ideas for community service and/or club service, send those to Kathy Anderson and Michele McClure, respectively.
  • Please watch the website and The Beacon for upcoming events. The weekly duty roster is on the website now!
  • If you don’t already, follow our Facebook page. Be sure to tag, share, comment, etc.
  • We are now on Twitter (@BBRC1982) and LinkedIn. If we want to connect to the world, we have to, umm, connect to the world!
Meeting was concluded with Pat Thompson winning $79!
Thanks to Frank for allowing me to fill in this week.
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