President's Message
Dear BBRC Friends,
It’s an exciting week ahead, as the Past Presidents bring to life all their plans for Charter Night, coming up on Saturday at Bakersfield Country Club, starting at 6:00 p.m.  BBRC holds Charter Night each year as a celebration of the “chartering” of our club back in 1982. 
At Charter Night, we’ll honor this year’s Paul Harris Fellows, we’ll hear from President-Elect Dave Spalinger as he shares his vision for the next Rotary year (don’t get TOO excited, it doesn’t start until July!), and of course I will have the privilege of announcing the 2020 BBRC Rotarian of the Year!
More than 100 BBRC members and guests will be at the event and I’m sure it’s going to be a great time!  
Even with all this excitement ahead, we WILL still meet on Wednesday.  Our speaker, Dave Teasdale from the Kern Community College District, will talk about workforce development programs designed to meet local employers’ hiring needs.  Might be a good time to bring a guest to a meeting.  (wink-wink)
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What You Missed at the Meeting
Whether it is the song, America, or My Country ‘Tis of Thee, Past President and Songstress Denise Haynes has us covered. Denise and the rest of the membership of Breakfast Rotary were under tight scrutiny as Carol Smith, accomplished singer and visiting Rotarian from Twilight Rotary and former member of BBRC, came to visit and sing with us. Carol brought with her Chuck Canada who is a member of Niles Fremont Rotary Club.
Missing in Action, MIA from the morning’s meeting, Teresa Waller is celebrating her birthday, so Happy Birthday sister Rotarian!
**Featured Program**
Habitat for Humanity has been a beneficiary of our club for many years. In so many ways, the efforts of Breakfast Rotarians, come and gone, have been steady over the years. Recipients of roof after roof, home after home, families across Kern County have gained the privilege of home ownership with the help of Breakfast Rotarians. Executive Director Cassie Fernandez was our guest and featured speaker. Cassie sings praises of the good works of Habitat, with much work still ahead.
What came out of Cassie’s presentation loud and clear was that there is a home availability crisis. She said much of that is due to home affordability. What really got my attention was when Cassie shared that careers typically associated with home ownership, i.e. entry level teachers and police officers cannot financially qualify for loans to buy in many areas of the state. Cassie reports to us that home ownership in California is at its lowest level since 1940.
A big part of scheduling the wonderful speakers, thanks to Pete Leveroni, is that we learn so much, and there is a new place for those of us in Rotary to act. Reality sets in when we learn that it takes 1/3 of a household income to afford a home. That translates into wage earners needing a minimum of earning three times the minimum wage to even begin a conversation about home ownership. Cassie said the news for those who are not yet in a position for homeownership is bleak as well. She said the availability of affordable low-income rental housing has shrunk by 85%. In essence, a wage earner is expected to earn $60K to afford a $1,000 per month apartment.
What’s Habitat doing about this? Well, after listening to Cassie’s enthusiastic passion towards combating the housing challenge, it seems that there is optimism ahead. She says Habitat provides a number of services such as job training, Veterans programs, construction of disabled person handicap ramps, and the retail outlet called Re-Store. Through these programs, Habitat is fielding a well calculated strategy towards bringing the reality of home occupancy possible.
One of the noteworthy strategies is The Re-Store located at 5101 White Lane. Selling household and clothing merchandise to the public, the store helps create funding to support the program’s job training program among other auxiliary programs of Habitat.
Cassie wants to make us aware, especially those that are not roofer types, that Habitat requests donations, opens their doors of the Re-Store to shoppers, and even needs volunteers. Cassie reminds us that Habitat, a Christian-based program is currently seeking skilled and unskilled workers to participate in the construction of their latest project at 231 Rodman Street in Bakersfield. 
I am certain we will be hearing more about their Rodman project from Cassie who can be reached at (661) 861-8449. Thank You for joining us Cassie…You Rock!
On a side note we recently had a program from Louis Gill of the Bakersfield Homeless Shelter, and with Cassie’s presentation it is important to note that there is certainly an overlay of duties and needs for both organizations. Frank Tripcchio has been taking notes of these needs and has initiated what we used to call in Police Work as a “Task Force” to address these organization’s needs. Wanna know more? Get hold of Frank to see what’s in the works!
**Announcements Announcements**
  • Breakfast Rotary Charter Night February 29th at Bakersfield Country Club, see Queen Jackie ASAP for RSVP, PDQ, OK!
  • Breakfast Rotary Club Social at Dionysus Brewing 6pm March 3rd.
  • Citywide Rotary All-Club Luncheon March 5th at Buck Owens Crystal Palace 11:30am RSVP with President Cheryl Scott.
  • Thousand Flags sponsors needed PLEASE. See Karen Bonanno time is running short and it will soon be Memorial Day Weekend. Please remember all fundraising from Flags is directed toward local Veterans, Active Military and First Responder programs.
---------------------------------------------DARK MARCH 4th,   --------------------------------------------
**Coffer Management System**
Thanks Deidre Brown for your contribution of $10 for missing a great meeting last week from this group called Golden Empire Transit. Ever hear of them…really good stuff! FINE
Hey Past President Neil Walker, did you know that police officers typically write more speeding tickets to people who drive RED vehicles (Ford Trucks) than any other color vehicle? You did not ask me before you bought your red truck. Well the signal lights may have been on your side so far Neil, but kissin’ up to Alan Tandy through the local newspaper and your compliments to city staff’s coordination of traffic signals and graffiti removal won’t help you as you speed through town. Nope, Alan Tandy with all of his traffic influences is retired. Neil, sign on the dotted…FINE!
Prayers go out to Denise’s husband Scott as he undergoes surgery March 10th. Hey Denise we are there for you. Why is Denise part of the CMS? ‘Cause she went off bragging about her gratitude to Pat Thompson for arranging vacations with friends in Grover Beach. This is no way to get invited to Pat Thompson’s son’s bachelor party. DOUBLE FINE to you Denise and Pat!
And the winner of the opportunity drawing is our own Bakersfield College Cheerleader Mary Jo Pasek. Congrats MJ!
Be Proud of your Breakfast Rotary membership. Tell a friend today!
Writer: Frank Wooldridge 2/19/20
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