Posted by Bill Black on Aug 23, 2017
Greeters: Sister Judy and Dr. Joe Nunez were able to make BBRC feel welcome as they passed out tickets for the big draw at the end.  Great job!
Invocation: Sister Judy stepped in for Pat Paggi with only 5 seconds of preparation and delivered a marvelous invocation that honored Rotarians and our veterans.  This marks the second time in recent months that Sister Judy stepped in for someone and this time it was in addition to serving as a greeter.  The club certainly owes her a debt of gratitude. 
Flag: Mary Joe “MJ” delivered a flawless pledge of allegiance.  The salute went off without a wrinkle.  
Song: Mike and Sheri George led BBRC in “God Bless America.”  The song this week was a lot easier to sing loudly than last week’s “Blinded by The Light”; however, we did appreciate a good 70’s song, written and recorded by Bruce Springsteen, “The Boss,” but made No. 1 by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band in 1977. 
Visiting Rotarians:  None
Guests of Members:  None
Family of Rotary – Birthdays and Anniversaries
Club Anniversaries: None
Wedding Anniversaries:  None 
Birthdays:  Liz Rozell was recognized for another trip around the sun. BBRC gave her a resounding now legal song, Happy Birthday!!!! 
New Member Recognition:
Tom Burke:  Tom, a new member, was recognized with a fine for “almost” forgetting to come to Rotary.  He remembered as he almost got to work and even purchased a pin for $5.00 just before the meeting.  But was he allowed to slide??? No way.  He was hit for $10 more.  Unfortunately the scribe did make note of the snitch.  Welcome to the family of Rotary Tom!!  Don’t worry, more to come. 
Recognitions and Happy Spots: 
  1. Denise McCombs presented Denise Haynes with a Starving Rooster and North Dakota Bell and for that was fined $15.  Denise also said that her construction company was being sold and by the silence, we gleaned that she was not the new owner.  Oh, to be retired.  One day we will all get there.  For that she was fined an additional $5.
  2. Michael O'Doherty paid a happy spot, but  the scribe forgot the amount and the reason.
  3. Sheryl Scott found a Yosemite Frog to present to Denise and then went on to make us jealous about hiking all over Yosemite, around Mono Lake and Mammoth.  She even said that there were seagulls at Mono Lake.  After much thought and contemplation, the writer assumed there must be a dump near the lake, a detail that was certainly left out.
  4. Heather Ward went to the mountains with Paul and Wyatt.  Wyatt even got a haircut.  Heather was $15 happy. 
  1. No Pin Recognitions:  Yes, as is always the case there were a number of Rotarians that forgot their pins.  This week was no exception.  This week the three who completely forgot their pins were Jason Williamson, Jeff Haynes and Denise Mc Combs.  This was a big FINE day for Denise and certainly a great way to move into retirement.  All joking aside, integrity is something BBRC holds in high regard especially when it results in collection of FINES.
Fit for Rotary Moment:  Yes, again Drill Sgt. Haynes led us in a good old-fashioned PT session.  There were near misses as folks were instructed to extend their arms out to both sides, but the scribe is happy to report that there were no casualties.  Instead we all thought, “Thank you Drill Sergeant, may we have another??”
Program:  Our program, Manny Rivera, was introduced by Sandra Quigley.  Manny is the head coach of a very winning wrestling team for CSUB.  Manny, who looked to be in his twenties, coached for 5 years in Fargo, SD, before coaching at CSUB.  He left Fargo as much as he cherished the -30° F weather (LOL) to be the coach at CSUB.  During his tenure so far, his team qualified 5 wrestlers for the NCAA tournament, all of which ranked in the top 20 in the country.  A big accomplishment!! He also noted that even though the wrestling team at CSUB is highly ranked, all funding for the program comes from fund-raising activities.  Manny introduced Sean Nickle, a 125# wrestler.  Sean had an interesting story and one that was kind of a Gee Whiz one.  Sean struggled as a wrestler in high school, but under Manny’s leadership became nationally ranked, all while earning honors scholastically.  Good for Sean and good for Manny.  Sports and scholastics are a maturing process.
At the conclusion of this outstanding presentation by these two fine men, Denise thanked them and noted that a contribution to Polio Plus would be made in their behalf by BBRC.
Bits and Pieces:
  1. Celebrate Rotary Pins – already covered
  2. Tom Burke was presented with a Blue Badge and fined even before that.  Tom is following the pattern of a true Rotarian.
  3. District Conference will be held in Ventura on October 6-8.  Something everyone should consider attending. 
  4. Save the date:
    Oct. 28, we will be serving a pancake breakfast.  More to come.  This tradition continues.
Club Announcements: 
  1.   Save the dates on the table.  A couple are mentioned below:
    1. Denise said very nice things about the Pine Mountain Cabin experience which was the most recent Rotary Social.
    2. Next social, social No. 3 will be at Black Angus on September 7th with the theme “TIP A COP” to benefit Special Olympics.
  1. Heather and Teresa made an announcement aboout our third Wine Place and Show fundraiser.  Tickets will be on sale soon. Looks to be another big hit.
  2. Dave Spalinger announced the Shoes for the SEAL center event that is coming up on September 30th.
  3. Michael O’Doherty announced an interesting International Service adventure coming up on September 30th in Tijuana.  For this one we will be working with the Simi Valley Rotarians on a water project.  Sounds like a fast paced and exciting adventure.
  4. Marilee Reagor spoke about a Foundation Moment and how that related to the eradication of polio throughout the world.  Seems that polio is down to 5 countries.
Thank yous: Thank yous were given to the greeters Sr. Judy and Dr. Joe, and the acting scribe, Bill Black.
Next week:
Next week, the Greeters will be Adoree Roberson and Liz Rozell, Invocation TBD (All better come prepared), Flag (TBD) hopefully no one needs to prepare for that. Visiting Rotarians:  Cheryl Scott. 
Our program will be about DUIs and will be delivered by Scott Spielman, Asst. DA.  
50/50 Opportunity Drawing:  The drawing by Sean the wrestler, in the amount of $56 was won by Karen Bonano.
Rotary Paul Harris points:  150 Paul Harris points went to Jason Williamson, who was previously recognized for not wearing his pin.
The bylaws’ committee will be composed of the following volunteers:
Steven Shayer, Michelle McClure, Marlene Heise, Cheryl Scott, Michael O’Doherty,