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President's Message
Dear BBRC Friends,
Oh what a night it was on Saturday, when we filled Bakersfield Country Club and celebrated Bakersfield Breakfast Rotary Club’s 37th Annual Charter Night! 
We had quite a few folks surprised by being honored with Paul Harris Fellows in recognition of being the special people they are.  Whether it was members of the club, spouses or co-workers, there were quite a few poignant moments throughout the evening (and more than a few tears were shed, too!).
Congratulations to Craig Holland, the 2019-20 Rotarian of the Year!  Craig is an inspiration to so many of us, continuing to demonstrate the ideals of Rotary and remaining active in BBRC, even as he has faced his health challenges over the past few years.  Having the opportunity to select Rotarian of the Year doesn’t come along every day, and we have SO MANY amazing members.  It was a pleasure to present Craig with his award, and to also honor his bride, Carole, with a bouquet of flowers in recognition of her important support role.
Thank you to everyone who attended Charter Night, and kudos to Past President Ron Nelms (and the entire PP team) for creating a very special night!    
Remember, we are dark on Wednesday morning, and will instead meet up at Thursday’s All Club Meeting—11:30 at the Crystal Palace!
In Rotary Service,
The Meeting!
The meeting of Wednesday February 26th got off to a quick start as Marianna Buoni led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Past President Denise Haynes directed us in another rendition of the song “America the Beautiful.” I think it would benefit us all to know the background of the song America since our Breakfast Rotary Club enjoys singing that song so much. America was written by Samuel Francis Smith in 1831. Smith wrote the lyrics to the melody of America to another song he enjoyed. I am sure many of you have heard this same melody attached to another song which is actually the national anthem of the United Kingdom. That song is coincidentally entitled…God Save the Queen!  Smith liked that tune. It all makes sense to me now as we have a lot of royalty in our club even with a real-life Queen.
There were some noteworthy celebrations among the membership including the recognition of Past Presidents Kay Pitts’ 39th wedding anniversary, and Mike O’Doherty’s 23rd year in Breakfast Rotary. We got a chance to sing Darin Blunt a Happy Birthday song. Oh yes, I checked the origin of this song out too. Sorry Darin, you’re a great guy and stuff, but the birthday song has nothing to do with royalty. (I think that just applies to the women of our Rotary club.)
**Featured Program**
Almost daily I am reading about innovation and changes to the forecast of what business will look like in years to come in the southern San Joaquin Valley, where we live. Agriculture- and petroleum-related industries have been the reliable mainstays, even through turbulent at times, in this region as long as I can remember. It is said a change is in the air and that we will soon invite new “greener” forms of business that will hopefully sustain and spur new business growth. I suspect our featured speaker Dave Teasdale, who is the Executive Director of Economic and Workforce Development at BC is well aware of this and for that reason is directing Launchpad, a new opportunity offered by Bakersfield College.
As Dave explained, Launchpad is a resource for students and community members who are entertaining the prospect of entrepreneurship. Dave sees students from Launchpad feeling empowered to create and grow small businesses. Conveniently located in downtown Bakersfield, Launchpad is in position to access the resources of other businesses to support the good works of the students.
Some of the partners Dave is utilizing to expose his students to are:  Kern Economic Development Corporation, Bank of America, CSUB Small Business Development Center, and the Bakersfield Chamber, just to name a few.
Dave is a believer in interactive training as evidenced by numerous workshops and seminars, the guest speaker series, computing and printing resources, consultations, and the networking opportunities Launchpad offers their students.
Starting a new business takes a lot of “guts”, but that’s just fine as long as those “guts” are well-planned out. That’s where Dave and Launchpad come in. I’m counting on Dave’s enthusiasm and drive for this very important program. Yes, it would be nice if all things stayed the same as far as our historic agriculture and petroleum histories, but if there is a Change in the Wind, that is gaining momentum.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have local Launchpad-trained students who are willing, able, and prepared to assume roles in small business entrepreneurship? Maybe small business will not be the full and complete solution to new job growth, but it certainly is a positive step in the right direction.
Dave, we want to thank you for your great enterprise and for sharing with us at Breakfast Rotary. Dave is always seeking subject matter experts to share with student’s the obstacles and successes they endured in creating their “perfect” business model. If you would like to learn more how you can contribute, even as a guest speaker, please contact Dave at or 661 336-5011.
**Announcement Announcements**
Hey ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for President Cheryl Scott’s favorite trivia Rotary game, Do You Want to Be A Millionaire! Well not really, just feel like one for a moment. Pres. Cheryl posed a few questions to membership to see how keen we were with Rotary folklore. I didn’t get any of the answers right, but I know someone who did. First let’s look at the questions;
  • When Rotary began 115 years ago, what was Paul Harris’ occupation…attorney
  • Where was the first Rotary meeting held…Chicago
  • How many people attended the first meeting…four
  • What was the community service project …public toilets
  • What Breakfast Rotarian was in attendance at that very first meeting…Past President O’Doherty
  • Of course, that’s why Mike got all the answers right!!!!  Geez
KernYES was a resounding success, and Tom Burke would like to thank all members who took part in this life changing program for Kern Youth. Past Pres Denise Haynes received recognition for her outstanding work as a presenter with Honorary Breakfast Rotarian Jennifer Yamauchi. Way to go Breakfast Rotarians…hard work is virtuous, and it is Service Above Self.
Grimmway General Manager and Breakfast Rotarian John Guerard was in the spotlight for the Vocational Moment. And that is good since we learned that John will only be at Grimmway for a moment as he is anticipating his retirement in 3 months. So, while we still have John in the employed classification, it only makes sense to have him speak at the podium of all the good things Grimmway does, or at least he knows about.
John tells us that Grimmway is the largest producer of carrots in the world.  Among the carrots produced in 6 states, Grimmway product reaches our stores bearing various logos and packaging forms. John says that since agriculture makes up only 2% of the total industrial market nationally, it is even that much more important that we manage the lands and water that so many of us depend upon to feed the world, because that is exactly what John and Grimmway do. Thank you, John for your dedicated service as a Rotarian, and in your service to Grimmway. They will miss you greatly.      
********Rotary is DARK March 4th*********
Mark your calendars everyone for the All-Club Luncheon March 5th at the Crystal Palace on Buck Owens Blvd. See or contact Pres. Cheryl for RSVP. The program starts at 11:30am. See you there!
**Coffer Management System**
Alison Hickman and her family are really making the airwaves with their new advertisement for the local BMW auto dealership. I am glad you are part of that ad as I think a lot of people will recognize you and probably buy a new car. How much did you get paid to have a role in those ads…bet not as much as Pres. Cheryl FINED you. Hey Allison, is there going to be a sequel to that ad soon, oh please let us know, won’t you…
Michele McClure is $18 happy for blessings and prayer bestowed upon her dear brother who has been faced with a number of health maladies. Michele says a recent open-heart surgery was successful. Michele, you are a champion in every sense, supporting your brother, and for that we salute you. Again, Service Above Self. Prayers to your brother
Athena Collup is on a roll. Yes, BIG WINNER again as she gallops away with the proceeds from the opportunity drawing. Girl must be doing something right.
You are a member of Rotary and it is a privilege for me to join you in that endeavor. Let’s spread the word and invite a friend to our next Rotary meeting March 11th.
By: Frank Wooldridge
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