Mindy and Sandra racking in the coins for Salvation Army
Karen and Jackie demonstrating the proper bell ringing technique
Greg and Sally gathering contributions using their charm
President's Message
Hello BBRC Friends!
Wow, have we hit the ground running, with Holiday activities galore! 
Many thanks to the cheery bell-ringers that spent time greeting (and collecting donations) from Hobby Lobby shoppers.  What a fun tradition, helping the Salvation Army do good in the community!
And OH MY GOODNESS!  What a FUN party we had at David and Melody Spalinger’s home, celebrating friendship, singing carols, and taking in the beautiful tables decorated by some of our most creative BBRCers!  Congrats, Cajun Connie, for taking home the win (and the BIG bottle of Caymus)!  Everyone’s table was spectacular!  Great job, Kay Pitts, Mindy Wilmot, Alison Hickman, Chelsea Ashcraft, and Denise Haynes (and you, too, Melody Spalinger)!
Finally, next Wednesday morning we’ll hold a couple of drawings:  one for people who participated EVERY DAY of the 30 Day Challenge, and another drawing for those who participated MOST DAYS of the Challenge.  Be sure to let me know asap if I should add your name into the drawing!
See you on Wednesday…and in the meantime, share Rotary with a friend!
Woolridge's Words
I have always thought of Thanksgiving as one of those many special things, and one of those things is that Thanksgiving serves as a “warm up” for the rest of the Holiday Season. There is no better time to express oneself as being a Thankful-Giver. In Rotary we do that constantly, and as seen by the number of projects our Breakfast Rotary club does this time of the year.  I am very proud of all we do. More importantly proud of you, being a member of this club, and witnessing the impact of your unselfish efforts upon our community. So, it’s good to be back at the Petroleum Club for our meeting following the Thanksgiving Break and anxious to finish 2019 with a strong and healthy momentum.
Marianna Buoni provided us with inspiration as she pronounced the morning invocation, Past President Denise Haynes got the Peanut Gallery, which included Past President Jerry Starr and Dr. Joe “Gums” Nunez, in a harmonious rendition of the song, Jingle Bells.
Guests…guests…we have guests! They included David Lari’s wife Marti and Past President Mike O’Doherty’s new friend Felix Obadon, who he wrestled in from Starbucks. Mike hints that we will see more of his new friend Felix at future meetings. Let’s hope so!
Happy Birthday Michele McClure even though you are too busy to attend our meeting this morning. Instead you are living it up, celebrating in Nashville. Well can’t argue with ya, enjoy and tell Vince Gill hello for us! 
Club anniversaries include David Lari, Pete Leveroni and the absent Neil Walker. Did you know that these guys joined Rotary at the same time? Well I didn’t. 24 Rotary membership years for all.  David, glad to have you back in our club after a brief hiatus.
This was the part of the meeting where President Cheryl Scott started talking about her fondness of coffee mugs and leopard skin. I was distracted by this momentarily and took notice that Pres. Cheryl and a couple others…Mindy Wilmot…were awfully giggly this morning. I dunno, maybe they just like rainy days?
Our Featured Program
Mr. Pete then announced our program, as he does each week with debonair and grace. Beth Pandol of the Water Association of Kern County educated us with Water 101. Yes, Beth spends much of her time as executive director sharing information and promoting the smart use of our most natural resource. Water is a “take it for granted” resource, but since my law office emphasizes water law as one of our areas of expertise, the attitude we have about water is going to change. And it is going to change FAST!
Beth graphically shared with us the quantity of water delivered to consumers like you and I, and to commercial users, like farmers. She told us about where the water comes from, where it is going and where it is not. We learned, and I am confident many of you knew that the Endangered Species Act sets guidelines as to what, when and how water is allocated.   
I think one of my favorite parts of Beth’s presentation was when she showed us a map of California and how the water in the northern part of the State is stored then used in the southern part. Beth said “It is like a bald man with a beard…Good production, just in the wrong place”. Now, I will never, never grow a beard, I will keep the bald all over!
What’s to come next year with ground water sustainability aka SGMA, is anyone’s guess, but I can assure you that you would be advised to become keener on how this is going to affect you, regardless of whether or not you are in farming. Just be grateful that when you come to Breakfast Rotary meetings you are going to come away much more educated, informed and prepared to at least know what is happening in our community. Who knows, perhaps what you learn will benefit yourself and others. Come to Breakfast Rotary and invite a friend.
Thanks Beth Pandol for your dedication to education and water advocacy. To contact Beth, she can be reached at 661 746-3300, or
Announcements! Announcements!
Being a Past President of Breakfast Rotary is hard work, just ask Ron Nelms who we are welcoming back from hernia surgery. Ya hear that President Elect Dave Spalinger and Jeff Haynes? Past President Kay Pitts was even kind enough to help Ron by getting his coffee for him. I wonder if Ron takes cream and sugar?  Dedicated Rotarian Marilee Reagor had her own brush with the knife, as she was out after undergoing knee surgery. We look forward to her speedy recovery.
President Cheryl wants to acknowledge those in the club who were all “hands and elbows” packaging boxes for families for our annual Thanksgiving Basket Give-away. 35 families received a special dinner courtesy of all who planned, bought, contributed and packed. Teamwork and Service Above Self!
We are reminded that the club survey has been completed and the results have been sent to the membership. Thank you all for taking the time to participate. It helps our leadership to bring the very best to our membership and furthermore…they listen!

Kathy (Andersen) Berry would like to thank all that participated in Thursday’s Salvation Army Bell Ringing in front of Hobby Lobby. Good Rotarians turning the Rotary wheel by actively doing! Way to represent Rotary and have fun at the same time.
Speaking of Rotary wheels being active, Mindy Wilmot shared her research of the origins of our Rotary logo. I would have to thank her and admit that I had no idea of the intricacies of the design meaning. Mindy tells us that the design origins were developed in 1905 by Montague Bear to represent Civilization and Work. Mindy said the teeth of the wheel symbolizes work to be done, the spokes are the path of Rotarians, and the keyhole at the center represents the wheel (we Rotarians), working (turning the wheel). The keyhole is necessary because what’s the use of a wheel if it is not active and working. We as Breakfast Rotarians are the KEY to the action in making the wheel move. So let’s represent what Montague Bear had in mind in being active working Rotarians. Personally, I think we are doing a good job. Join in the fun and invite a guest. 
I was mesmerized and inspired by this Trivia Intelligence Report, then Pres. Cheryl lowered the boom on those that came to the meeting without their Rotary Pin. FINE and new pin for the lucky winners!
Saturday, December 14th Christmas Shopping with children at East Hills Target is quickly approaching. Sign up ASAP. We will have volunteers from Interact on hand to assist all of you Rotary elves in making a child’s Christmas a bit more festive. Join in the fun and sign up today with Kathy Berry! Please arrive at the store at 6:45am to prepare for shopping and instructions. The event should last no longer than an hour or so.
Also for those who would like to participate in the Wreaths Across America at the National Veteran’s Cemetery at SR 58 at SR 223, the morning of Saturday, December 14th will be the date to be in attendance at the ceremony. Dress warm and enjoy!
Coffer Management System
Greg Desme has been making a name for himself lately when it comes to his LOVE for our Coffer Management System. Yes, Greg has much to be proud about these days as son Grant’s wife is pregnant with their daughter. Trouble is that poor Greg has to travel back and forth to Kansas to get these updates for us. Good news is that our Coffer System should be well stocked thanks to Greg…he has two other grown children!
Tom Burke is letting us know that KernYES will make its next appearance February 22nd. Tom would like us to be aware of the quickly approaching event and solicits our interest in volunteering. Tom would also like us to share in his AGGIE PRIDE, as his son participates on the UC Davis Water Polo team which won their division and will be moving on to National playoffs.
With cautious anticipation Past President Denise Haynes let the cat out of the bag. And a most precious bag it is. Denise reported that at the Haynes-Patterson Thanksgiving table with family in attendance her daughter made a “most revealing” disclosure. Her daughter, while raising her over-shirt, revealed a t-shirt underneath which bore the words, “I am Stuffed”. Yes, a new little baby, and a whole lot of babysitting tasks. Denise will likely have to budget her time as she figures out how to babysit all four of her grandchildren. Hey, if nothing else these babes will keep Denise in prime shape for her next running event! Congratulations!
Stephanie Baker is not a darn bit shy about her joy in being cancer free for 23 years. So joyful she is $115 happy. Blessings to you Stephanie. 
Our Rockin’ Dan Johnson breaks out $20 to express his pride in appearing in an upcoming Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp documentary that will air next year. He also has his guitar tuned for a fundraiser for the Jameson Children’s Center to be held at the Buck Owens Crystal Palace Wednesday evening December 11th.  All are invited!
John Guerard added $20 more greenbacks to the Coffer as he touted that he traveled during the Thanksgiving Holidays to Tennessee to visit his son and his son’s wife…who is pregnant. John, you got to stop hanging out with Greg Desme, NOW!
Mary Jo Pasek would like all of us to know that her employer, Bakersfield College, will have a dedication on campus for the new Vernon Valenzuela Veterans Resource Center. The center was constructed with Measure J funds. My son Addy after spending 6 years in the Navy, came home to attend BC. He found the Veterans Center at that time very inadequate. He has since gone on to Boise State from which he will graduate next week with a degree in human biology. Addy would have welcomed BC’s attention to Veterans that we see now with the Center. Awesome use of funds for a project that will be used for years to come.
Speaking of BC, Craig Holland is awfully proud of his wife as she concludes a lengthy career as an employee of Bakersfield College. That’s really great Craig, I always knew you liked to date BC cheerleaders!
Drum Roll Da Da Da Da and the winner of the morning’s drawing is none other than Tom Burke! Way to go Tom, along with the eminent retirement of Craig’s BC cheerleading wife (and her salary), you can re-direct those winnings into the BC budget to add a bit more Bling to our Panorama Drive campus.
Celebrate Rotary during the Holidays,
Frank Wooldridge
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