President's Message
Dear BBRC Friends,
I will keep this week’s President’s Message short and sweet! 
Thank you for electing me two years ago to be the BBRC President for the 2019-2020 year.  At the time, I thought, “Wow, 2020…I just know that’s going to be a memorable year!”  Boy, isn’t THAT the truth! 
This year has been a huge blessing to me:  the teamwork within our club and with other clubs, too; the opportunities we’ve had to serve our community; and the deepening of our friendships, especially as we face new and unique challenges.
The honor of serving as BBRC’s president has been a true privilege and joy.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!
In Rotary Friendship & Service,
What You May Have Missed at the Meeting
You know what they say, “When you’re busy, time just flies!”, or “Where did the time go?”, or “Where has this year gone, it’s almost Christmas?”, or “Can’t wait to see what plans Breakfast Rotary President Cheryl Scott will come up with in the 2nd half of her presidency!” Well perhaps the last quote is not one you have heard of, but with regrets our President Cheryl has dinged her last bell as our Breakfast Rotary President as her term is over. Last Wednesday was a day filled with celebration and memories of the Prez’s leadership. The morning was a tribute to not only the president that has lead BBRC to another stellar year in achieving our goals, it was an opportunity for the Prez to say Thank You to all of us that helped make BBRC to be the outstanding club it is.
Past President Denise Haynes helped get the meeting off the ground with her song of choice, “The Star-Spangled Banner”. A very appropriate choice of songs! While singing, I could see a little star in Denise’s eyes and I thought it could be a tear, due to the emotion of the Prez’s last meeting. No Prez, the twinkle in Denise’s eyes was not for you, yet it was in fact a little star, a star due to Denise’s announcement of her 4th grandchild. Baby girl Zeppelin Reign had been born just hours before our morning meeting. From Denise’s report, mother and baby Zeppelin are doing just fine. Congrats!
Denise also had the duty to share with us that there were VISITORS IN THE HOUSE! Guests were Dr. Boni Singh M.D. and Celso Lopez, financial advisor. Denise even scouted out the Prez’s beau and first gentleman Darren Scott who was in attendance to witness his wife’s last presiding meeting.
1st year member Sally Selby was selected to announce the morning’s visiting Rotarians. None other than Patty Keefer and Quon Louey from Rotary Clubs North and East respectively, joined us to celebrate the Prez’s one-year tenure as president.
With 45 members strong in attendance at the Petroleum Club, there are a few still ZOOMING along that were joining us. One of those ZOOMers was past member and sweetheart Bobbie Hake. Hi Bobbie!
Wedding Anniversaries recognized were those of Jerry Starr (Robin) 15 years and Jeff Bell (Amy) 23 years and going strong. Way to go guys!
**Featured Program**
I remember when I was a kid, I would watch TV to see the “Mambo Italiano” Dean Martin who would introduce guests on his TV shows and Roasts, all of his guests were very entertaining. Pete Leveroni, too is very suave and debonair, as he has been booking and introducing our Breakfast Rotary-featured program speakers all year long. We would like to thank you Dean, or I mean Pete, for doing such a fantastic job this year lining up all of our programs. This morning’s speaker is no exception.
R. Todd Littlejohn is a hometown product who hails from Bakersfield High School where he excelled in baseball and most notably football. Following his playing days which took him through stops at Bakersfield College and Fresno State, he found his niche for coaching. Reading through Coach Littlejohn’s resume is like reading through the various menu entrees at Woolgrower’s, as he has had his own list of different colleges where he has coached football, each site with their own savory delights. It is through that coaching journey that Coach Littlejohn gained momentum, embraced the coaching learning curve, and delicately made good selections along the way to become Bakersfield College’s new football coach for 2020.
Coach Littlejohn sounds like one of those coaches who attended the school of hard knocks and tough love. All he had to mention to a fellow Driller like me was that he played high school football for Coach Paul Briggs. Like many of the local coaches in Kern County during that era, players learned quick and in a hurry what dedication and attention to detail meant. Coach Briggs looks down on Coach Littlejohn from the football heavens, proud that his leadership has transferred to Littlejohn. Coach LIttlejohn stated he will focus on Toughness and Leadership. He also left no doubt he will expect his football players to display professionalism told us that his mantra is PTL, which is the acronym for “Push the Limit”.
When Coach Littlejohn was named BC football coach, no one knew what COVID-19 meant. Given the fallout from the disease, He finds himself in a quandary. Fall sports at BC has now been beleaguered with an uncertain starting date for practices and games, uncertainty in the schedule, what teams will be participating, and of course player health. What initially appeared to be a breakout year for Littlejohn and the Renegades, now appears to be “hurry up and wait” for a green light from the college athletic governing boards before we see Red and White uniforms on the Mt. Vernon Avenue football field.
So until that time that Coach Littlejohn can blow his whistle and players are performing wind-sprints and passing drills, we must all wait…wait until what we know as a tradition for over 70 years, when once again Bakersfield College footballers will enter the field lead by one of their own, their coach, R. Todd Littlejohn.
It should be noted that after Coach Littlejohn concluded his presentation, the Prez made mention to him of her new role at BC as Foundations Director. The Prez made the customary pitch about the morning’s speaker gift being a contribution to Polio Plus, then she rolled right into arranging a professional collaboration with the coach as the first football game nears. Humm…I wonder if the Prez will eventually be a good contact for Renegade football tickets. Did you know Prez, I played for the Renegades too!
**The Prez’s Moments**
The Prez has been so energetic through the year as well as very generous. We have all benefited from her recognition. Personally, I was shocked when she had me stand when she called my name. Waiting for my certain punishment, the Prez surprised me with a Super Cool Rotary Super Hero button. I received this honor for what the Prez said was my club service in writing The Beacon. Better than a Pulitzer Prize, the Super Hero recognition will always be close to my heart. Thanks Prez!
We have grown used to the PowerPoint presentations this year, and the Prez did not waste any time using PowerPoint to create a final photo montage of BBRCs memories. Depicting a photo of a long faced little Toy Story Jessie girl, AKA The Prez, with the words “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”, was the introduction to photos of the members of BBRC showing what they do best. There were memorable photos of the many projects and people that made the projects successful.
A few notable photos “Why we belong in Rotary!”, were, “Wine, Place and Show” (thank you Karen Bonanno), “Monthly Social Events” (thank you Michele McClure), Service Projects at “Boys and Girls Club food baskets”, “Shopping with Kids at Christmas”, “Pancake Breakfast” (thank you, Kathy Berry), “Covey Cottages for Veterans” (thank you all members of BBRC and all the other Kern County clubs), “7 New Members” (thank you Patrick Thompson),“30 day Challenge” Rotary pins to show we are reliable, dependable and give more than we take (thank you Mindy Wilmot), “ BBRC Christmas Party” (thank you Dave Spalinger), “Superbowl Party” (thank you Connie Bensusen), “Charter Night recognizing our Rotarian of the Year Craig Holland” (thank you for a great night, Past President Ron “Buford” Nelms), “A COVID Conscious Social at the Park” (thank you Michele McClure and Dean, or I mean Pete Leveroni), “A Parade for Al” (thank you Sandra Parnell), and lastly a “$10,000 donation to Kern County Gleaners” (thank you all members)!
Wow now that’s a lot to comprehend one club doing so much in one year, but that is why we meet every Wednesday morning. We are blessed to call ourselves Rotarians and the community is better for it. Maybe we individually are better for it…I know The Prez will forever be changed by it. Thank You Cheryl Scott for putting up with us and showing what positive successful leadership looks like…and not fining any of us on your last day as The Prez.
See all of you at the Step-Down June 26th at the Broken Yolk!
Frank Wooldridge
What are "Rotary Areas of Focus"?

Rotary is dedicated to six areas of focus to build international relationships, improve lives, and create a better world to support our peace efforts and end polio forever.

For the next six weeks, we will look a little more at each of Rotary's causes, the Areas of Focus. Today, we will learn about "Fighting Disease".
Fighting Disease
We educate and equip communities to stop the spread of life-threatening diseases like polio, HIV/AIDS, and malaria. We improve and expand access to low-cost and free health care in developing areas.

We believe good health care is everyone’s right. Yet 400 million people in the world can’t afford or don’t have access to basic health care.

Disease results in misery, pain, and poverty for millions of people worldwide. That’s why treating and preventing disease is so important to us. We lead efforts both large and small. We set up temporary clinics, blood donation centers, and training facilities in underserved communities struggling with outbreaks and health care access. We design and build infrastructure that allows doctors, patients, and governments to work together.

Our members combat diseases like malaria, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and polio. Prevention is important, which is why we also focus on health education and bringing people routine hearing, vision, and dental care.


We educate and equip communities to stop the spread of life-threatening diseases. Rotary members have hundreds of health projects underway around the world at any given time.


The Rotary Foundation is changing the world by providing grants for projects and activities around the globe and in your own backyard.

  • $65 million in grants was given by Rotary to fight disease
  • 99.9% reduction in polio cases since our program started in 1985

Rotary makes amazing things happen, like:

Providing clean water: Rotary has worked with partners to provide more than 80 percent of Ghana’s people with clean water to fight Guinea worm disease.

Reducing HIV infection: In Liberia, Rotary members are helping women get tested for HIV early in their pregnancies. They used prenatal care to reduce new HIV infections in children by 95 percent over two years.

Ending polio: Rotary members have played a key role in bringing the world to the brink of polio eradication. Their efforts have not only ended polio in 122 countries but also created a system for tackling myriad other health priorities, such as Ebola.

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