President's Message
Dear BBRC Friends,
For many of us, the coming week will mark TWO MONTHS that we’ve been working from home and practicing our social distancing.  We’re getting pretty good at it (and pretty tired of it, too)!  Monday also marks two months since our last “in person” BBRC meeting, which was held on March 11.  (I, for one, am really hoping we can get back to the Petroleum Club for at least a few meetings before the Rotary Year ends.  Stay tuned!)
As our community begins the process of reopening, BBRC will dip our toes in being social again with a picnic in The Park at River Walk at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, May 14.  Not only will we have the chance to SEE our friends (from a safe distance…bring your own blanket, masks, and whatever PPE you feel appropriate!), but we can also support our friend and Program Chair Pete Leveroni’s wife Michelle by picking up dinner at the Subway next to the park.  We might have an extra special surprise for everyone, too, but shhhhhhh.  Mum’s the word, and my lips are sealed!  Oh, and the weather is supposed to be sublime!
Looking forward to (literally) seeing you all soon,
PS—Go out and share Rotary with a friend!
What you Missed
Do you know what the words say on President Cheryl Scott’s Breakfast Rotary meeting PowerPoint at the beginning of every meeting lately? I am guilty; I have glanced at the words, but never gave it a whole lot of thought...until after The Prez goes to change the slide. These days I do, and maybe we all should. In case you don’t remember what the PowerPoint slide says, it’s “You’ve Got A Friend in BBRC.” This Wednesday’s meeting has a whole lot to do with being a Friend, and in Rotary we reflect on that every day – being friends to each other and to those we support in our community. Service Above Self.
Our brother-in-arms, Dale Bender opened with his service-minded Invocation, followed by Darin Blunt’s lead of our Nation’s Flag Salute.
Cajun Connie Bensusen welcomed visiting Rotarians, and those who are Rotarians that we would just like to see more of (the likes of Mary Breckenridge and Teresa Waller).
That Sandra Parnell is havin’ a Rotary anniversary of 4 years. The Prez noted that she was Sandra’s sponsor, but that it was actually Sandra who approached her to inquire about helping with a BBRC service project. So let it be a lesson to y’all, if there is someone who you think that may be a good BBRC member, invite them, as you might be pleasantly surprised when they say, “Yes”. If you wait, they could join elsewhere.
Happy Birthday Temo Lopez who celebrates his birthday May 10. Unfortunately, we couldn’t SEE Temo because he was “combing his hair”! Baah, hair is overrated.
Our Songstress Denise Haynes, sure can pick ‘em. That’s songs that is, and this morning she selected the 1939’s favorite “Somewhere over the Rainbow,” sung by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz. What an appropriate song relating to the hope we have in the day and days to come. Sung effortlessly by Denise (she must have practiced a lot), the girl pulled it off…solo. Well done Past Prez.  
**Featured Program**
The morning’s program could not have come at a better time. Rotarian John Pryor, a member of West Rotary is certainly a servant above self and has been doing so for a very long time in Bakersfield. This publicly recognized former insurance broker, now risk manager has become well known as a regular contributor in the Bakersfield Californian’s Community Voices section, has contributed as a volunteer to a number of business and educational programs, such as at CSUB, and has served on a number of Boards of Directors for local non-profit organizations. John brings his skills and knowledge to Breakfast Rotary to educate us on the advantages of Disaster Planning and Business Continuity.
John prefaced his talk by summarizing Kern County’s history in experiencing natural disasters, namely earthquakes. He did not mention tsunamis, tornados or invasion of locusts, so I am feeling pretty good, but earthquakes are real, very real. John cited recent quakes of the last 30 years in Kern and even stumped us by asking when the largest quake occurred. No, it wasn’t another Breakfast Rotary social mixer, it was an earthquake that struck the Tejon area in 1857 measuring 7.9 on the Richter Scale. Was Richter born yet? At any rate, that is nothing to mess with. John claims we are due for another big one.
Unlike the damage associated with 1857 quake (very little), Bakersfield has grown dramatically which positions us for devastation to life and property. Having a contingency plan is the way to go, John states. Having a personal background in this type of planning, I sing praises to John for bringing this topic to us.
Prior to the morning’s meeting The Prez had sent to all Breakfast Rotarians a handout supplied by John that describes the types of considerations anyone in business should consider when keeping their employees and livelihood secure. So if you have not reviewed the handout you received, do it soon before the next tremor hits.
My favorite part of John’s presentation about disaster planning was his encouragement for us to practice emergency response in our own businesses. Each of our businesses is different and requires different protocols to ensure safety and resumption of business services. Remember, the fire drills in school? Remember being the one the teacher picked to run up to the fire marshal with the other kids to report all are accounted for?  Ok, it’s your turn to do that all over again! Be a leader in your office or home.
I know that some of you were equally concerned with John’s comments on Electro Magnetic Pulse, EMP. Basically, the lights and power have been shut off and you’re in the dark. But more so, every single thing you rely upon to operate your business is inaccessible. This is much bigger than your rib-eye steaks thawing out in your freezer. This can be a matter of life and death to many. John supports a political awakening on this topic on a local, state and national level. 
For more information, John is a great resource to consult with. John can be reached at (661) 588-1100 for more detail. Thanks a ton John…you rock! No pun intended.
**What’s Going On**
Ladies and Gentlemen, it is Youth Services Month! Foothill Interact President Grace Figueroa graced us with her presence, joining us on ZOOM this morning. A senior at Foothill, Grace told us she is anticipating her graduation, but is “bummed” that she will not be able to participate in the traditional Pomp and Circumstance. She plans to attending Fresno State, joining her sister who is a student there. Grace is looking forward to continuing her studies in Animal Science with the hope of becoming a veterinarian. With the remaining weeks of school, she misses her close friendships but is communicating and studying for her classes on-line. Congratulations Grace and thank you for your Interact leadership.
Where there are awards you will find Breakfast Rotary. Past President Kay Pitts is looking forward to helping our and others be Rotary All Stars.  You see, Kay is assuming her new role as District 5240 Awards Chair, starting in July. Award goals allow all clubs to model best practices in regard to the quantity and quality of the community services they render. We want as Rotarians to stay on target with our club goals and tasks.  . Stand-by for more info. By the way, if you’re curious how our club is doing this Rotary year, thank Stephanie Baker as she has been diligently compiling data that we need to qualify for achievement recognition as we approach the end of the 2019-20 Rotary Year.
The Prez reports that there is an All-Club COVID Mask Project underway. There is more to come on this project so please stay tuned. Prez also wants to encourage us to get active on our BBRC Facebook page. Posting and liking content on the page brings others to our page to see who we are and it is fun!
Michele McClure, the social director with the most-est, tells us that our next social mixer will be held at Riverwalk Park on Stockdale next to Subway Sandwich Shop. That Subway belongs to Pete Leveroni’s wife Michelle, and we are going to plan to order from the shop and picnic in the park next door. Now how convenient is that!  The date is May 14th at 5:30pm. You can order online or call the shop at (661) 858-0271. Bring your own lawn chair and beverages.
**Coffer Management System**
Denise Haynes is happy to contribute to the Prez’s CMS this week. Denise is $20 happy that her other passion, besides Scott, is her association with the local chapter of the National Jet Boat Association. She said due to COVID some of the boat race events were cancelled. She is excited that there are now two events, June 13 and 14th and September 9 and 10th. Both events are at Lake Ming. Oh Michelle, I smell the scent of a Rotary Social at the lake…
Hey! Do something Rotarian for someone today!
By: Frank Wooldridge
Get Your Handcrafted Flag On!
Past President Neil Walker is staying sane and exercising his creativity during thistime of COVID-19 by handcrafting wooden flag lawn ornaments. I was able to persuade him to send us pictures of his current selection. Neil reported that the flag widths are 24, 27 or 48". Standard flag prices are $125, $145, $165 respectively. Custom flags with additional design/carving adds approximately $20. 
Can you figure out which flag goes with which designation?  We have: Blue Stripe, Iwo Jima, Sheriff, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U. S. Navy, USMC, Fire & Law (two flags on one picture), and U.S. Small & Large (two flags on one picture.) Also, ask him about his Rotary Flag. 
You can contact Neil at
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