President's Message
Dear BBRC Friends,
Last week, Past President Jerry Starr mentioned last that he’s so proud to be a member of Bakersfield Breakfast Rotary Club.  I share that sentiment, and I hope you do, too! 
Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t hide your light under a bushel”?  You may wonder, what light?  And what’s a bushel?   Well, the saying originally came from the Sermon on the Mount in the Bible where Jesus tells His followers not to hide their faith “under a bushel” (which, at that time, was a type of wooden bucket).  Today, the phrase is used to encourage people not to hide their talents and positive qualities (out of shyness or modesty).
Now is a very important time for Rotarians to avoid hiding our light under a bushel!  As we have learned from some of our speakers at BBRC meetings (and we also know from our own work at service projects), our community has many needs. I joke a lot, encouraging members to wear that Rotary pin and admonishing those that get caught without it, but the truth is that we should, indeed, share Jerry’s pride in Rotary.  And--more than that--it really is incumbent upon us to invite others to serve alongside us.
This week, a few of us from BBRC (led by new member Frank Tripicchio and Community Service Chair Kathy Berry) will be meeting with some of our previous meeting speakers (Louis Gill and Pastor Robin Robinson), to explore possible ways BBRC can take an active role in impacting Bakersfield’s homeless situation.  Addressing the challenges facing our local and global “neighbors” requires dedicated and caring “People of Action.” 
Do you know others that are looking for a chance to serve?  Someone who, like you, is a person of action?  A friend?  A client?  A colleague?  An acquaintance?  Don’t hide your Rotary light under a bushel!  Bring them to a meeting, and let’s be people of action--together!
What you Missed!
The meeting of February 12 got off before it even began. Dan Johnson playing a dreadnought Taylor guitar worked as smooth as a snake charmer to lure Past President Neil Walker to the front of the room where he took a position next to Dan as Dan played a rendition of Ode to Billie Joe. As a witness, I heard that Neil knew every word and harmonized quite nicely. I think Dan has found an alternate lead singer for Blond Faith. President Cheryl Scott had to call a cease on this Bandstand act so that she could get her meeting underway.
Our Past President Songstress Denise Haynes led us in a morning devotion from the heart and then to our Pledge of Allegiance
No visiting Rotarians, but we had Harry Bryant come to see us. We missed our friend, but he reassured us that he has been busy as a beaver lately. Did you know it is Harry’s birthday on Saturday, the 15th, the day after Valentine’s Day? Yes, and it seemed as if Harry was awfully glad that he will be able to combine some birthday and Valentine’s Day celebrating.
By the way, I did notice all the folks, especially ladies in the club wearing red. Yes, and all of you looked great! Yes, love is in the air! This serves as a nice lead into smooth Dave Perkins who is celebrating 18 years of love with his lovely wife Karen.
You would think that Mindy Wilmot has been a member of Breakfast Rotary for a long time. Serving in the capacity of Rotary Foundation treasurer, assisting with The Beacon in my absence, and being all arms and legs helping in various ways as well as volunteering in other areas, Mindy is only celebrating her 1st year as a member. Salute to you and great years to come partnering with you in achieving Breakfast Rotary goals. 
**Announcements Announcements**
Due to a slight technical difficulty, President Cheryl decided to change the program format to hold the featured speaker until the end of the meeting. This yielded the stage to President-Elect Dave Spalinger. Dave discussed what is known as P.E.T.S. Training. This specialized training at various locations is attended by those throughout the Rotary world preparing to assume president leadership roles, just like our Dave when President Cheryl’s reign is complete.
Dave spoke upon the objectives of the training, and discussions that arose in respect to what innovative efforts, projects, and achievements the varying clubs were making. Through these discussions Dave quickly attempted to contain his pride in Breakfast Rotary, as many of the objectives that attendees were considering to implement in their clubs, we have, or are currently engaged in.
Soon, Dave shared how our club has applied many of the District 5240 objectives for the betterment of our community. Dave expressed the BBRC pride he felt while at the training. He wants us all to share in the pride, privileges and opportunities we have in being a part of this wonderful club. An emotional, Charter Member, and Past President, Jerry Starr who was in attendance could not agree with Dave more!

Modest Jason Williamson, who has created so many incredible articles of Breakfast Rotary swag wearables for us over the years was given the podium to present a special vocational spotlight. Jason reports that business, PrintShack, specializes in the production of personal and business document printing, letterhead, business cards, fashionable logo hat, shirts, embroidering, and almost any imaginable need to help promote your business or event. PrintShack is located downtown at 2030 19th Street (661) 316-3443.
Tom Burke is making another call for volunteers to assist with KernYES which will be held at the Taft Fort Saturday, February 22nd. This is a great opportunity to visit the fort, which I am personally familiar with, while at the same time work with high school youth to impress upon them the character of Rotary and Rotary’s application to community service and professionalism. Get involved TODAY, and contact Tom. Reach Tom at ( 
My head is still spinning from Past Presidents Mike O’Doherty and Neil Walker’s attempted interpretation of what the “50ty -50ty…50ty-50ty” drawing is. Neither could explain what in the world this fundraiser for the Past President’s Fund is, but they assured us that if you attend Charter Night at the Bakersfield County Club February 29th your gonna be a big winner! See Queen Jackie Maxwell for your reservations. She would also like to know if you are unable to attend. Maybe Past President Queen Jackie can do a better job explaining this “50ty -50ty”…50ty-50ty” thing.
All Club lunch meeting March 5th at the Crystal Palace. Don’t miss this, gang. Hey this is a chance to meet other local Rotarians and share and learn the good things we are doing to serve others. And one of the nice things is that you can’t beat the price of the food. President Cheryl has posted the invitation, so please respond if you plan on attending so that she can collect an accurate count. Fun starts at 11:30am!
Kathy Berry is all grilled up about the upcoming Pancake Breakfast March 28th at the same ‘ol place, Dignity Health Community Center on the corner of East California and Baker Street. Arrive at 6am and pancakes start flippin’ at 7am.
At Dionysus Brewery, we will be holding a BBRC social evening Tuesday March 3rd. Those that did not get a chance to embrace the fine beverages provided by Sandra and Jon at the Super Bowl party, this will be a chance to sample some fine gourmet brews.
**Featured Presentation**
Our guests were Ricardo Perez and Shanteria Lee of Golden Empire Transit, commonly known as G.E.T. These fine young representatives shared with us all the wonderful inroads GET is currently making. They topped off their presentation by stating GET envisions their role in offering us public transportation as an “Investment in the Community, by connecting people to places”. So I sat back and learned GET services an area with over 500,000 Bakersfield residents, 20,000 of whom ride GET buses daily! I learned that their fares are as affordable as $3.55 for a day pass or $45 for a monthly unlimited pass. Oh yes, the fares are ½ price for seniors and the disabled.
A recent CSUB study found that the dollars riders save by taking GET public transportation buses are re-directed right back into our community. That is benefit to the GET rider as well as local vendors, just like Jason Williamson!
The more recent addition to the GET fleet are those drivers and vehicles dedicated to the RYDE program. Our own Deidre Brown told us about this new program which is competitive to LYFT and UBER. GET touts that you can be assured that each driver, including those assigned to the RYDE programs have all been security screened. Even though the RYDE program is a pilot, we were assured that it will expand. Yes, Past President Ron Nelms, there are plans to have a RYDE vehicle especially made for you, “wrapped” with your picture emblazoned on the side of the vehicle so we can see a lot more of you.
Needless to say, GET vehicles have demonstrated a major reduction in harmful emissions with fewer cars on the road. With the adoption of more natural fuel vehicles, we can expect an even greater reduction in harmful pollutants.
I believe in public transportation and look forward to GET getting us to be more reliant upon public transportation. It was not mentioned, but we can all see and have experienced an increase in the time it takes to get from one part of town to the other. Perhaps, GET is a solution to reducing the number of vehicles on the road, saving us time, money and improving air quality. Wow, that was such a good program by Ricardo and Shanteria. It would have been nice for their boss, Deidre to see them she would have been proud. I think Deidre got stuck in traffic this morning. 
**Happy Five’s and CMS**
Jerry Starr took a little trip recently to the Grand Canyon where he found a Cracker Barrel. I think that is pretty ingenious, but Jerry has an eye for a good meal, and a good deal. Jerry scored a “10” with the Prez by presenting her with a jar of Apple Butter and Muffin Mix from the restaurant. What a treat!
Dave Spalinger announced that his son who resides in Colorado Springs is getting married and the date is set just a few months away in 2020.
Greg Desme was happy to secure $200 winnings from a pool he participated in on Super Bowl Sunday recently. More importantly, Greg is celebrating the blessing of life 12 years following his catastrophic heart attack. It goes without saying, and I am sure Greg agrees, we are only given today…Make it count everyone!
Ron “Buford” Nelms was caught “red handed”. He bought a new truck and was trying to be sly about it by not revealing the purchase. I think he knew we were closing in on him, so he had to give it up. For Past Prez’s indiscretion, it cost him $40 bucks!
And the winner of the opportunity drawing goes to Connie Bensusen. This is good. I certainly hopes she applies those winnings towards a nice Valentine’s gift for herself!
Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers and Breakfast Rotarians everywhere. (Note from editor Kay - Frank submitted this for the Beacon on February 12, delivery to you was delay a "few" days.)
Frank Wooldridge   
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