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March 24, 2021
Wooldridge's Words
The Program - Dustin Contreras with Kern Coalition Against Human Trafficking
With time a wastin’ Mr. Pete Leveroni from the comfy confines of his Starship introduced our Program Speaker Dustin Contreras. Dustin visited with us from Kern Coalition Against Human Trafficking, otherwise known as KCAHT. Dustin, a Kern County Sheriff’s Deputy has taken on a personal involvement as chairman of KCAHT. A former U.S. Marine with a knack for judo, Dustin has committed himself to KCAHT to become recognized by Federal Homeland Security as a subject matter expert on the topic of human trafficking. You might ask yourself with all the different things a person can take on as community causes why human trafficking…well tell us why not? We were going to learn from Dustin what human trafficking is, and why he has dedicated a large part of his life to addressing it in Kern.
Dustin told us it was through research by a contingent of Federal Human Trafficking experts it was documented that Kern County is a prime location for serious issues related to human trafficking. As it pertains to prostitution, our proximity to Las Vegas makes Kern County a “training ground” for persons to be indoctrinated into the chaotic world of trafficking. Dustin broke it down to us like this, there are two types of trafficking: in no particular order, labor trafficking and sex trafficking. What are the two types of trafficking? Dustin said both Labor and Sex just in case you are taking notes. 
Most visible is the service industry, such as street vendors, restaurant and even carnival workers. Labor trafficking is a form of abuse in which the victims are coerced or forced to engage in work at the direction of the trafficker to repay a debt. The debt often relates to what is owed a trafficker for their victim’s secure departure from another country into America. Sometimes such debt can reach $10,000 or more per person.
Equally as acrimonious is the lucrative sex trafficking market. Dustin said traffickers slowly lure potential victims into the sex trade. Unlike the theory of “Stranger Danger” tales, traffickers seek children and adult victims who are, by no fault of their own, exposed through dysfunctional familial situations, such as drugs, violence, and poverty. Most victims are exploited by a trafficker who is known to them, such as a relative. As disgusting and unbelievable as this may sound, I can attest to the accuracy of Dustin’s observations. It is what we don’t read about or turn a blind eye to that can teach us. It is for that reason Dustin and KCAHT acts on behalf of those who are unable to remove themselves on their own from these terrible situations. What further makes the existence of KCAHT in Kern County a necessity is that California leads all the states in this sad statistic because of its leading economy, AKA there is a lot of money here.    
Penal Code section 236.1 defines the human trafficking law, and the sentences violators would be faced with following a successful conviction. These sentences include fines and prison sentences, as the crime is most definitely a felony. Dustin tells us that an enhanced sentence includes a life sentence for those traffickers who involve a minor (person under the age of 18 years) in commission of these crimes.
Besides just identifying situations where trafficking is occurring, Dustin told us KCAHT with its band of skillfully trained volunteers provides solutions to victim’s, and coordinates care to victims which includes safe placement. Needless to say, KCAHT provides intelligence information to local law enforcement agencies and the Kern County District Attorney’s Office to enable these agencies to aggressively arrest and prosecute criminal traffickers. Dustin shared everyone has a role in protecting those without the means to remove themselves from being victims. One way he states is to become trained in the detection and personal reporting of suspected behavior to KCAHT or local law enforcement.
To learn more Dustin urges each person to take responsibility to know how to reach KCAHT by either contacting him directly with questions at, or He said the toll-free number (888) 373-7888 can also be reached. This phone number is the National Reporting line and they can be of assistance when reporting local trafficking. We want to thank Dustin for his sacrifice towards making our community safe, and his passion in perhaps saving another human being from having to endure the inhumanity of being a victim of human trafficking. We salute you sir!
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The Polaris Project is a national effort to stop trafficking.
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