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June 2, 2021
Thank you for making 1000 Flags a success and a very special gift to our community.
Wooldridge's Words
Coming off a very busy Thousand Flags Memorial weekend, Breakfast Rotarians were ready for Wednesday’s meeting. Yet, if President David Spalinger would have given us Wednesday morning off for some relief for those members who volunteered at “Flags” surviving the hottest weekend we have had recently, I think a lot of the membership would have been okay with that. No day off though on President Dave’s watch as our meeting started on time with all hands-on deck.
If there was a weekly designee for the role of providing our invocation, I think Athena Collup would be one of our perfect candidates. Athena spoke of honoring those war veterans returning home to keep them in our thoughts daily and understanding they “bought” freedom for us “so we would have enough”. Athena, who was followed with the song Grand Old Flag led by our grand spirited Past President Denise Haynes and Past President Neil Walker calling us all to join him in America’s Flag Salute, I am now completely ready for The 4th of July!
Our only visiting Rotarian was Rotary West’s Tom Engle. More on Tom later. Visiting us again was according to his host Pat Thompson, was William Gordon. Pat told us that he errored when William visited us last meeting by introducing William as “Willie”. Pat excused himself by stating that William is a family friend and that he has always addressed him casually as “Willie”. I have only known William as “Willie” myself Pat, so don’t feel bad. By the way Pat, if you like, you can call me Frankie anytime.
From the Publisher on why this is so late
Dear Club,
I regret the Bulletin is late this week. BUT I was distracted by the NBA playoffs.  I had the opportunity to attend the Lakers vs Phoenix game (very sad outcome) and game 7 of Clippers vs Mavericks (very happy outcome!) 
I am prepared to pay whatever fine our dear President sees fit. I hope he remembers that I have final editing on the Beacon and the photos.
Also, please keep an eye on the webpage.  A multitude of photos  from 1000 Flags taken by Dave Perkins, Bill Black and anyone else that sends me their photos will be appearing in a ClubRunner photo album.
Beacon Publisher,
Kay Pitts
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