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September 15, 2021
Bakersfield Fall Overhaul - Saturday!
Wooldridge's Words Sept 15, 2021
Bakersfield Breakfast Rotary Club has some of the most enthusiastic, energized community service-oriented members you will find. This was evidenced by yet another fabulous community project that involved the Bakersfield Fire and Police Departments as well as numerous other local organizations to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of September 11, 2001. Marked by colorful American Flags that we use during our annual Thousand Flags Memorial Day celebrations, “our flags” were borrowed by the fire department to adorn the streets in front of the fire and police departments on Buena Vista Road last weekend. More photos can be seen in this Photo Album.
Many faithful Breakfast Rotarians, made the effort to assist in erecting our flags which made for a perfect tribute held outside of the fire and police departments Saturday for those Americans that were lost to the dreadful events twenty years ago. President Jeff Haynes shared with us a brief video to start our meeting that featured our good Rotarians’ contributions towards a very emotional and personal project towards remembering fallen first responders and citizens that perished in the wake of the 911 attack.
Most fitting was our morning invocation delivered through Zoom by Will Duerksen who was visiting family in Idaho. Past president Denise Haynes led us in America’s Flag Salute and BBRC choral director Carol Smith had us sing one of her favorites, “Is it the truth” (the Four Way Test song.)
No visiting Rotarians, but we had a sampling of guests including Rebecca Robison who is the newly appointed Director at Habitat for Humanity. Rebecca was a guest of Michele McClure. Our Sergeant of Arms, Jacque Alexander invited Marty Cheatham a realtor with KW and Associates. I too invited a guest, former NBA basketball player with the Oklahoma City Thunder Devin Hardin who is employed in the insurance business at INSURICA. Welcome one and all! 
Grow Rotary through Each One, Bring One
Rotary’s Action Plan is the bridge between what we are today and what we want and need to be. It is our plan for fulfilling our vision of a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change. Our members, as people of action, are the key to achieving any of the plan’s four priorities. So adding members allows us to achieve more. RI President Shekhar Mehta is deeply committed to growing and sustaining Rotary membership. As one of his presidential initiatives, Mehta is asking clubs and districts to:
  1. Get a commitment from each active Rotaractor or Rotarian to sponsor one new member by 30 June 2022. The Each One, Bring One initiative will help us stay relevant, attract new members, and engage and retain current members and participants.
  2. Use public events to remind the public that Rotary and Rotaract clubs serve others and create positive change. Members can bring guests to events like Rotary Days of Service or this year’s presidential conferences, where they’ll experience the life-changing impact of Rotary.
  3. Form an effective membership committee to focus on growth, engagement, and making Rotary accessible to more people. The committee should have processes for finding prospective members, introducing them to current members, inviting them to join, and then offering a clear and useful orientation, fun activities, and Rotary opportunities beyond the club.
  4. Diversify Rotary by supporting Rotary’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. By connecting with prospective members and participants from all backgrounds and inviting them to experience Rotary, we’ll gather an abundance of perspectives, skills, and solutions.
Recognize those who attract new and diverse members and engage and retain those who join. Visit the Membership Society for New Member Sponsors and celebrate your fellow members who have committed to expanding our reach.
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