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President's Message
Hello Friends!
As we enter the week of Thanksgiving, I can say I honestly left this week’s meeting with a heart full of gratitude for my Rotary friends, and for the honor of being president of BBRC.  I hope I’m not the only person who “felt all the feels” at this week’s meeting.  We had fun and laughter, seriousness, honesty, vulnerability, joy--and even a few tears.  Whew!  All before 8:00 a.m.!
We have a long list of service opportunities and social activities coming up, so please set aside those times on your calendar!  If you haven’t had the chance yet to volunteer for a service projects this year, this is the perfect time to put yourself out there.  Check out for all the details on each project!
I’m loving watching all the Facebook pics of BBRCers’ Rotary pin and where they are SHOWING UP.  Pretty creative, team…I LOVE it! 
Remember, we’ll be DARK during Thanksgiving week, but I hope to see a good group at the Boys & Girls Club Tuesday at 4 p.m. to package Thanksgiving boxes!
I wish each of you a special holiday week, filled with family, friends, love, and joy.  We’ll reconvene on December 4!
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Wooldridge's Words
When riding up to the 12th floor of the Petroleum Club a tad late for our Wednesday morning Breakfast Rotary meeting I thought we were experiencing a slight earthquake. But upon my entrance into the meeting I soon realized that what I thought was a tremor, was nothing more than Past President Denise Haynes leading the membership in a footstompin’ handclappin’ song of, “If You’re Happy (thankful) and You Know It”. Great day to be a Breakfast Rotarian - starting out the day with such raucous enthusiasm!
Celebrating Rotary Anniversaries are Sergeant at Arms Andrew Ozanich (2 years), Past President Ron Nelms at 8 years, and President Elect Dave Spalinger a big 21 years. Well done boys! We also want to acknowledge our friend and Past President Craig Holland who is another year older. Happy Birthday Craig!!! Craig also brought in guest Ed O’Donnell who is a friend and former member of our club.
Announcements Announcements
It takes so many people in Breakfast Rotary to make our machine go, but that’s why we are members. We love to help, we are a moving machine, and it gives me great honor to be a part of so many good members.  One of those members is Kathy Andersen Berry. Kathy is heading up the Salvation Army Christmas Bell Ringing. As you know this is an annual event that Breakfast Rotary has taken the reigns on for a number of years. The date for the ringing will be December 5th. Details coming via email and posted on
Kathy also is calling on volunteers to meet at the Boys and Girls Club 801 Niles Street, Tuesday, November 26th at 4 pm to package Thanksgiving Baskets/Boxes for families in need. Mindy Wilmot happily took contributions from club members wishing to donate, and she collected a whopping $569Denise Haynes and Kathy will purchase additional food items to add to those brought in today by club members. Pete “Pie Man” Leveroni will provide major support with the contribution of pies. Our Foundation will be donating all the turkeys to the cause. Man-O-Man, do you see why it is so fun to be a Breakfast Rotarian!   
“Woody” Dave Spalinger is hosting, and boasting, that Breakfast Rotary will have our Christmas Party, Friday December 6th at his home. Dave requests that visiting the Club Runner roster online that members will be able to confirm his address…just check out  The fun begins at 6:30 pm. Dave even tells us that members and guests do not have to bring their favorite dish as the party will be catered exclusively by Café Med. Geez, I hope they have cookies! See another little organizer, Club Service Director Michele McClure, to RSVP.
Please note: Those of you, which should be all of us, who are participating in the Rotary “30 day Challenge”, that challenge concludes the very night of the Christmas Party. So get out there and represent!
One of my all-time Breakfast Rotary favorites is our Annual Rotary Christmas Shopping at East Hills Target…set for December 14th. For those of you that have not participated, this is the perfect opportunity for you TO SPEND OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY! Yes, even though it is from our budget, you are taking the time to make this morning special to a deserving child and their family. All that you do is help a child to choose and wrap Christmas gifts (along with Interact students who come along to assist all of you grown Breakfast Rotary Christmas elves). To participate, simply show up at the East Hills Target at 6:50am as shopping will begin just after 7am. We will have an hour to shop before the store opens to the general public. 
Our upcoming Fremont Elementary School dictionary distribution to 3rd grade students is quickly approaching. For details see Denise Haynes or Michele McClure. Date to be determined.
Blue Badge Ceremony
This season’s Blue Badgers, “Freshman Class”, was recognized Wednesday morning with an introduction from Membership Chair Pat Thompson. Our new members Chelsea Ashcraft, Sally Selby, Alison Hickman, Deidre Brown and David Lari all were acknowledged for meeting the qualifications to become a full-fledged Rotarian. It has been great ushering them into our club and what a class with CLASS! I have seen these members taking front and center in becoming engaged in a number of our activities in such a short period of time. With so many community activities to come it will be great to get them more involved. Hey, here is an idea, let’s get involved with them by participating in an upcoming Breakfast Rotary function soon. Congratulations!
2019 Club Survey Results
President Cheryl Scott has asked our cooperation in completing the Breakfast Rotary Annual Satisfaction Survey. Pres. Cheryl said with 50% of the membership responding thus far, the responses reveal that membership satisfaction is definitely in the good range. Our membership reports that they are satisfied with the current number of service projects Breakfast Rotary is committed to, and most of the membership values the importance of informative programs…thanks to our program director, Pete Leveroni. Running a close second, the membership touts the friendships of other members as their reason for attending weekly Rotary meetings. Now that sounds very healthy to me!  Click on the section title for the results.
Other points of interest that respondents brought to the attention of Pres. Cheryl is a more visible social media presence, considering involvement in a spay/neutering program, a response to those inside or outside of the club facing unexpected emergencies, and continued engagement of Family of Rotary to address Rotarians in need. And finally, Rotarian’s value their method of receiving club information mostly through email, with THE BEACON following in second place.   
The Program
There are a number of health maladies that affect us as the aging process moves closer in our lives, but there is one that strikes the fear in all of us and that is the onset of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. I have personal knowledge of this disease as my grandmother was inflicted with it, and I know many Rotarians’ families have been, too. Perhaps some of us are impacted with the disease in our family right now even, as a caregiver. This meeting we were honored to have Judy Ardray Education and Care Specialist for our local Alzheimer’s Association as our guest speaker. Judy not only educated Breakfast Rotarians about the disease, but gave us a number of facts, strategies and responses to these deadly diseases.
So for the purpose of the integrity of The Beacon I do not want to state this is an all-inclusive list of facts of the disease, but simply a summary of what I would like to pass along to our readers. Judy taught us that the disease generally strikes those 65 years of age and older, and those with certain genetic markers. The disease onset has a number of symptoms that may not necessarily be indicators of actual Alzheimer’s and Dementia, but their manifestation may rise to a consideration for disease screening. Those symptoms include: difficulty in completing tasks, spatial misperception of surroundings, decreased accuracy of judgement, changes in mood, depression, misplacing items, and social withdrawal. Note: Increased attendance at Breakfast Rotary meetings has been known as an unofficial cure from at least the social withdrawal aspect, so I expect now that we learned that, our future attendance at our Rotary meetings will likely improve…
Judy states there is no cure for the disease, but research is on the way. She encourages us to explore her website at for more details. Judy says that the website is a great resource of support for families who are facing challenges of a loved one inflicted with the disease. She even touts that there are online classes and seminars that are free.
On a lighter note, Judy tells us that the disease may be prevented, yes prevented! Maintaining a controlled blood pressure, maintaining a heart healthy lifestyle and yes, socialization, are all contributory towards delaying the onset of the disease. Judy also seeks volunteers and fund raising for the Association’s efforts.
Thank You Judy for joining us and for being there for those persons who benefit from your support!
The Coffer Management System
Often, the Coffer Management System serves to create revenue for the club which benefits us all. Most of the fines are for things that we are proud of and generate a good ‘ol sense of humor, and personally I don’t mind rubbing it in. But the morning’s offering from members and their announcements and five spots, were anything but funny Happy Spots. In fact, they were darn right serious!
Our Marlene Heise, we have missed her so, shared with us the challenges she has been facing in caring for her Ben. It has been a difficult “100 days” for Marlene and Ben, and now that things are going better, Marlene came back to see us…and she donated a generous $100 from the bottom of her heart. We support you Marlene and look forward to supporting you during Ben’s treatment and recovery. 
Mary Jo Pasek is no longer directly involved in collection of funding for the Wreath’s Project, which has been a pillar for her and husband Tom for a number of years. She asks for continued support for the project which she states has raised nearly $400,000 during her involvement with the program. See Mary Jo for information how you can become involved with this year’s Wreath Project.
Breakfast Rotary does display some pride and some members cannot seem to help themselves when it comes to “strutting their stuff”, or should I say, going to the extremes! Case in point, Denise Haynes reports that last week’s Bakersfield Marathon drew her attention…again…for her 67th marathon (is this a typo?) Yes, this galloping trackster has logged more miles on an asphalt track than I had walking the beat as a street cop in the 80’s on what was known as Lakeview Avenue (currently Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.) Denise tells us that she was the 1st place winner in her age group and finished the race of 26.19 miles at 4 hours and 57 minutes (and she paid up, accordingly)!
Athena Collup, serving as the Bakersfield Association of Realtors President, shared that the realtor’s annual golf tournament (which I gladly participated in) raised $20,000. Athena tells us the money has gone toward renovations for the Bakersfield Ronald McDonald House. Great leadership! (I’m telling you…future Breakfast Rotary President.)
Would someone tell Mike O’Doherty that if he is going to challenge the Pres. in a trivia competition that he needs to come up with a question for the Pres. that is at a minimum something that occurred before she was born? For instance, selecting which musical artist sang the song, “Changes” (which achieved top radio song play in 1975, and still is widely heard), may not be the most challenging. Surprisingly, Pres. Cheryl did not know the answer of the artist who sang the song, but she was allowed to “phone a friend” and call on a fellow Rotarian to help her out.   Queen Jackie (dressed in her Rotary Pin Regalia) answered O’Doherty’s question with David Bowie, getting Pres. Cheryl off the hook. Score: President Cheryl 1 point v. Mike O’Doherty 0 points…NO FINE for the President this time!
Becky Brooks esq. bought a new car and received a $50…FINE.
The opportunity drawing is back and the big $67 winner is Heath Niemeyer. Congrats fellow CSUB Roadrunner!
Let’s invite a guest to Breakfast Rotary December 4!
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