President's Message
Dear BBRC Friends,
THIS JUST IN!  As I write this message, I have exciting news to announce!  The votes are in, and we have decided to hold our June 3 meeting “IRL” (yes, that’s right…In Real Life)!    
In order to take advantage of the fresh air and circulation it provides, we’ll enjoy breakfast al fresco, on the patio at The Broken Yolk on Buena Vista.  While this location isn’t as centrally located, and it won’t be exactly what we are used to at the Petroleum Club, I am SO thankful to have The Yolk as an option.  Let’s give it a try and see how it works until things improve (and the P-Club opens back up for groups).  Thank you, Kathy Berry and Michele McClure for all your planning and coordinating!
I know that some of our members prefer not to meet in person quite yet, and I absolutely respect that.  Each day is different, and hopefully we’ll all be back to “new” normal soon.  As we test the IRL waters, let’s continue to maintain an appropriate distance from each other when we meet, and if you want to wear a mask and carry your hand sanitizer…feel free!
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
What you Missed!
 The Wednesday morning May 20th Bakersfield Breakfast Rotary Club meeting brought out some folks we have missed in recent weeks. Darin Blunt and Nick Simmons sure were a sight for sore eyes, as well as Bree Goodmon. President Cheryl Scott did not waste any time in designating Bree to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Even Pat Thompson was “in the house”. It was great to have all of you on ZOOM with us because you mean so much to us as brothers and sisters in Rotary.
Athena Collup graced us with an invocation urging our membership to ask for guidance, mercy and healing as we move closer to a transition towards reopening our economy. Athena asked for wisdom and remembrance of our Nation’s Flag and its meaning that comes through Memorial Day celebrations.
Past President Denise Haynes sang a patriotic rendition of “You’re a Grand Old Flag” emphasizing the Free and the Brave in a fashion that Lady Liberty would have certainly been proud of.  
Birthday Boys recognized were Pete Leveroni (May 22) and Ken Quarnberg (May 29), club anniversaries were Marlene Heise 14 years, Becky Brooks 7 years and Connie Bensusen 1 year. Wow does time fly! Thank you all for the “love of Rotary” you have displayed month after month, year after year. You are the best and help Breakfast Rotary shine bright! Thank You.
Nuptial Anniversary celebrants for the week are Martha Samora (Frank) 33 years, Pat Thompson (Karen) 41 years and Stephanie Baker (Don) 52 years. We wish you many more years of marital bliss. You are Rock Stars!
**Featured Program**
During this time of Shelter-in-Place, we have had a number of fabulous programs, many of which have been programs presented by some of our own Breakfast Rotarians. Wednesday morning’s meeting was certainly one of those, Michael “Mike” Turnipseed, Executive Director of Kern County Taxpayers Association (KernTax). Mike, as many of you know, has taken on the task of being Kern County’s “eyes and ears” on governmental issues related to state and local taxation. Certainly not one of my favorite topics around a cocktail party, but that’s why we have Mike. You see Mike and his Board of Directors are the self proclaimed “guard dogs” of taxation. Staying informed on current affairs is the name of the game according to Mike.
Mike stated that many of us in Kern County are misinformed or under-informed about the reality of how taxation affects us in Kern. Whether you are interested in a conversation about taxes or not, taxation is a large part of everyone’s life here in the San Joaquin Valley and thankfully KernTax has their antennae up for any irregularity in what local and state government do with our money.
Mike is full of information and he gave us examples of what his very important work entails. Whether it is monitoring the trends in local utility rates, pension fund spending, or education fund outlays, Mike and his Board of Directors are continually trying to learn what they can to make intelligent decisions. Those decisions translate into what serves our community members most sensibly. To successfully do that, KernTax must continually keep their fingers on the pulse of “What’s Going On”. Often this is done through the frequent networking with leaders from profit, governmental and non-profit organizations. Mike’s work is a lot to take on, “but somebody has to do it”, and he is doing a great job looking out for us.
Some of the more notable accomplishments of KernTax include working on restructuring funding reserves for the Kern High School District and Bakersfield College so that high school students have the opportunity to earn college credit while attending high school. Certainly unheard of in my day, this program has been welcomed by both the high schools and college. It accelerates student achievement in preparedness towards higher learning.
Being in business myself and one who is, well I think, kind of in the know, I thought I knew the skinny on a lot of what goes on behind the scenes of city government. I was certainly caught off guard when Mike provided an expose of TRIP Roads funding (had that program last week), and the City of Bakersfield’s use of funding for the project. Mike reported to us that because of some miscalculations, the city was in a very precarious financial position. He said if it were not for the 97 people that tipped the scale by voting yes for the Measure “N” last fall, the city could have been facing a bankruptcy situation. I never knew! Want to know more? Seek out Mike at or visit the website at Seek out their Kern Leaders Academy training course to become part of the informed in Kern County. We want to thank Mike for sharing his time with us and helping us learn how to protect our hard-earned income.
**Announcements Announcements**
We want to shout out a special thanks to Michele McClure for her organization and planning of the BBRC Monthly Social Mixer at Riverwalk Park. While maintaining a respectful distance from each other to make everyone who attended feel safe, Breakfast Rotarians grooved to the sounds of Dan Johnson’s Blond Faith acoustics band. Playing sing-a-longs and foot-stompin’ rhythms, the band threesome kept the night alive. Getting together is a popular with Breakfast Rotarians and Michele McClure knows how to organize a party. A big thank you Michele, Dan, Pete and Michelle Leveroni for providing the Subway Sandwiches and to all who attended.
We will meet next Wednesday, June 3rd in person, at Broken Yolk patio at 6:45 am.  The café is in Mustang Plaza, 3300 Buena Vista Rd, Bakersfield, CA 9331; the southeast corner of White and Buena Vista.
Past President Ron “Buford” Nelms is seeking mischief makers for Prez Cheryl’s step-down soon to come. See Ron for planning.
**Recognitions and Happy Spots**
Better titled, Grandparents’ Roll Call, the following Breakfast Rotarians will be grandparents by the end of the year: Neil Walker and his wife Pam, AND Pat Thompson and wife Karen, are expecting grand babies in November. Jeff Haynes and his wife Cheryl will soon add to their family tree. And don’t forget Denise Haynes and her hubby Scott are also going to be grandparents again! Well, I suppose I better add that I, too, will add my second grandchild, a baby girl, which is highly rare for my bloodline… she’s expected to arrive in August.
**Coffer Management System**
Everyone who did not have a Rotary pin or Rotary paraphernalia was fined. Yes, even in ZOOM one must always be prepared.
See you next week June 3rd!
Service Above Self through Rotary.
By: Frank Wooldridge
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