Posted by Kay Pitts on Feb 28, 2018
End of February greetings from replacement reporter for Sandy Magley, Kay Pitts. Sandy’s husband, Bruce, was scheduled to undergo knee surgery bright and early on meeting day. I am happy to report that the surgery was successful.
New member Kathy Anderson was greeting members and collecting signatures with the every-happy and friendly Teresa Ramos Alvarez. (Warning: if you haven’t met Kathy and signed her form, be sure to do that in the next few meetings. Pres. Denise is fining those who don’t meet new members, but more on that later.)
Breakfast offered tasty eggs without green stuff but with other veggies. Unfortunately, green egg hater, Neil Walker was not present, so I did not get a report from Neil on how today’s fare satisfied him. 
We had a plethora of stand-ins for the morning rituals – Athena Collup stood in for invocation for  Dale Bender.  Similarly, Mr. Flag Salute, past-president Craig Holland, stood in for Martha Samora.  Martha also missed Charter Night due to a sick hubby.  Here’s hoping she hasn’t contracted it!  Pres. Denise was VERY happy to announce that Bill Black has accepted the assignment of song-master.  Interesting songs are guaranteed.  Today we did 16 tons.  Pres. Denise made sure we were all aware that we were just doing ONE verse and ONE refrain.  I must compliment Bill and our members. We generally sounded pretty good in that low register – or maybe it was just that Bill sounds great and we just didn’t bring it down too much.
Denise McCombs informed us that we did not have any visiting Rotarians.  Denise M. shared the pro-tip that the Visiting Rotarian Introducer needs to check with the Secretary just before the meeting starts to see if any Rotarians are visiting.  We did have a non-Rotarian visitor however. Jackie Maxwell brought some old guy – ok maybe he isn’t that old (65 is getting younger to me every day.) Jackie’s Tom Roddy, who turned 65 Sunday Feb. 25, joined us for breakfast.  Tom is still looking forward to all that money he will come into in his first Social Security check.  (Keep looking Tom.)
Member Celebrations - Past Pres Mike O’Doherty, who apparently celebrated a little too much at Charter Night giving out money and was not present at the meeting, has enhanced our Rotary as a member for 21 years.  Congratulations MikeYour reporter and past first laddie Brian celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary on meeting day.  Brian has historically been able to meet the “attend a meeting during your anniversary month” tradition by attending Charter Night.  However, this year he was stricken with a nasty cold and didn’t attend.  I’m not sure how amends will be made.  Finally, Darin Blunt celebrated his birthday on February 26.  He didn’t reveal his age, even though our rendition of the birthday song was inspiring to say the least.
Pres. Denise awarded two more multiple Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) pins to Rotarians who were not able to attend Charter Night – John Guerard and Mary Jo Pasek both received their second PHF.
Birthday boy Darin Blunt apparently missed meeting and signing new members’ Andrew Ozanich and Brenda Nakanishi signature sheets.  Since it was his birthday, Pres. Denise knocked the $15 fine per new member to $10 each.  You are now warned that you need to meet new member Kathy Anderson and sign her sheet!
Happy SpotsPres. Denise decided to specifically recognize those members who had not expressed happiness as yet this Rotary year.  Those now-happy folks and others who are generally happy are:
  • Denise McCombs –$10 happy -  she and Nigel have set a date for their wedding (Oct 6).  Are we all invited? (We are very happy for you too!)
  • Bobbie Hake ($10) is going on the sister city trip to China that is coming up soon.
  • Will Duerksen missed charter night because his daughter was married in a beautiful wedding – even though he won $303 in one of the Charter Night drawings! He pled wedding poverty and only fined himself $10.
  • Dr. Joe Nunez had knee surgery Valentine’s Day and still hobbled in to meet his BBRC obligation. He has a wedding coming up, so is only $5 happy.
  • Athena Collup confessed (happily) that she is the Pres.-Elect for Bakersfield Association of Realtors. $10 happy.  She is a tad nervous for next year since it is a big job.
  • Mountain Mary Breckenridge sold her family home in Old Stockdale (happy event) but was unhappy that it was demolished by the buyer. BUT as a farmer she is thrilled with the weather for $10.
  • Jeff Haynes made sure folks were reading his emails by putting in errors ($5.)
  • Ed O’Donnell ($20) is going to Ireland for his 50th anniversary. We are all very happy for Ed and the lovely Shirley. They will be meeting a long-time friend there and traveling with him.
  • Andrew Ozanich was happy $5 because he is still the youngest member and that he was here.
  • Brenda Nakanishi’s husband had carpel tunnel surgery and has recovered enough to shave himself now. She was pleased that little blood was shed while she was handing that duty.  I believe she was $10 happy.
  • Tom Burke, who also won $303 in the Charter Night drawing was $20 happy for the win.
Dave Spalinger presented a vocational moment/ March 7 meeting promotion.  He has been in the woodworking business for 43 years in the business, working with his father when he was but a little lad. His company, Skyline Cabinets, does custom woodwork and cabinets. He has a unique set-up in that the operation is fully or at least, heavily automated. His company is one of a very few that make cabinetry for Rolex displays.  There is a Rolex cabinet in his shop now that is almost ready to go to a store in southern California.  We will be able to see it and hear about the demanding craftsmanship when we meet at his shop on March 7.  How cool is that?!
Fit for Rotary Moment – Today was exercise day – we simulated woodworking.  Dave Spalinger wasn’t sure how sanding, using a plane and nailing wood was done without automation.  Pres. Denise had to explain to him.
The Program – Six members of the award-winning BHS Virtual Enterprise team and their advisor, Ryker Solano, were introduced by Karen Bonanno. Mr. Solano is in his seventh year as advisor for the BHS Virtual Enterprise teams.  Last year’s team not only won State, but also won the National competition.  This year’s team won the State at a competition in Bakersfield in January and is ready to travel to New York City in April to compete at Nationals.  The team developed possible business ideas over the summer and decided what to do once the school year started.  The business that was selected is called “Anomalous.” It is a virtual healthy juice company that uses imperfect produce which would have gone to waste or to animal feed.  The team gave us their high energy, informative 10-minute pitch presentation and answered questions.  Jackie Maxwell was ready to sell her citrus to them for the juice. The presentation is very complete in that it included:
  • SWOT Analysis for the business
  • Plan for giving back to the community and to their potential and current employees
  • HR functions
  • Industry Analysis
  • Competition – real and virtual
  • Marketing plan – target 25-40 year olds. Have cute, appealing names for the juices like “Kalifornina” (a Kale based juice)
  • Placement, promotion
  • Outreach program – “community roots”
  • Financials
We wish the team the best of luck in New York. We are sure they will do GREAT!
Upcoming events and service projects:
  • March 5, SEAL Center dedicating the Science & Art Lab, Monday 9:00 am, 1100 9th St. 93304
  • March 7 – Meeting at Skyline Cabinets to see the Rolex exhibit – let Jeff Haynes know if you are attending
  • March 8 -  all club lunch meeting at Hodel’s.  Let Jeff Haynes know if you are attending
  • March 13 - Leadership and Ethics Conference (Mike Turnipseed)
  • April 7 – Tijuana Orphanage trip weekend. Contact Ron Nelms.
  • April 14 or 28 – San Miguel Commemorative Grove clean up and plaque installations. (Jackie Maxwell)
  • May 5, a multi-club food packaging project. Pres. Denise will provide more details later.
  • May 26 – 28 - Memorial Day weekend – 1000 flags (Becky Brooks)

Pres. Denise tried to adjourn the meeting (on time) without holding the drawings. Club members would not have any of that.  Pres-Elect Ron Nelms won 100 Paul Harris points; Pres-Elect-Nominee Cheryl Scott won $53 in the drawing. Congrats to both!