August 14, 2019
President's Message
Cheryl Scott
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Everyone is doing a phenomenal job of “sharing Rotary with a friend”!  We’ve had visitors galore, and have several new BBRCers “in the pipeline.”  I even spoke with one of our nominees this week…and she can’t wait until she’s official so she can bring a guest or two!  
We’ll have a “fireside chat” soon, to give new members the chance to ask all the new member-type questions, but we also have our Club Assembly on Aug. 21.  We’ll start the morning with a very (VERY!) special presentation that doesn’t happen every day in a Rotary club (or District, for that matter).  Then we will excuse our visitors and talk about the “business of BBRC,” including numbers (as in $$$ and membership), the Foundation (where the rubber meets the road), and more.  And if you ordered a polo shirt, they should be ready to pick up next week!
With next week’s schedule in mind, let your guests sleep in on August 21, but bring them out in full force on August 28 when our speaker will be District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer!  But YOU?  Rise and shine, sunshine, on August 21. 
In Rotary Service,
Super Special Event! 
Good Day Breakfast Rotarians!
One thing that I will have to say to start out this edition of the Beacon, and that is how wonderful it is to have such encouraging opening ceremonies on Wednesday mornings. Could you imagine starting out every day like this? We were honored to have Kathy Andersen lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Past President Denise Haynes grace us with a prayer of thanksgiving and our song for the morning, O ’Beautiful. Thank You ladies.
As the mornings program swiftly moved along we recognized Michael O’ Doherty as it was his birthday. Happy Birthday Buddy hopefully you will have some wonderful plans to celebrate the occasion and that it involves cake…A lot of cake.
Featured Program: Ray Clanton of CRC
This morning we opened our minds, not that we normally have them closed, to learn about science. That’s right, science, the science of the petroleum industry. Not the Blinded me with SCIENCE 1980s song popularized by Thomas Dolby. Now, I have never worked in the petroleum industry, but I can assure you that every one of us are affected by it, good, bad, or indifferent. To clear up the muddle, and educate us with SCIENCE, our guest speaker was California Resources Corporation Petroleum Engineer Ray Clanton.
In addition to engineering, Ray knows a bit, bit ha-ha get it, oilfield bit, about education. He is an engineering instructor at CSUB and heads up The Magic Barrel educational program. It is this program Ray told us all about. In this program, Ray said that he actually brings in a 42 gal. oil barrel packed with educational materials to share with school aged children the many concepts, and controversies of petroleum production. It’s all about Fact or Fiction for Ray and he tells it like it is from his experiences as an engineer.
There’s gonna be a test on this boys and girls, so pay attention. Did you know that:
  • California Resources Corporation CRC is the largest oil producer in California.
  • A barrel of oil is 42 gal. Not 55 gal.
  • It is believed oil is derived from prehistoric plant sediments in salt water, if fresh water we would have coal instead.
  • Only 1 in 10 exploration wells drilled for oil will produce oil.
  • Oil exploration is expensive and it is difficult to extract from the earth.
  • Faults make it more difficult to find the oil. There’s a lot of faults here folks!
  • 75% of oil in the US is imported from other countries.
  • Nationwide, California is the 3rd largest oil producer.
  • Natural gas is the preferred fuel of the future.
Ray will admit that not all of his students are PRO-petroleum, but the fact remains that many things we use in everyday life are somehow connected to oil. He impresses on his students that California alone employs 500,000 people in the industry. Good work Ray, and we know and support your pursuits in promoting education and the facts surrounding one of our most important natural resources.
Bits and Pieces (he-he oilfield talk)
President Cheryl Scott was soooo proud this morning of us as a club during District Governor Bhim’s visit to Bakersfield. Cheryl mentioned the number of Breakfast Rotarians attending Woolgrowers last Thursday night with DG Bhim. We had more representatives than all the other Bako clubs. We also had a presence with the DG at the Veteran’s Village in Oildale -  the site of the future housing project for our veterans in need.
A special shout out to Past President Queen Jackie Maxwell for her constant presence in the transportation department for the DG last week. With Jackie and her devotion to Rotary, (like many of you), we are a strong, engaged, and  result-oriented club on the move for 2019-2020.
Talk about devotion, we all know and love Mary Jo Pasek and her husband Tom, as they embraced what has grown to be recognized by so many as our Wreaths Across America program for the last 10 years. They have spearheaded the local version of this annual program since its inception; it has become a big item among our Rotary projects. Mary Jo shared that she and Tom will step away from management of the project, releasing responsibility to the local Civil Air Patrol. Yes, I am sure that Mary Jo and Tom will be very close by watching the project in years to come to assure its continued success. Blessings to you both, you made a wonderful legacy for many military families in Kern County! Service Above Self         
It is difficult to write about myself, since I was featured as the Vocational Speaker, so I won’t. But I will say I am happy to be entrusted the position of Director of Public Relations and Investigations with The Law Offices of Young Wooldridge LLP 1800 30th Street Bakersfield 93301. I answer my cell phone 24/7 (661) 496-2810. Call me if you would like to know more about their legal rights when it comes to personal injury (vehicle or industrial accident) law, or business law.
Geez, was that a personal advertisement? Oh well, I’m the editor, so I’ll just wine (whine), yes Wine, Place, and Show. No kidding, it is time to fill your, no our, wine glass with sponsorships and the time is “N-O-W”, according to Karen Bonanno. See her or Teresa Ramos with any questions. Our donation flyer is out so please get active on this folks this is our big annual Wing- Ding! Promote on social media, or wherever, to whomever and as much as you can! Denise Haynes says, “Pound the pavement!”  We also need Raffle Prizes, the date for WPS is September 28 at the Luigi’s Warehouse. Now get a move on.
Michelle McClure has graciously extended her invitation to all for the next upcoming Rotary outing to be held for the Nethercutt Museum Tour. The date is quickly approaching, Saturday August 24th. The bus leaves Saturday morning at 8:15am, so if you are interested in fantastic classic autos and memorabilia from years gone by, you do not want to miss. See Michelle right away.      
Kathy Andersen is organizing the Hot Dog food service project for 45 families and she needs a few hands to help with the packaging of meals. We will be joining forces with the Boy’s and Girl’s Club on August 29th at 3pm at the Homewood Suites on Mill Rock Place. This is not your typical Hot Dog eating contest.
Denise Haynes has shared with us a shoe distribution program slated for August 29th at 9am at the WSS Shoe Store located at Brundage Lane and Chester Avenue. See Denise for more details. Great cause!
President Scott’s Coffer Management System is attracting some pretty hefty participation. For the record, Dennis “Sweet” Scott no amount of chocolate will settle your sentence. Dennis, having traveled to Amsterdam and cruised across the Atlantic to Boston could not score enough chocolate in Europe and Boston to convince our chocolate loving Pres to turn her head against issuing a fine to Dear Dennis. Dennis it is not the quantity of chocolate, it is the quality. But good effort!
Other contributors to the “Coffer Program” and Happy Spots were Queen Jackie for her professional driving privileges, and Past President Ron Nelms for being such a proud “ladies man” at his table during our meeting.  
We are having a very “special” Club Assembly next week and I know,… I know, they are business meetings, but you do not want to miss. Show up and you will be surprised! As far as your prospective guests, bring them the week after.
Speaking of guests, we would like to welcome guests Bill, Andrea, and Gladys. We love the spirit of Rotary so in recognition of Rotary International’s theme of August Membership and Club Development this is the perfect time to introduce someone new to Rotary. Besides it’s fun to have guests!
Funny that recently those who have received attention from the Coffer program have also won the drawing. This week Dennis Scott for $66. Congratulations! So it seems to win the drawing you must be first on the Coffer list. Anyone want to voluntarily be on the Coffer list? Raise your hand and President Cheryl will count you in for sure.
Blessings to all Rotarians, go invite a friend!
Editor Frank Wooldridge
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