President's Message
Hello, BBRC Friends!
It’s a big week ahead for BBRC, with Tuesday’s Covey Cottages groundbreaking, Wednesday morning’s meeting at Golden Valley with our Interact students, then Wednesday evening’s Fireside Chat/Club Social at Pat Thompson’s house (catered by Mauricio’s)!  Buckle up, space rangers!
Congrats, Mindy, for winning the “Wear Your Pin” drawing this week! 
Based on early indications, our newest pin effort, the 30-Day Challenge, is taking off!  (That’s Image Committee Member Mindy’s brain child.)  Did anyone (or your children or grandchildren) participate in Flat Stanley activities in school?  Students were encouraged to get pictures of their “Flat Stanley” in all kinds of unique places.  I wonder where our Rotary SWAG will show up over the next 30 days!  (I have some fun ideas in mind, how about you?)
A quick review of our club’s Goals & Objectives for the year reminds me that it’s time for me to send out a survey to club members so our board can hear from YOU and evaluate our Rotary Year so far…and make changes as needed!  We’re not quite at the mid-way point yet, but I think of it as “mid-terms” for the school year.  When you receive your Survey Monkey email, please do fill it out.  Your opinion truly matters!
Finally, as we enter Veterans Day week, I would like to thank all the BBRC members that have served (and in Jerald Wyatt’s case, who continue to serve) our country.  We are the “land of the free” because YOU were brave.  Thank you.  Sandra Parnell is donating a beautiful beer barrel bench to be raffled off to one lucky winner…proceeds will go toward Covey Cottages (tiny homes for homeless vets)!  If you didn’t get your tickets this week, stop by Dionysus Brewing this weekend! 
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The official weekly publication of The Rotary Club of Bakersfield Breakfast
Firstly, I want to thank Mindy Wilmot for filling in for me last week in my absence. Mindy is a true Rotarian and has a “Can Do” attitude; she is the epitome of what we in Rotary strive for in Service Above Self! Thank you Mindy so much. Now, on to this morning’s activities!
As Breakfast Rotarians, we know that the chance to win, and win big always starts when you get off the elevator and see the bright smiling faces of the morning’s greeters. That’s normally OK, but when I saw that it was “Dandy” Dave Perkins and new Blue Badger, Sally Selby, I knew that everyone who came to Wednesday’s meeting was a goner in that they were going to have to contribute and purchase opportunity drawing tickets. Yes, they look innocent enough on the outside, but these two are known to be great at sales pitches. So, I as well as many in attendance contributed at least $5 in good Breakfast Rotary form.
As President Cheryl Scott “took role” Mike Turnipseed, who was assigned to introduce visitors, announced “he” was the only Visiting Rotarian to this morning’s meeting. Funny Funny! Guests included Sandra Parnell’s husband, JonJoanne Bender, Dale’s better half was also in attendance. They are celebrating their 42nd wedding anniversary. It’s good to have Mike Turnipseed in the house as he announced that he and his wife Nancy are celebrating their 41st anniversary. Congrats to all!  
The Program - Ken Hooper, Kern County Historical Society
We welcomed Mr. Ken Hooper, member of Kern County Historical Society, the Veteran’s Memorial Foundation, a U.S. History teacher, and Bakersfield High School Archives Director to our meeting. Mr. Hooper came well prepared this morning. Rotarians were given a small sample of Mr. Hooper’s knowledge of the very beginnings of what was once called “Baker’s Field”.
From the very origins of our community (when it was named Kern Island) to a valley river flood  (It reached a depth of 1000’ in 1868 at Kernville), to stories of his high school students linking veterans from World War II that were killed in action to their origins to Kern County, Ken had a story. For those that like visuals (like me) Mr. Hooper brought historical photos of nearly recognizable Bakersfield locations.
A bit eerie, I suppose, but there was not a Rotarian in the room that wanted Mr. Hooper to stop telling stories, and showing the photos, no offense to President Cheryl and her meeting schedule. The work he has done since 2001 with the Archiving Program at BHS has national acclaim, and it is easy to see why. Personally, I think the tireless work Mr. Hooper and his students have done piecing together our Bakersfield history is appreciated by those that call Bakersfield their home.
A historian, a teacher, a mystery solver, perhaps a cold case expert, I think Mr. Hooper and his students have done it all. If you ask me, with all the detailed knowledge and accuracy of describing buildings, roads (the 99 highway formerly ran east down 18th Street to Union Avenue???), and the people - you would think Mr. Hooper really could have been a time traveler, or is he…?
Thank you Ken for keeping us connected with our past and sharing a most amazing lesson in our history of Bakersville, or I mean Bakersfield!
Announcements Announcements
As many of you know, President Cheryl has held a pretty cool competition where Breakfast Rotarians were asked to wear their Rotary Pin and display a picture of themselves on social media. The response to this unofficial contest was fun as many participated. We Breakfast Rotarians love competition and PRIZES. Usually that means a drawing. Red Badger Chelsea Ashcraft had the honors of drawing the winning name. It was none other than Mindy Wilmot. She received an array of nice sugary edibles as her prize.
If that wasn’t enough, President Cheryl opened the floor to Mindy to announce yet another Rotary Pin completion, duly named, “The 30 Day Challenge”. Yes, Rotarians, starting today we are asked to wear Rotary Pins or attempt to wear Rotary “Swag”. After careful consideration, I think this is a good idea for a number of reasons. I’ll give you one. Display of Rotary hardware will only promote the prospect that your Rotary gear will create a conversation with a non-member, which in turn gives you an opportunity to deliver your “elevator speech” about the good works of our club. And this ladies and gentlemen can translate into NEW MEMBERS. I love this. Then, of course, Sergeant at Arms Andrew Ozanich slyly snuck in an inquiry about Rotary Pin accountability. Yes, this caught some Rotarians back on their heels without their Pins. Their reward was a new Pin and a…FINE!
Dave Spalinger reminds us all as we enter November, that it is time for all of us to submit our annual Rotary Foundation Pledges. Yes, this is a very important part of our service worldwide, and to our own community. This donation powers a number of causes that are near and dear to our Rotary Service Above Self focus. And it is fun too! Yes, in addition to polio eradication, there other many other programs making a difference locally and globally.  So let’s get those pledges in ASAP to Dave (BBR Foundation Pres.) or Mindy (BBR Foundation Treasurer.)  You can make your payment of $250 (or whatever amount you pledge) all at once (now, or when you receive your invoice), or you can make a partial payment, then another payment later in the Rotary year. 
We recognized that Veteran’s Day is soon approaching, and in the course of that day of gratitude towards our Nation’s military heroes, we discussed Covey Cottage in Oildale at 604 Covey Street. This is the future location of a tiny home project for our local Veterans. There is a construction groundbreaking set for November 12th at 9am. Please RSVP your attendance at ASAP. Pres. Cheryl would like a nice contingent of Breakfast Rotarians there as we (together with other local clubs) are funding the community building of the project!   
Next week, our meeting will be held at Golden Valley High School 801 Hosking Road. Arrive a little early as there will be a special program by our Interactors that you will not want to miss. Jeff Haynes would like to get a count of those who will be attending, so please RSVP to him.  
Additionally, there is more fun in the Bakersfield evening, as Pat Thompson announced our Fireside Chat will be at his home 13115 Monarch Palm Avenue November 13th at 6:30pm. New Rotarians will be in attendance at no charge, and those members who are interested in joining in the fun may do so. Charge for food, and drink will be $15pp for those that are…not so new. See ya there!
Get to Know Your Neighbor
What does Mr. Rogers and new member Sally Selby have in common? Not much! But Sally is are OUR neighbor, and Pres. Cheryl found that the new movie entitled, “Mr. Rogers” played by actor Tom Hanks would be a good lead-in to learning about neighbor Sally. Pres. fired at Sally a few, well let’s say, very provocative questions to Sally. Sally handled them quite well. We learned that Sally, as well as her family, have this fascination with the Peter Pan story, her hero is Pres. Cheryl (yup), and Sally wanted to grow up to be like her 3rd grade teacher! Sally, it appears, needs a vacation on a deserted island with a book, no cell phone, and Sally’s favorite snack - chocolate! Well Sally’s new to the club, but based on these answers, I think she fits in with the rest of us pretty darn well. My 3rd grade teacher was Miss Harris…
Coffer Management System
Surprisingly, we did not have a lot of big donations to our CMS. Well you know what that means…over next couple of weeks fly under the radar members! Yet, we had a few noteworthy contributors. So let’s take a look. First we have Greg Desme. Greg is a mild-mannered fellow who hardly ever makes a rumble, but that does not stop him from voicing his happiness over his son Grant who is now married and expecting their first child. Those of you who have been with us a while know of Grant’s Story and I think he has been led in a way that will demonstrate that he is a very wonderful Father. Congrats, but Grandpa Greg…FINE!
Michelle McClure is definitely not mild mannered, and she will pay dearly for that during our meeting. She is out chasing butterflies in Yosemite and she happened to catch one for Pres. Cheryl…a cute leather butterfly…FINE for you Michelle! 
Buzz Buzz Buzz Lightyear, Jeff Haynes you are a traveling man, and I am impressed, truly. Jeff you traveled all the way to Connecticut and while traveling, just happened to visit with your daughter who is expecting a little addition to the family. Congrats Jeff, and also, congrats Jeff for receiving a FINE for bringing a headless horseman pin for our dear Pres. Cheryl. What are you trying to do Buzz, give her nightmares? Halloween was last week!
Dave Perkins has made more money by being a member of this club than anyone in recent memory and the morning’s big $75 pot went to him. Wait a minute, wasn’t it Dave and Sally who were distributing opportunity drawing tickets this morning when I got off the elevator? Hmmm very suspicious!
Help a friend in need and invite them as a guest to our next Rotary meeting,
By: Frank Wooldridge
Staff Writer
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