Posted by Jackie Maxwell on Aug 20, 2017

When you stepped off the elevators this morning, the smiling faces of Shaun Kelly and Mike Stepanovich were there to greet you.

Perky President Denise gave the bell a tiny tap to bring the meeting to order.  Jackie Maxwell gave the invocation and was followed by Michele McClure leading the flag salute.  Then the clever song team of Mike & Shari George led us in a tribute to the upcoming Solar Eclipse by having us sing Manfred Mann’s,"Blinded by the Light. " Boy does that song have some strange lyrics . . . . “With a boulder on my shoulder, Feelin’ kinda older, I tripped the merry-go-round.”   

Sergeant-at-Arms, Pete Leveroni, introduced the only visiting Rotarian, who also happened to be today’s speaker, Barry Rosenfeld.  Barry is a member of an E-Club.  

Ed O’Donnell brought his wife of 49 years, the former Shirley Danser, to breakfast this morning.  Gee, I hope he has other anniversary plans for her,  although the breakfast enchiladas were a party kind of entrée.  Also visiting was Bree Goodman of Flooring America.  She was the guest of Athena Collup, who just happens to be her second cousin. 

Prez Denise gave us a little refresher course on how to properly address the podium.  Please stand and wait for Pete to get his “Fitbit” steps in as he brings you the mike.  This way no one misses out on the banter.

Reminder that the District Conference will be held in Ventura, October 6-8.  Don’t miss out on the inspiring presentations, Expo of Club Projects, Field Trips, and good fun.  Mike O’D. will be going over for the Saturday sessions only if anyone would like to ride along.

In response to suggestions from our “Monthly One Question Survey,” Denise is actively getting more members involved.  Today she worked on 3 tasks: 

 1) Recruited Beacon scribes for the next four weeks (sorry I missed listing the volunteers because I was busy scribing.) 

 2)  Needed volunteers to put together the programs that have already been suggested by the members (remember the post–its on the table in the last bit of President Kay’s year?) She still needs a few volunteers for this task.  Please call Denise or Sandra Quigley if you’d like to help. 

 3) Successfully recruited a committee to update our By-Laws now that Rotary International has some new ideas for club success.  Steve Shayer was hood winked into the task, then Michele McClure and Marlene Heise jumped on the band wagon.  The committee can use more members, so raise your hands next week.

We worked on our Mental Fitness with a Rose Parade Trivia test.  It would have been a lot easier to answer these fun facts after Barry’s presentation on the Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee.

Sandra Quigley gave a very nice introduction of Barry Rosenfeld; however, I was enjoying my breakfast enchilada and forgot to take notes.  The gist was that Barry is a fellow Rotarian, Paul Harris Fellow, spends time with special needs children and is an all-around good guy.

Barry is the Director of the Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee.  This committee is not a project of Rotary International, so no funds come from RI.  Instead it is funded by generous donations from Rotarians.  Rotary created its first float in 1927, but it was not in the parade.  The committee has now built a float every year since 1980.  That year the float won the National Trophy.  Just last year the wonderful float, depicting a dragon that travels the world doing good, won the Most Beautiful Float under 35 feet.  As well as riders on the float, there were walkers carrying suitcases with the"End Polio Now" slogan,covered in cinnamon by Barry’s wife.  He mentioned his garage smelled like a snicker doodle for months.

To ride a Rotary float, there has to be a fundraiser donation of $10,000 to the committee,  but you can get the bargain rate of $6,500 if you’d like to be a walker.

The committee does use a professional float service and of course all floats must be made with organic materials (thus the cinnamon suitcases).  Many volunteers are needed to complete the task of decorating the floats.  It is detailed work (gluing dried peas on the Rotary Wheel is real work).  But if you would like to volunteer, be assured that the comradery is great and makes the work enjoyable.

To volunteer, log on to at 8:01 AM, September 15th.  You can select the date and time you’d like to assist.  The fee to register is only $5.  The 2018 Rotary float is an adorable bunny that is “Planting the Seeds of Service.”

Dave Spalinger, Community Service Chair, presented Barry with a donation from BBRC to the Rotary Float Committee for $1340.  That got Denise a new hat and each member will be recognized as a donor.  We also got cool patches from the 2017 Dragon “Doing Good in the World.”


BBRC celebrated Liz Rozell 2nd year club anniversary.  Sister Judy has been with the Sisters of Mercy for 58 years.  Ira & Karen Stoker celebrated 37 years of marriage on August 15.  Ed & Shirley’s wedding date is August 17 and Steve & Karla Shayer will be celebrating 33 years on August 18th.

The fellow Leo’s, Bill Black and Michael O’Doherty took another trip around the sun this week:  Bill on August 16 and Mike on August 17th.  


Pick up your Save the Date reminders on the tables. There are important club activities that you don’t want to miss!

Heather Ward and Teresa Waller are the co-fundraising chairs for Wine, Place and Show this year.  Be sure to get your sponsor packet and hit up a few friends to support our great annual fundraiser.  Tickets will be available next week.

Shoes for SEAL Students is our August Community Service project.  Please join Dave “the Woodman” Spalinger after the August 30th meeting at WSS shoes to get our SEAL kids in some new kicks!

Our next Social will be the Tip-A –Cop dinner at Black Angus on Thursday, September 7th.  Proceeds will go to the Special Olympics.  

A September 30th a trip is planned to TJ, to visit the Orphanage that we are contributing $1200 as part of our International Service.  I was lucky enough to travel with last group and it was great. I highly recommend the experience.

Denise then spoke of the Rotary House Retreat.  Frank Wooldridge, will be the BBRC leader for this joint Bakersfield Rotary Clubs program.  Rotary House Retreat” (RHR) is available to aid first responders in need. Sponsored by local Rotary Clubs, RHR is a not-for-profit program designed explicitly for first responders. This confidential, secluded, and local retreat is staffed by professional clinicians plus trained volunteer peer counselors and chaplains.  BBRC has donated $1000 to this program.  We look forward to hearing more about the Retreat in the weeks to come.

Dennis Scott, Vocational Chair, enlightened us on the importance of connectivity with fellow Rotarians in their professional fields.  Soon a 3-4 minute Professional Presentation by club members will become an addition to the weekly duty roster.  

Two quick happy 5 spots were:  Dan Johnson, rocking it again, this time for a movie sound track.

Greg Desme has an engaged daughter.  Yippee!

Michele McClure walked away with 200 PHF points and Treasurer Will Duerksen won the $63 opportunity drawing.  Will donated his winnings to Greg for the wedding fund.

Wow, that little dynamo Denise, packs a bunch of stuff into a meeting.  Let’s do it again next week!