President's Message
Dear BBRC Friends,
I sure enjoyed being “back in the saddle” after a week away from the podium!  Thank you, Queen Jackie, for leading the meeting while I spent some quality time on a road trip with my daddy!
We have an important meeting coming up next week, and I hope you all will be sure to attend.  Our guest speaker will be Louis Gill from the Bakersfield Homeless Center and his topic is one that affects each of us in some way.  I will be sure Louis has plenty of time for his presentation, and that we all have time for conversation and Q & A.
Michael Turnipseed is still in need a couple of folks to help with the March 10th Business Leadership & Ethics Conference at Hodel’s. This program is in its 33rd year (!) and is a collaboration between the Kern High School District and local Rotary clubs.  Let Mike know if you can help!
Thank you, Kay Pitts, for bringing a potential new member to the last couple of meetings!  Since the beginning of this Rotary year, back in July, we’ve brought in SEVEN new members (active members, I might add!).  Who do you know that would enjoy BBRC and our “service above self” attitude?  Do you have a colleague, customer, vendor, or friend that is looking for a way to be active in our community?  Bring them to a meeting!  Remember, a guest’s first two meetings are compliments of the club!  Think about it, then…
Share Rotary with a friend!
Wooldridge's Words
A reading from President Cheryl Scott ensured us that our very own Ken Quarnburg, following surgery this week, is just as witty, feisty, and downright funny, even following a “little” medical episode. Whew, Ken means a lot to us (just as every single member in this Breakfast Rotary club does). Prayers have been answered and, with that, Ken we wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to your return so we can share in many more years of adding to our funny bones thanks to your clever humor and friendship.
There were no visiting Rotarians, and I think that is good because Past President Denise Haynes had a lot to blow her horn about…really! Denise had us join her for a rendition of the song “Dinah Blow Your Horn”. So after Denise blew her horn, Past President Kay Pitts introduced her guest Vickie Guinn who is manager at  the Riverwalk AltaOne Credit Union. This is Vickie’s second visit with us, and you know what that means…and if you are thinking what I am thinking, well that’s positive thinking! Sounds like Vickie likes us and I think that is Good News for “all concerned”.
How can we get through a meeting without mentioning Past President Jackie “Queen” Maxwell? We can’t! Jackie was recognized for her 23 year membership in our club. Wow, she has not only represented our club well, she has served our community outstandingly. Jackie is known as a spirited leader whose guidance has resulted in too many marvelous Rotary outcomes to mention. Currently, Jackie is serving District 5240 in the capacity of Assistant Governor. Thank You Jackie for all you do, we could not thank you enough.
“Pistol” Pete Leveroni introduced our morning program on The Public Safety Professionals Retreat, PSPR for short. Program representatives, Sunny Mueller and Rollin Stroud, both highly acclaimed and skilled crisis management advisors that provide coping skills to first responders experiencing the stress and emotional fallout that comes with their professions. Sunny and Rollin serve as more than career savers, they are life-savers.
Sunny and Rollin are the “boots on the ground” who provide guidance to selected first responders such as police, fireman, and dispatchers, who have been chosen to attend the 6-day retreat program. Oftentimes, those selected to take part in the retreat are those that have experienced emotionally traumatic experiences on the job.  These experiences may have manifested themselves into complex dysfunctional social and emotional behaviors that compromise their professional and personal lives of first responders.
Following the 6-day program that is offered twice a year at an undisclosed mountain ranch in Kern County, participating first responders receive a follow-up in which Sunny and Rollin’s team meet with them, and even their family, to ensure that the coping skills “stick” and are applied. The PSPR team’s goal is to minimize the likelihood that job stressors (common in the vocation) are managed by the first responder in a manner that enables them to not only become more productive in the workplace, but that also promotes healthy lifestyles.
PSPR is funded by private donors (including local Rotary Clubs), and the staff volunteer their time. The program is seeking donations, as it is recognized as a non-profit, plus they need volunteers who could either join the pastoral, counseling or advocate team. Seeking opportunity?  PSPR is one place where your special skills could be utilized for the safe-guarding of those that serve us. For details, contact Sunny or Rollin through the website or visit their Facebook page. Thanks to Sunny and Rollin for visiting with us!
**Announcements Announcements**
Past President Neil Walker was not present, and why should he be? Neil was seen by insiders posing for the paparazzi recently with East Rotary President Quon Louey. That’s nice, but for Neil to make such a “big deal” of participating in last month’s Rotary PIN wearing campaign, he was seen in the picture not wearing his PIN. Yet, Quon sure was. Go figure? Oh well, wait until he gets back!
Let me tell ya, Michele McClure and Denise Haynes sure were proud talkin’ about the Dictionary Program for the children of Fremont Elementary School. Big Mike O’Doherty was there too slinging books to participating 3rd graders, a great donation from our club.  Karen Bonanno and Greg Desme were there again this year, too. I did not know this, but our Rotarians that participate our Dictionary distribution also teach the students how to use their new dictionaries.  Together, We Empower!  That’s one of Rotary’s slogans, and with this program, we empower these students to build their own vocabulary!
Is the program worth it? One little boy told one of our Rotarians that he was “sooo excited” to receive his dictionary because his brother had been given one by Breakfast clubbers a couple years past. This confirmed to me the value of the donation.
Astute Mike Turnipseed tells us that he is seeking Breakfast Rotarians to volunteer to serve as mentors for this year’s Kern High School Ethics and Leadership Conference March 10th at Hodel’s 7:30a to 1pm. Mike’s influence even got a couple of brand new Rotarians to sign up. It’s a great program which I have participated in years past. To volunteer, call Mike ASAP.  
Sandra Parnell is truly “above and beyond,” so much so that she is requesting the membership to be on the lookout for your nominations for those “Above and Beyond” nominees in business that exemplify excellence, professionalism and service through their businesses. Those nominees must be people that demonstrate those character traits and who are not already a member of a Rotary Club.
Sandra needs these nominations ASAP as all entries must be in by February 12th.
Remember all, our Charter Night is February 29th and Queen Jackie needs to know if you plan to attend - or not. She will be checking so please do her a favor and reach out to her to confirm your attendance or regrets! Please make plans to attend. This annual event is to recognize and honor those that have exemplified “Service Above Self” in the past year. The special evening, which commemorates the birth of our club and of Rotary International, will held at the Bakersfield Country Club this year.
** Vocational Month**
Mike “O’D” took his turn at the podium, “which is so odd for him”. Mike was our selected speaker for our vocational moment. Mike has taken his highly touted organizational skills to the next level at Kern Bridges. Don’t ever use the word “retire” around this man. Using a 40 hour per week battle plan, Mike is helping this fine organization provide stability to approximately 200 boys who are in need of sheltering and mentorship, so that they have at least a fighting chance to succeed on the next level as an adult.
These boys are virtually on their own as they reach the age of 18 years old. If I know Mike like you know Mike, not only is he fortifying these children’s chances for success at this point in their lives, he likely is preparing either work or school opportunities for the boys when they can no longer reside at the Kern Bridges when they turn 18 years old.
Mike tells us that Kern Bridges is holding a Houchin Blood Drive February 11th between 1:30 pm and 8pm at 1321 Stine Road. Bet Mike will be there, how about you, too!
**Coffer Management System**
Athena Collup has either been eating her Wheaties, or she is simply elated she is no longer presiding over the Bakersfield Board of Realtors as their President. Athena has been liberated and she is in fact elated! She is ready to get back to selling and buying houses for you and yours. And she is also ready for a FINE for that little advertisement!
Aww, little Chelsea Ashcraft and her beau Tommy take nice pictures all over social media without a Rotary PIN.  Geez they get to travel and have so much fun. So much that President Cheryl took notice. That’s sweet too, so is the FINE…that will be $30 please.
Speaking of pictures, my guitar mentor, Dan Johnson and wife Char were seen getting’ their “Booty” on, preparing for the upcoming Pirate “Booty” 5K run. I’m awfully proud of Dan’s preparation displayed on social media (without a Rotary PIN), and the Prez is proud, too…FINE.
My own publisher/editor Past President Kay Pitts was even given honorable mention for traversing the SF Golden Gate Bridge recently. NO FINE here folks! Why you ask…’cause it is my opinion Kay is actually prepping for what I believe is a victory lap when the 49ers win the Super Bowl for “The City”. Sorry Prez, no FINE here!
The gifts keep coming, as do the FINES, step right up Mindy Wilmot all the way from the Dominican Republic where she cohabitated with Spider Monkeys. Mindy came home with a bottle of “grandpa’s cough medicine”. Little Mindy gifted the Prez a bottle of this liquor named “Mama Wanna”. Yeah, you heard it here. I hope the Prez brings her gift to the Super Bowl Party so we can all get a little. $40 FINE for not sharing with all of us!
Lastly, new member Frank Tripicchio cleverly got on the Prez’s good side by bringing a box loaded with organically-grown lemons from his own backyard. In exchange for $$ contributions to the program speakers today by members, folks received a bag of lemons. Definitely, thoughtful. Definitely, Service Above Self.
Greg Desme is LOADED! No, not from the “Mama Wanna”, but from the $80 bucks he won in the drawing. Well Greg, let’s see who will win in our Super Bowl Pool Sunday…
Peace through Rotary.
Frank Wooldridge
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