President's Message
Cheryl Scott
President Cheryl missed today's meeting.  She had a much higher calling - going to Las Vegas with her father, Ed Harris.  Thank you for keeping your priorities straight! 
BUT while the cat's away, the mice will play (with your photos.)
Pres Cheryl and Dad on the road to Las Vegas.
Ed enjoying the fine dining Cheryl offered in Vegas.
Cheryl and Sandra at the Cajun Dinner (next year, I'm going to make sure to bid for it!)
Cheryl has enlisted Dad to help with her Rotary pin project.
Dad's are awesome.
Pres Cheryl with the finished product.
Scribe: Past President Neil Walker, still mistake-free
The day’s activity started on a wonderful note when the two efficient Greeters, Temo Lopez and Past President Ron Nelms, insisted that this dutiful scribe purchase the “Special” of the day: 7 opportunity tickets for 5 bucks.  I tried to beg off because I NEVER seem to win ANYTHING.  (President-Elect David Spalinger will attest to that fact!) This scribe relented to the enormous pressure from Lopez and Nelms and pulled an Alexander Hamilton from my wallet. Little did I suspect that that well-meaning five-dollar investment in BBRC would net $53 at the end of the meeting. Go figger!
President Cheryl Scott was absent from her duties, but Past President “Queen” Jackie Maxwell conducted the meeting with her usual efficient aplomb.  The members were ecstatic with Jackie being at the helm but, alas, the honeymoon was short-lived when she reincarnated the singing chimp.  Our newest member, Frank Tripicchio, seemed to be grimacing uncomfortably as he received his birthday serenade from Jackie’s mottled moppet! Fortunately, two other birthday boys, Dennis Scott and Frank Wooldridge, were not in attendance and were spared their monkey moment!
Doctor Joe Nunez offered a heartfelt invocation. Sally Selby guided us flawlessly through the pledge to Ol’ Glory. Past President Denise Haynes led the BBRC        Troubadours in some good old Americana music. Past President Jerry Starr stood and strongly announced, “No Rotary visitors, Queen Jackie!”
Guests Vickie Guinn and Chris (sorry, missed a last name) were welcomed. Past President Craig Holland introduced his wife and “driver”, Carol. We were all glad to see Craig making another triumphant return from his most recent surgery.  What a show of resilience and strength. Must be that U.S. Air Force background!
Teresa Waller’s 6th BBRC anniversary was recognized with her in absentia.
Membership Chair Pat Thompson stepped to the podium to perform his official duty of inducting our newest BBRCer, Mr. Frank Tripicchio.  Frank is a long-time Rotarian who has transferred membership from the former Bakersfield South Rotary Club where he was twice President, 5-time Paul Harris Fellow and Rotarian of the Year.  His other Rotary credentials and activities are too long to list, but Frank promised to share them as time goes along. 
The Super Bowl party is at Connie Bensusen’s on February 2nd.  Log onto your account at and register.  If you are uncertain of your login information, contact Past President Kay Pitts, The party is a BYOB affair; however, our resident Brew Mistress, Sandra Parnell, has graciously offered to provide some suds from her establishment, Dionysus Brewing located in southwest Bakersfield at 6201 Schirra Ct.  Sandra was overheard saying, “Gee, it’s the yeast I can do so I pray that everyone hops over to the party!”
Charter Night is February 29 at Bakersfield Country Club.  Please RSVP or send regrets to PP Jackie Maxwell,  This is a grand occasion honoring our Club’s charter date. We will recognize new Paul Harris Fellows. Remember, there is no charge for the member and guest.
Above and Beyond Recognition.  Do you know of a non-Rotarian who does great things in the community?  If so, get his/her nomination in by February 12th to Sandra Parnell,
Chelsea Ashcraft could not believe all the neighborly treatment she received recently while recreating on the Kern River.  She received beverage and grub . . . . all on the house! Her benefactors’ generosity was paid forward as Chelsea donated $15 to the BBRC coffers for all the “free food and drink”.
Andrew Ozanich was ten dollars giddy because Program Chair, Pete Leveroni, hired Andrew’s company, Benchmark Pest Control, (661) 588-4869, to get rid of some pesky pests, namely opossums. Hoping to further enrich the BBRC war chest, Queen Jackie asked Pete how happy HE was. Pete responded “all my happiness went to Andrew!”
President-Elect-Elect, Dr. Jeff Haynes is very proud of his soldier son-in-law, DJ Taylor,  who is graduating on January 24th from the elite U.S. Army Ranger school located at Fort Benning in Georgia. Hooah!!
Once again Greg Desme demanded floor time bragging about yet another northern California sports “dynasty”, the San Francisco 49ers. After a few pointed digs at those of us still groveling while supporting southern California teams, Greg intimidatingly threw a ten dollar bill into the hat. Remind us again, Greg, what happened to the SF Giants this year, huhhh?
Frank Tripicchio is already showing what a great Breakfast Rotarian he’s going to be by throwing in a 10-spot because he “is happy to be part of BBRC!”
And on a final note:  Although she didn’t offer up a happy 5-note, Mary Jo Pasek, having just come off a demoralizing loss by her favorite NFL team, the Minnesota Vikings, MJ commiserated that she has put husband Tom on suicide watch following his beloved Green Bay Packers sound trouncing by the aforementioned 49ers. Wait’ll next year Tom . . . L.A. Chargers / Packers, Superbowl 55!
Kevin J. Rohrer visited from his Tehachapi home and his Edwards Air Force Base workplace to enlighten us on the many activities happening out in the desert.  We all now have a better knowledge of what is happening in the area of flight.  Kevin opened our eyes to how the industry is striving for more efficiency and conservation of environmental resources.  See Kevin’s bio below:
Kevin is Chief of Strategic Communications at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center on Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., NASA’s primary center for atmospheric flight research operations. Rohrer is responsible for managing public affairs,
media relations, history, public outreach initiatives, and social media efforts to help provide for the widest public dissemination
of information related to projects conducted at the center. 
As the lead public affairs officer, Rohrer defines policy for communicating key programmatic accomplishments to the media and the public through a variety of print, video and on-line products. He provides guidance and direction for the center’s exhibit, speaker’s bureau, and public tour programs, and oversees development and placement of content on the center’s website.
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Jan 29, 2020
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Feb 05, 2020 6:45 AM
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Feb 19, 2020 6:45 AM
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Kern YES (Youth Empowerment Summit)
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Feb 22, 2020
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Mar 28, 2020
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