Posted by Ed O'Donnell on Jan 17, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:00 AM. 

Invocation was given by Jeff Bell. 

Flag Salute was given by Mary Jo Pasek. 

Greeters:  Michelle Cooper and Greg Desme. 

Scribe:  Ed O’Donnell. 

There were no visiting Rotarians and no guests of members in attendance today. 

A check for $7,820.00 was presented to the Wounded Heroes who were represented today by Casey Schaubschlager.  He advised that their yearly budget is around $70K and this check will go a long way to supporting the Wounded Heroes program this year.  Gerald Starr also applauded their efforts in this endeavor and for sharing their facility with Honor Flight.



Barry Rosenfeld was a no-show today re: Rose Parade T-Shirts. 

Frank Wooldridge was our vocational moment speaker.  It was obvious to all that Frank loves what he does now.  This was evident by the fact that his biggest rush was obtaining new clients and helping them through the legal process of their claims.  It is good to have an advocate like our Frank Wooldridge on your side when needed.

Greg Desme introduced our program speaker, Mohshan Attaran.  Dr. Attaran’s topic of the day was: 

The Future of Technology-2020 and Beyond -

Technologies that are Bringing Fundamental Changes to Society, Education, Consumers, Businesses, Your Health and Safety

               Dr. Attaran is now involved in providing e-Business solutions to local and national firms.  He is the founder of Interactive Educational Services, Inc. with the mission of providing cutting edge Web-based applications and Apps for K-12 schools, nonprofit and for-profit organizations. 

               He advises that 83% of jobs will be gone for $20.00 per hour personnel in the near future as automation in the business world is taking over those positions.  24-38-year-old millennials, of which there are now 92 million, are the biggest group of people born since the baby boomers after WWII.  The millennials are purchasing 45% of the homes currently.  Needless to say, the millennials represent the only path of growth for a business in today’s environment.  We watched a video of a young lady trying on dresses today without actually trying them on physically.  This is called augmented reality and is currently ongoing.  Technology is placing chips in people so they no longer need to carry a wallet with money and/or credit cards to purchase items.  People will simply swipe their arm over a machine to purchase items.  Good news for Wall Street as robots will be taking jobs there also.  Gene-based precision medicine is coming soon.  A patient can just take some saliva and have it tested to find out what illness they have or may have in the near future based upon their makeup.  Artificial Intelligence (robots) are coming.  Good/bad, who knows, but they’re coming.  Robots think exponentially and humans think linear.  Here are a few definitions of these two trains of thought: exponential thinking is aimed at rightly predicting the future by taking into account the exponential growth of technologies; linear thinking is a process of thought following known cycles or step-by-step progression where a response to a step must be elicited before another step is taken



January 25th – BBRC dinner social at Frugatti’s – 6:00 pm

January 27th – Rotary Wine Pairing in Tehachapi – 6:00 pm – Contact Linda Carhart 818-519-7144 for tickets

February 10th – Kern-YES in Taft, CA (Saturday)

February 12th – DARK

February 24th – Charter Night – Kay and Jackie – (Saturday)

March 7th – Offsite @ Skyline Cabinets

March 8th – All Club Luncheon

March 13 – Leadership and Ethics Conference @ Hodels – 7:30 am to 1:30 pm (Tuesday) 

*International Projects:  Michael O’Doherty (Mexico $2,500 and Puerto Rico $1,000) 

50/50 Winner:  $58.00 was Ed O’Donnell (sorry, the fix was in) 

Paul Harris – 100 points went to our own Gerald Starr 

Next meeting on January 24th our guest speaker will be Dr. Gem Munro, Co-Founder Amarok Society out of Canada.  They go into the worst slums on earth in Bangladesh and Pakistan, to educate extremely poor girls and boys by teaching their mothers to become neighborhood teachers.  Denise Haynes advise that she has read reviews on this presentation and they are flowing. 

Until next time we are signing off.  Have a great week everyone.