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July 14, 2021
Mindy's Musings
Hello, my friends, and welcome to a new Rotary year! Rest assured; the marvelously eloquent Frank Wooldridge will continue to author The Beacon! I’m just filling in for the day.
Before we even get to the meeting, I must comment on the elegance that is Lino’s Venue. It is a beautiful space, the staff is incredible, and they totally upped the breakfast game with red velvet pancakes. RED. VELVET. PANCAKES!!! BBRC has found a fantastic new home. We were welcomed by our greeters for the morning, Teresa Ramos-Alvarez and Jeff Schwartz.
The meeting began with our new President, kilt-clad Jeff Haynes, being led into the meeting behind four bagpipers. What an opening!! BBRC’s 40th president’s first order of business after ringing the bell was welcoming Ken Quarnberg up to the stage to give the invocation. Ken quickly said, “You sure you wanna start with me? Well, ok. Should set the tone for the rest of the year.” (Ken, we all know what we’re doing; we saw you on the same stage a few weeks ago giving outgoing president Dave Spalinger a proper roasting). Mike O’Doherty followed with the flag salute. Then our songstress Carol Smith led us and the bagpipers in a few choruses of “Amazing Grace.” How sweet the sound indeed.
Welcome to our guests and visiting Rotarians: Twilight’s President Robin Paggi, East’s President Michele Brown, and Li Gibbs serving as Assistant District Governor Group 2; soon-to-be new member, William Gordon who was accompanied by his father, Frank; and President Jeff’s family: brother Scott (who’s also Denise Haynes’ husband), wife Cheryl, and mother Celeste.
Happy Club Anniversary to Bani Singh (1 year) and Heath Niemeyer (2 years).
Happy Wedding Anniversary to Craig and Carole Holland (July 4) and Sally and Bret Selby (July 12).
Happy Birthday to Tom Burke (July 9), Donna Schwartz (July 13), and Nick Simmons (July 19).
Welcome to William Gordon!
It is very special treat when we grow our club. It’s extra sweet when it happens at the new president’s first meeting. Pat Thompson inducted our newest member, William Gordon, whose classification is Real Estate. I always love to hear the background of Rotary that Pat gives when welcoming new members; it reminds me of the reason I joined Rotary in the first place. William comes very highly recommended from many members and he is Craig Holland’s next-door neighbor. Welcome, William!
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Thomas Burke
July 9
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July 13
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July 19
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July 4
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July 21, 2021
Scott, Dennis
Simmons, Nick
Schwartz, Donna
Flag Salute
Singh, Bani
Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Smith, Carol
July 28, 2021
Thompson, Pat
Starr, Gerald
Turnipseed, Michael
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Selby, Sally
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August 4, 2021
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Wilmot, Mindy
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August 11, 2021
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August 25, 2021
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