Posted by Sandy Magley on Feb 14, 2018
Our meeting was called to order by Hawaiian-vacationer President Denise.  A loving invocation was given by Gerry Starr, flag salute was led by Martha Samora, and “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” was led by Bill Black.  Denise thanked greeters Cheryl Biggar and Liz Rozell and scribe Sandy Magley.  Cheryl Scott said there were no visiting Rotarians, but we had many members who brought their sweethearts as guests:  Adoree brought her new hubbie Ken Shanley; Becky Brooks brought Jared; and Sandra Quigley brought Jon Parnell.  Other members had guests, too:  Mike O’Doherty brought Fuchsia Ward; Craig Holland brought Kathleen Anderson (more to follow); Andrew Ozanich brought Anna; and Darin Blunt brought his daughter, Mallory (more to follow).

Celebrations for this week and next week (since we are DARK next Wednesday:  NO wedding anniversaries, Prez Denise thought was odd since it’s Valentine’s Day; Samy Abiaoui has his 7-year club anniversary; Harry Bryant, Teresa Waller, and Heather Ward all have birthdays, but since none of them was present, we didn’t have to sing another song.
One of BBRC’s greatest moments is when we have a new member induction.  Today we were pleased to have Kathleen Anderson, manager of Broken Yolk Café, join our ranks.  She received all her Rotary paraphernalia, then shared a little bit about how she got to where she is now.  She’s originally from the Adirondack Mountain area of New York, and thought she wanted to be a teacher.  After trying that for 6 weeks, she discovered it wasn’t her calling so she joined the Marines. She arrived in California because her husband got stationed here.  She discovered the restaurant business gave her time to be home with her kids as well as earn a living, so now she’s manager of a very busy and popular breakfast/lunch establishment in town.  Hmmm…. maybe a location of a future off-site meeting?

  1.  Fuchsia Ward, a member of Kiwanis, announced that they (Kiwanis) are partnering with IHOP on Feb. 27 to help support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.  Since there is one such facility here in Bakersfield at Memorial Hospital, she encouraged us all to attend for FREE PANCAKES any time between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.  Donations will be gladly accepted.
  2. Denise called on Stephanie Baker for her opinion on last Saturday’s KernYES event.  Several of our members volunteered (Denise, Stephanie, Ed, Gerry, Craig were just a few) and it was VERY successful.  The date for next year’s event is Feb. 23, 2019.  Students attended 4 workshops during the day, had meals, and ended the evening with a dance.  BBRC donated a total of $1,000, as did East Rotary.
  3. Mallory Blunt had her Girl Scout cookies with her and explained that her troop is raising funds for a trip to Disneyland.  Some were available for purchase today, but members could order for future delivery.

  1. Charter Night is next Saturday, Feb. 24.  Jackie reminded us that the Club pays for each member and one guest, so be sure to let Jackie or Kay know your entrée and dessert choices.  It will be at the Bakersfield Country Club.  Charter Night is why WE ARE DARK NEXT WEDNESDAY.  Mike O’D.  also informed us that Kay (out sick today but communicating digitally) says the 50/50 drawings will be substantial since our goal of donations has been surpassed.  Also, if you want to purchase tickets that night, it will be cash only.
  2. Ed O’Donnell reminded us that Interact District Conference is also Feb. 24, but during the day in Oxnard.  Contact him for more info.
  3. Dave Spalinger reported that this month’s service project will be donating science materials to the SEAL Center.  No date is set yet, but he’ll keep us posted.
  5. The March 7th meeting will be at Dave Spalinger’s shop on Mt. Vernon.  Should be interesting!
  6. All Club meeting (meaning ALL Rotary Clubs in Bakersfield) will be Thursday, March 8, at Hodel’s.  The guest speaker is Joan Toon, who is a polio survivor from Canada.  The time is 11:30 to 1:30.
Five members from the Stockdale High School Orchestra performed for us.  They were only a small portion of the string section, but they were MARVELOUS!  They performed several classical pieces as well as one that they will be performing in April when the travel to and perform at, wait for it:  Carnegie Hall!!  It was just beautiful to see and hear such talented young people.  Their closing number was “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and no Rotary member needed to be told to stand for it.  A donation basket was passed during their performance, and our generous club donated almost $400 towards their New York expenses.  This may help the almost 100 students who are going at least get a cup of coffee!  Denise also thanked the proud parents who attended and congratulated them, too.

Mary Jo Pasek revisited the news of the southwest campus of Bakersfield College opening.  There were about 500 students who registered for the first classes at the new location!  There will also be an upcoming event on March 8, funded by Norm Levin, dealing with the topic of sexual harassment.  Guest speaker will be Anita Hill.  Mary Jo was $10 happy.
Ron Nelms went to PETS last weekend and brought back new 4-Way test pins for Denise and Michelle.  He also brought a frog puzzle for Denise (since she likes frogs), but I didn’t hear “how happy” he was.
Denise shared some happy news that made her $25 happy:  her first grandbaby is a boy, and his name will be William Ryan.  I missed the due date, but I know we’ll hear more as the time approaches.
Our program on February 28 will be Bakersfield High School’s Virtual Enterprise team.  Remember:  WE’RE DARK NEXT WEEK!  NO MEETING NEXT WEDNESDAY!
Pat Thompson won $72 in the 50/50, Cheryl Biggar won 100 Paul Harris points, and new groom Kenny Shanley won the wine cork present from Prez Denise.   I hope to see you all on the 28th as I’m hoping my new grandma duties will be starting soon.  I’ll keep you posted.
(P.S.  New granddaughter arrived at 1:39 a.m. on 2-16-18.  Her name is Sadie James and she weighed 8#7oz. and is 20 1/2" long.  Long labor but successful delivery.  This Mimi is enjoying her time to spoil!)