President Cheryl was caught in the Bakersfield Californian and the Bakersfield Life magazine.  Note that the photo with first gentleman Darren was taken February 27 at the "Rhythm and Roots" event.  She is currently observing social distancing. We need her (and everyone else!) to stay health.
President's Message
Dear BBRC Friends,
As we enter the month of April, knowing that we still have weeks of social distancing ahead of us, it’s heartening to remember that we all still have each other to lean on, to laugh with, to learn with, to serve with…and to love! 
Week two of “BBRC by Zoom” took place on April 1 (no foolin’!).  Once again, more than 40 people joined the meeting, and we even had two visiting Rotarians from afar:  John Charbonneau from Vancouver British Columbia, and Sarah Kim from Rotary District 5240’s “sister district” in Korea! Sarah made a lot of friends when she was in Bakersfield for the 2018 District Conference. We hope to see you at the November 6-8 2020 Conference in San Luis Obispo!
Hey everybody, Neil Walker finally “showed up” for a meeting…and we’re glad he did!  He led us all in invocation, followed by the flag salute led by Kay Pitts
Dr. Joe’s birthday is coming up on Friday, April 3.  Since 4 of the 5 riskiest jobs (in terms of coronavirus) are related to the dental profession, it’s a good thing Dr. Joe is just handling emergency cases for the time being!  Happy celebrating (at home), Dr. Joe!
We also have two BBRCers celebrating club anniversaries.  Jeff “Buzz Lightyear” Haynes is celebrating 26 years as a Rotarian (thanks to his sponsor, Dale Bender—or was it Carl Leach???), and David Perkins is celebrating 1 year (thanks to his sponsor, Pres Cheryl—I know a good Rotarian when I see one!).  Thanks, gentlemen, for all you do for our club!
Our program for the day was timely and interesting, and even a little encouraging!  Richard Chapman, President/CEO of Kern Economic Development Corporation talked about trends in our local economy.  Kern EDC is a public-private partnership, and is charged with “cultivating and promoting Kern County’s boundless opportunities for business.”  The 2018-19 year was the organization’s most successful, with nine major projects making the decision to expand to or within Kern County including the Amazon fulfilment center, cold storage facility for Walmart, distribution centers for L'Oreal and Hadco and a food processing for Joyride - a cold brew coffee.
For now, of course, everything is on “pause,” but Richard told us that a recent study indicates that Kern County is one of the least vulnerable regions in the nation when it comes to the projected economic impact of COVID-19. This is due to among other characteristics, our diverse economy. The least vulnerable area is Washington DC due to the government presence.  Cities that rely heavily on tourism are the most vulnerable. Honolulu came in as the most vulnerable. Las Vegas and Atlantic City were close behind.
Support a Member
If you would like to remind members of your business, please let Pres. Cheryl, Kay Pitts, or Mindy Wilmot know so we can share with our bulletin readers!
Food Available Here!
Kathy Berry says THANK YOU to everyone that ordered food boxes from The Broken Yolk-West Bakersfield.  She’s been busy, trying to keep up with filling and delivering SO MANY boxes (400 so far!).  If you’d like to purchase a box for yourself or someone you know, they cost $35 and includes fresh staples like strawberries, milk, pinto beans, potatoes, onions, and more!  Call (661) 695-9655 to reserve your box which can be picked up, or even delivered (within 5 miles of the restaurant). Don't forget to order and pick up breakfast or lunch when you get or box - or any other time! (
Beer Pick up and Delivery
Sandra Parnell appreciates all members who have purchased beer from Dionysus. You can order on-line and they'll notify you when it is ready. Kay Pitts and others heartily recommend this! (  
Kern Bridges Youth Home
If you are doing closet cleaning, etc. during your confinement, Mike O’Doherty wants to remind you that Kern Bridges Youth Home is always looking for items that help their clients set up their household.  The clients are foster kids who, when they turn 18 must move out of the youth home and into their own place. To establish their new home they need everything – clothing, utensils, furniture, etc. Mike let us know that the organization has space to store items until they are needed. You can contact Mike at or 661-396-2301.
BBRC Meeting Fellowship
Stay at Home (or Work Safely) and Save the World!
(And maybe win a Rotary Superhero Pin, too!)
Super Rotarian Mindy Wilmot clued us in on her latest scheme to help us all live our best lives and, at the same time, help save the world!  Share your story about what you are doing as you STAY HOME or WORK SAFELY…the two things that can flatten the curve of COVID-19 cases and speed up the passing of the coronavirus threat.  Put your story on Facebook, or tell Mindy, Cheryl, or another board member about it, and you might be the lucky winner of a Rotary Superhero PinTeresa Ramos told us all that Denise Haynes has already come to the rescue with 30 hand-made masks to help the non-clinical staff at Teresa’s workplace (Sierra View Medical Center).  Teresa put out the call at last week’s meeting…and Denise answered!  Way to go, Sparky!
Video Series Continues:  Queen Jackie Reigns!
Queen Jackie is gaining notoriety thanks to the recent debut of the latest “BBRC is the Place to Be” video installment.   Please share Jackie’s message on your social media to let your friends know why BBRC is so special!  You can find the video on the BBRC Facebook page, or on the club’s YouTube page! You can also click the above image with Jackie.  By the way…our current Zoom meetings just might be the most convenient way for your friends to visit a club meeting!  Don’t forget to invite them!
Announcements and Happy Spots
Seen on Facebook, Sally Selby and her hubby were on the cover of Simply Stockdale magazine back in the summer.  Summer!  Sally, did you forget to tell us about that?  Hmmmm….we’ll have to have a chat about that!  Frank Wooldridge was seen paying his pool guy while observing social distancing.  Well done Frank!
Yours truly offered to pony up $20 bucks for having two pics in the media within the past week.  In my own defense, I still declare that I was promoting BBRC since the website was up on my computer in one of the photos!  Thank you to Kay Pitts (“her bark is bigger than her bite”), who covered my self-fine for me!  (Maybe ‘cause I was showing off her website design handiwork…she’s amazing!)
Next up was lovely Connie Bensusen, once again showing off her Rotary logos on Facebook.  By the way, Connie’s husband, Al (who many of us know from the Superbowl Party and other activities) is having some potential health issues.  All prayers appreciated for testing being done next Wednesday! 
Marlene Heise said her sweetie, Ben, is doing great and she was $50 bucks happy about it!  (I know she was actually “infinity” happy about it, but we sure appreciate the $50!) 
Finally, Shirley O’Donnell (wife of past BBRCer Ed O'Donnell) had surgery last week.  She is doing better but could still use some Rotary family support and love. (
Neil Walker's lovely 96 year-old mother-in-law has had a couple of falls the past few days.  She is a resident of Rosewood.  Because of the pandemic, his wonderful wife, Pam Walker, cannot visit her mother in person, additionally staff at the facility is not often available to handle FaceTime.  Please keep Pam and her mother in your thoughts.
That’s it for now.  Stay safe out there, friends.  And remember, it’s always a good time to “Share Rotary With a Friend.“ Even during a pandemic.  Or, perhaps, especially during a pandemic.
In Rotary Service & Friendship,
A Few Other Things
"It's always cocktail hour in a crisis" – Ina Garten, who makes a giant cosmo...for one.
All in favor of Ina calling the shots during quarantine, say aye. #staysafe
Money Money!
Treasurer Will Duerksen reminded us that you can pay your dues via check or call Will at pay with your credit card. Will has been picking up BBRC mail and making deposits weekly.  The April dues will be $30, but if you are able and so-moved, you can pay more.  Just note that the extra is for a "fine". Your dues throughout the year enable the BBRC board to make Charter Night, All Club Luncheon, President's Demotion/Step Down and other club socials at no additional cost for you and a guest.
Why you should join the meetings before  6:45 am
If you joined the Zoom meeting at 6:45 or earlier you would have learned that Athena Collup had a shoe intervention a few years ago.  Additionally her husband Steve is an enabler for her shoe addiction.
We will have our first socially separated social tomorrow, Friday, April 3 at 5:00 pm - 5:45 pm.  Using the same Zoom log in you use for the meetings come join other BBRC-ers and friends for Friday Wine Down!  The best part is, you don't have to drive!
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