President's Message
Dear BBRC Friends,
Many thanks to everyone that participated in our first in-person BBRC meeting since “going remote” in March!  We had more than 30 members at the Broken Yolk, and nine via ZOOM…WOW!  Everything went off without a hitch, thanks largely to Kathy Berry and her team.  Even City Councilmember Gonzales commented on everyone’s commitment to following health guidelines and being respectful of everyone’s “space.” Way to go!
Our next meeting, June 10, will be held back at the Petroleum Club!  Let’s please continue with the care we used last week, keeping our distance and avoiding hugs and handshakes.  The P-Club has worked with the health department to plan for appropriate seating and serving practices.  We’ll have individually plated meals (no buffet), and we’ll have fewer members at each table.  But we will be together!  Yay!
If you aren’t ready (or able) to join us in person, we’ll again have a ZOOM option.  Some of you attending the meeting in person might like to bring your laptop and set it up on your table.  If you sign into the Zoom version of the meeting, then our off-site-Zoomers can see the same view you see--and you can even convey verbally some of the questions our members ask in the ZOOM chat room.  (Now that’s teamwork!)
I hope to see most of you at the next meeting.  Just two more regular meetings of the Rotary year…let’s finish strong!
In Rotary Service & Friendship,
The Heart of the Beacon
What’s on the menu for Bakersfield Breakfast Rotary Club? A LOT! If you missed last Wednesday’s Rotary meeting, I will tell you, Kathleen Berry of The Broken Yolk Restaurant put on an outstanding display of hospitality, and yes, a great menu. Breakfast Club President Cheryl Scott gave the membership the option of holding a COVID-19 Conscious meeting outdoors on the patio of Broken Yolk, or to continue meeting via ZOOM. As many as 40-plus Breakfast Rotarians were up at the call of the rooster’s crow to attend the outdoor affair. Those that chose ZOOM did so from the safety of their homes. I personally chose the safety behind a scrumptious bowl of fruit filled oatmeal, scrambled eggs and succulent bacon that I ordered from a selection of several menu options.
Simply, after meeting via ZOOM for the past several weeks, Breakfast Rotarians were as enthusiastic as if they were coming out of hibernation to again union with their brothers and sisters of our club. Everyone had a fine reunion with one another and were only even more encouraged when Prez Cheryl announced later in the meeting that our next Wednesday 7am BBRC meeting will be held at the Petroleum Club. For those who attended Wednesday morning, and those that ZOOMED with us, and those that through the past several weeks have been steadfast in staying involved, staying active, and never giving up our dedication to Breakfast Rotary, we are so happy that you are a big part of the finest Rotary Club in the District. We love our Breakfast Rotarians!
Past President Ron Nelms shared his thoughts and emotions in words of praise and blessings through providing our morning invocation. Thanks, and Amen “Buford”!  Temo Lopez lead us in America’s Flag Salute, while Past President Denise Haynes pulled out a 60s hit by Burt Bacharach, “What the World Needs Now”. Given the tumultuous, confusing time this week has brought, Denise’s singing was most apropos. Personally, this song is of my ol’ favorites and given the timeliness of the lyrics, maybe all of us should go back, read the lyrics of this song, and apply the lyrics to action in a Rotary fashion daily.
Strongmen Ken Quarnberg and Dr. Joe Nunez DDS presided as guards at the patio gate to ensure that all of the morning’s attendees were in compliance to COVID-19 concerns. They did a great job, as I and the attendees were thoroughly vetted as being in health and safety compliance.
I never thought I would hear this, but Past President Queen Jackie Maxwell, said she had “no idea about anything”, that’s visiting Rotarians she was referring to! Well that’s OK Jackie, because our morning’s speaker, City Councilman Andrae Gonzalez of Downtown Rotary introduced himself.
Our lovely guests, Karen Thompson and Cheryl Haynes were present with their husbands Pat and Jeff respectfully to attend the meeting and dig in on some really great food at the “Yolk”.
Happy Birthday salutes go out to both Jason Williamson and Jennifer Yamauchi. Neither were present, so we did not get to embarrass them by singing the birthday song. Wedding Anniversaries recognized were those of Dr. Joe Nunez (Wendy), Nick Simmons (Catie), Dr. Jeff Haynes (Cheryl). Words of wisdom to all men, from the Rotarian men of today’s matrimonial unions to assure us of marital bliss are … “Always just shut up and walk away”. Well, I suppose that clears that question up. And if that’s not enough, Jeff and Cheryl finally have a new granddaughter in the family, little Abigail Joy. Congratulations on the little bounty! Jeff was fined for the announcement, his wife Cheryl was not…
Rotary Anniversaries go out to Tom Burke 3 years, who joined us on ZOOM, Stephanie Baker 24 years, and John “I’m retired now” Guerard 32 years. Thank you all for your commitment to your Breakfast Rotary with the passion you put into your club. We could not be all that we are without you. 
**Featured Program**
“Pistol” Pete Leveroni had the honor to introduce our featured speaker of the morning. Pistol told us that City Councilman Andrae Gonzalez, is a hometown product who attended East High then matriculated to UC Berkeley. Andre served our community as a Bakersfield City School District Trustee, and is firmly involved in non-profits benefiting children and dependent adults besides serving on the council. As Andrae took the podium, he reminded us of current civil unrest, and public health concerns in Bakersfield and our Nation. He stated that with challenges there are opportunities for growth and safety. With that said, he is optimistic for Bakersfield and our future attracting prudent growth and new business enterprise. He said these ideals invite overdue residential and Downtown revitalization. Andrae said we had experienced much in the way of development, but there is still a lot of work to do.
Andrae envisions a “24-hour” Downtown culture which includes multi-use property development, restaurants, cafes and affordable housing. Speaking of affordable housing Andrae supports investment in the Downtown and the surrounding community to minimize the incidents of crime and homelessness. Andrae refers to fellow City Councilman Bob Smith’s planned community growth as a shining example of what so many other areas of our community could use as a model. If you are not familiar with the area Andrae is talking about, take a look around the “Eastchester” community (east of Q Street and west of Union Avenue downtown) where there has been new life that has sprung, due to well thought out civic planning and development.
To no one’s surprise, the words government and business enterprise are not synonymous. Just ask Andrae and he will tell you that in spite of lofty ideas of development and enterprise, government regulation often delays the progression of a “good idea”. Even working within the government , Andre experiences obstacles with regulations that delay and dampen good development ideas. Yet, Andrae forges ahead with projects that will enable our community to function better and provide services, jobs and homes to a growing Bakersfield population. He said some projects are tabbed as those that beautify, such as tree planting, others are not, such as storm drain insertion and trash dumpster allocation in unsightly locales. But it takes a variety of well-planned ideas along with attention to “the big things as well as the little ones” to come into reality on how to make Bakersfield the “Hub” of sensible development.
Speaking of the Hub, Andrae told us that there is an organization named, The Hub of Bakersfield whose mission is to formulate a plan that will include the addition of a number of activities that will improve and change the profile of what Downtown Bakersfield looks like. Some of these actives could be the addition of arts, and music to bring people into Downtown to enjoy a changed culture of “People, Places, and Happenings”. This committee examines other communities that model what Andre and other city leaders feel would be a “best practice” to follow as we move closer to revitalization of Downtown and surrounding communities.
If you ask me, sounds like Andrae has his work cut out for himself. Yet, maybe if we as Breakfast Rotarians choose, we can serve our city by being part of the movement. So, let’s see…stand by and see how re-development and growth turn out, or be an active participant? Well if I know Breakfast Rotarians, I think we will be participants. If you want to be involved, reach out to Andrae today and let’s make a difference! Thank you Andrae for visiting with us and bless you for your tireless efforts in making our city better than ever. 
**Above and Beyond**
Above and Beyond is a marvelous little invention to nominate each year a person, not a Rotarian, who has displayed “Service Above Self” qualities (in their vocation) that have resulted in the betterment of opportunity to others. Sandra Parnell announced our winner with the introduction of Past President and Charter member Jerry Starr. As we all know Jerry is a long-standing representative of Kern County medical/hospital administration, most recently at the Westside Family Health Care hospital in Taft. A brand-new building which Jerry said was brought to the forefront by the building contractors at Superior Construction. Jerry nominated Victor Hernandez this year and after careful consideration of the nominees, Victor came away with the annual award. Victor serves as the hospital's projects building supervisor from Superior Construction. According to Jerry, if it were not for Victor’s outstanding commitment and attention to completion of the hospital, the Taft community would not have had the opportunity in a timely manner to have the security of knowing the availability of the hospital and all the services the hospital provides. A modest Victor accepted an envelope containing an undisclosed award that was bestowed upon him from BBRC. Congratulations Victor! … Hey Victor, how was it working with Jerry every day for weeks and weeks upon end…some fun huh.
**Announcements Announcements**
You would think “Darling” Dave Perkins has been around for years. The guy just fits in. We too seem to fit in to his monthly publication, entitled Seven Oaks Living. Dave has kindly featured the efforts of Breakfast Rotary in some of his issues and members, including myself and the Prez. Most recently Dave has featured an article about BBRC’s donating to Glen Ephrom CEO at the Golden Empire Gleaners. The $10,000 award to Gleaners will go to assuring food availability for persons challenged by COVID restrictions (such as those persons who cannot gather to receive food offerings). If you haven’t seen the article that was just published, feel free to come over to my place where I proudly have the magazine and pictures of the Rotarians present during the check presentation on my kitchen counter for you to view. Thanks for your spirit Dave!
Lately we haven’t had many fines which is good with me, that’s why I write this weekly newsletter so I don’t get punished too much, but the word FINE was in the air and it wasn’t the rank and file. It was the Prez herself. You see, the Prez was proudly displayed in several business journals and namely the Bakersfield Californian as having accepted a position with Bakersfield College as the college’s Foundation Executive Director. I think this is going to work out well, but apparently the past-Presidents did not agree. After all their bickering, the Prez was on the hook for $250 bucks. It was not until her knight in shining armor Jeff Bell came to save the Prez and covered her penalty. We would like to acknowledge the Prez “Cheryl” for a fine service to Kern Economic Development Corporation for the past years and welcome her in her new role beginning in July. Does this mean the Fourth of July Fireworks Show is returning to BC’s Memorial Stadium?  
And wouldn’t you know it, the Prez gets punished then turned right around and she received an atta-girl for her efforts towards keeping Breakfast Rotary, united, energized, informed and hungry for more Rotary during these past weeks that we have been away and apart. For that three-ring circus act, the Prez is the recipient of the Rotary Super Hero award given to her by Mindy Wilmot. And on that note sports fans…we will be holding our next and first meeting back at the Petroleum Club next Wednesday June 10th  (Zoom will still be available.) See ya there!
Hope, Peace and Faith through Rotary Service,
By: Frank Wooldridge
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