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March 17, 2021
Wooldridge's Words
I feel lucky, how about you? Bakersfield Breakfast Rotarians are inherently lucky especially those that joined us on St. Patrick’s Day morning. President David Spalinger wasn’t kidding last week when he said that this week’s meeting was going to be fun. Boy-O-Boy was the meeting fun. So, I bet my four-leaf clover that this week’s Beacon will be loaded with stories that should make each and every one of us proud of the privilege of our membership. Because of a little technical Zoom audio issues for those, like me, who were on Zoom, we missed the first few minutes of the meeting including the Invocation and America’s Pledge of Allegiance. The morning song was lost as well through Zoom, alas. However, with a couple of adjustments by Temo Lopez the day was saved. Apparently, those at the physical meeting heard us Zoomers quite well.
President Dave opened by acknowledging past BBRCer Giles Zollar. Time has done Giles a lot of good. If you do not know him, Giles was a very active and beloved member of our club a few years ago. What I did not know is that Giles was The Prez’s next door neighbor when he lived in Bakersfield. Good to see you Giles and hope that when your singing and dancing career comes to an end in Las Vegas you will return to us and your rightful place as a Breakfast Rotarian.
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