Posted by Jeff Bell on Mar 07, 2018
 It was a beautiful day in Dave’s neighborhood. A beautiful day for a neighbor! And most of the BBRC came to join us at Skyline Cabinets and Millworks this morning! The commute to South Mt. Vernon felt a bit long but all that melted away with the welcoming smiles from Bree Goodman and Marilee Reagor who offered visions of financial freedom in each 50/50 ticket they sold!
Old friends and new gathered together in the back warehouse surrounded by the enchanting smell of freshly crafted woods, but noticeably missing was the aroma of Hodel’s buttermilk biscuits and their freshly brewed coffee. Apparently signals crossed and they had to relocate the delivery from across town, so instead we filled up with spiritual and patriotic energy through prayer by Darin Blunt and a flag salute by Mary Jo Pasek. Of course, with the stars and stripes hanging from the rafters- we probably needed Jeff Haynes to work on each of our necks during the rousing, Johnny Cash version of “Busted” that Bill Black led us through!
President Denise Haynes acknowledged three special visitors who joined us today. Dave Spalinger, Cheryl Scott, and Adoree Roberson each brought their spouses- Melody, Darren, and Ken respectively. No visiting Rotarians made it out our way and no one celebrated a birthday this week; however, President Denise recognized Shawn Kelly and Darin Blunt for their club anniversaries. Darin joined the BBRC 13 years ago and Shaun has been actively participating for 24 years! Finally, President Denise mentioned Jason & Kim Williamson recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary but neither was anywhere to be found this morning- hmmm!
Moving on to a Charter Night follow up, President Denise recognized our very own Stephanie Baker in receiving her 5th Paul Harris Fellow and Bree Goodman’s very first Paul Harris Fellow. Bree’s award came through an anonymous donation in her name in recognition of the amazing work she continues to do as a new and very involved BBRC Rotarian.
Susan Searey reported on the club’s donation of science equipment to the S.E.A.L. center downtown this past Monday with fellow Rotarians Denise Haynes and Michele McClure. Jackie Maxwell announced the upcoming San Miguel Grove cleanup next month and mentioned there may be some additional memorial plaques installed at the same time. Ron Nelms shared additional details on our upcoming trip to the orphanage in Mexico and Kay Pitts gave away two tickets to the symphony this weekend to the first interested hand (which ended up belonging to Sandra Quigley).
President Denise thanked Neil Walker for recently taking the reigns of our weekly meeting while she was “out of town” in Hawaii! She recognized Susan Searey and “Mountain Mary” Breckenridge for their efforts in planting new trees over the past weekend out at Wind Wolves Preserve. This project helped fulfil RI President Ian Riseley’s challenge for each club to plant a tree for each of its members by April 22nd of this year! Finally, President Denise concluded the club business portion of the meeting by reading a thank you letter to the BBRC from Wounded Heroes recognizing the club’s financial support of their canine program.
Our very own Dave Spalinger then took the hypothetical mic and proceeded to razzle and dazzle us with the set up of his business, Skyline Cabinets.  Words really do no justice to the scope of their operations! All their cabinetry work begins with Dave providing his shop manager, John, some basic designs and measurements from the client. John then translates that vision into a digital schematics file which the computer sends wirelessly to each of the floor machines. Wood pieces are affixed with barcodes and the shop worker simply scans the code and the machine takes over. Highly automated and precise, the finished product speaks to the craftsmanship, detail, and quality of this process.
Dave does work for individuals, businesses, and various government entities. Currently, 25% of his business comes from Rolex who commissions him to fabricate their display cases at various high end jewelry shops all over the country. However, with all these jobs piling up, he has yet to provide a Rolex to his lovely wife, Melody! All kinds of excuses were offered as to why he owns one but she does not; however, the BBRC board may wish to consider instituting a Rolex fine for any and all members who own one themselves but have not purchased one for their significant other.  
Finally, at 10 minutes to 8am, the Hodels truck finally arrived, overflowing with a delicious and wonderful variety of foods for those who patiently waited to the very end of the meeting. President Denise reminded us that next week Tom Burke will present a program about the community college district entitled “Show Me the Money.”  No PHF points were drawn today; however, Cheryl Scott won the 50/50 raffle with a $76 take! For those keeping score, that is two in a row for Cheryl- someone may want to investigate!
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the All Club meeting tomorrow and our regular BBRC meeting next week!
Submitted by junior scribe in training- Jeffrey Bell